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环氧树脂改性材料的制备与性能研究/The Preparation and Property of modified Epoxy composites
新型环氧树脂/层状硅酸盐纳米复合材料的制备、表征及性能研究/Preparation, Characterization, Properties of Novel
纳米聚合物复合材料的微观结构与介电性能/The Microstructure and Dielectric Properties of Polymeric Na
ZnSe纳米晶/凝胶玻璃复合材料的光学吸收特性/Optical absorption properties of ZnSe/gel glass nanocomp
PBT及其纳米复合体系的结晶和熔融行为研究及嵌段共聚物自组装行为的TMAFM研究/Crystallization and Melting Behaviors o
高分子有机无机纳米复合材料的研究及其结构性能研究/Preparation and characterization of polymer based organ
三元共组装法合成有序介孔高分子-氧化物纳米复合材料及碳材料/Triconstituent Co-assembly to ordered mesoporous p
聚合物/棒状纳米粒子复合材料的制备与性能研究/Preparation and Properties of Polymer/Rod-Like silicate N
层状硅酸盐/橡胶纳米复合材料的结构与性能研究/Study on the structure and properties of layered silicate
碳纳米管/环氧树脂复合材料的制备及性能研究/Preparation and properties of carbon nanotube/epoxy nanoco
层状硅酸盐/橡胶纳米复合材料制备机理及工业化技术研究/research on preparation mechanism and industrial tech
聚酰胺6/橡胶/天然粘土纳米复合材料的制备及其形态、结构与性能研究/Preparation of Polyamide 6/Rubber/Unmodified C
粘土/橡胶纳米复合材料的界面设计及高性能纳米复合材料的制备/Interface Tailoring and Development of High-Perfor
聚甲基丙烯酸甲酯/蒙脱土纳米复合材料及其阻燃性研究/Studies on PMMA/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites and its
酚醛树脂/矿物纳米复合材料的制备、表征及其在摩擦材料中的应用/Preparation and characterization of phenolic resi
水性聚氨酯基纳米复合物的制备、表征及其电流变性的研究/Of Nanocmposites Based on Water-Borne Polyurethane an
层状硅酸盐/橡胶纳米复合材料的结构与性能研究/Study on the structure and properties of layered silicate
碳纳米管/环氧树脂复合材料的制备及性能研究/Preparation and properties of carbon nanotube/epoxy nanoco
层状硅酸盐/橡胶纳米复合材料制备机理及工业化技术研究/research on preparation mechanism and industrial tech
聚酰胺6/橡胶/天然粘土纳米复合材料的制备及其形态、结构与性能研究/Preparation of Polyamide 6/Rubber/Unmodified C
粘土/橡胶纳米复合材料的界面设计及高性能纳米复合材料的制备/Interface Tailoring and Development of High-Perfor
固相法制备聚苯胺/金属氧化物纳米复合材料/Solide phase polymerization of polyaniline and ixode as-nan
层接层技术构筑多功能纳米复合材料及其性质研究/Fabrication of Multi-Functional Nanocomposites by Layer-b
Physical limitations of the inherent toughness and strength in ceramic-ceramic a
Mechanically prepared nanocrystalline material (overview)
Microstructural investigations of CVD codeposited SiC-TiSi2 nanocomposites
Surface area measurements on conducting polymer-inorganic oxide nanocomposites
Synthesis and sintering characteristics of zirconia and zirconia-alumina nanocom
Metal-oxide ceramic matrix nanocomposites
Fabrication of silicon nitride-silicon carbide nanocomposite ceramics
New polymer electrolyte nanocomposites: melt intercalation of poly(ethylene oxi
Preparation of nanocomposites of linear poly(ethylenimine) with layered hosts
Silicon carbide particle size effects in alumina-based nanocomposites
Polymer layered silicate nanocomposites
New conducting nanocomposite - PPy-zirconium (IV) oxide
Development of ceramic nanocomposites
Gyromagnetic microwave resonance of cobalt-aluminoborosilicate nanocomposites
Exchange coupling and the grain boundary in magnetic nanocomposites
Optical absorption characteristics of porous Al2O3 host/NiO nanocomposites
Influence of boundary scattering on transport phenomena in ferromagnetic metal-d
New hybrid nanocomposites based on an organophilic clay and poly(styrene-b-butad
Microstructure and mechanical properties of oxide based nanocomposites fabricate
Surface mechanical properties of alumina matrix nanocomposites
Development of ceramic based nanocomposites with high performance
Synthesis and characterization of alumina matrix nanocomposites containing carbo
Failure behavior of alumina and alumina/silicon carbide nanocomposites with natu
Microstructure and mechanical properties of pressureless sintered Al2O3/SiC nano
Pressureless sintering and elastic constants of Al2O3-SiC nanocomposites
Study of SiC/Al nanocomposites under high pressure
Conducting polymer nanocomposites with extremely low percolation threshold
Poly(pyrrole) and poly(thiophene)/vanadium oxide interleaved nanocomposites: pos
Preparation and characterization of polyacrylamide-silver nanocomposites
Processing and mechanical behavior of Al2O3/ZrO2 nanocomposites
Nonaqueous solution route to synthesis of polyacrylamide-silver nanocomposites a
Microstructures and properties of nanocomposites obtained through SPTS consolida
Large nonlinear absorption in coated Ag2S/CdS nanoparticles by inverse microemul
Microstructure and mechanical properties of yttria stabilized zirconia/silicon c
Synthesis and Characterization of Poly(ethylene Oxide) Nanocomposites of Misfit
A quantitative analysis of crack-interface interactions in alumina-based nanocom
Effects of refractory metals on the magnetic properties of α-Fe/R2Fe14B-ty
Surface and interfacial properties of polymer-intercalated layered double hydrox
Polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites as high performance ablative materials
Fabrication and microstructure of Al2O3-ZrO2(3Y)-SiC nanocomposites
PZT nanocomposites reinforced by small amount of oxides
Effects of additives on microstructure and properties of alumina-silicon carbide
Study on polypropylene-tin composites
Piezoelectric and pyroelectric behavior of lead zirconate titanate-lead sulfide-
Room temperature synthesis of nanocomposites of Mn-Zn ferrites in a polymer matr
Polarization distribution in ceramic-polymer nanocomposites
Polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites: An overview
Putting the `nano into composites
Three-dimensional arrays in polymer nanocomposites
Materials with improved properties from polymer-ceramic nanocomposites
XPS investigation of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites prepared using a commercial polyme
Transition metal dichalcogenide/polymer nanocomposites
Enhanced photocorrosion stability of colloidal cadmium sulphide-silica nanocompo
Studies on nylon 6/clay nanocomposites by melt-intercalation process
Method to produce two-phase nanocomposites in solid state
Processing, microstructure and mechanical properties of 25 vol% YAG-Al2O3 nanoco
Progress of ceramic-matrix nanocomposites
Flammability and thermal stability studies of polymer layered-silicate (clay) na
Electroactive polymer-SiO2 nanocomposites for metal uptake
Thermal and Viscoelastic Property of Epoxy-Clay and Hybrid Inorganic-Organic Epo
Nanocomposites: A little goes a long way
Characterization of Interface and Grain Boundary in Si3N4/SiC Nanocomposites
Polymeric nanocomposites for automotive applications
α-RuCl3/polymer nanocomposites: The first group of intercalative nanocompo
Synthesis of polystyrene-clay nanocomposites
Effect of TiO2 Nanoparticles on the Luminescence Properties of PPV
A revolution of nanoscale proportions
Characterization of a series of glassy epoxy-silicate nanocomposites
Nanokompozitok II.
Hybrid polymer-inorganic nanocomposites
Synthesis of epoxy-clay nanocomposites: Influence of the nature of the clay on s
Preparation of soluble polyimide-silver nanocomposites by a convenient ultraviol
Synthesis and characterization of polypropylene/clay nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Au(III)-PAMAM interaction and formation of Au-PAMAM nanocomposites in ethyl acet
Resin matrix composites: Organoclay-aerospace epoxy nanocomposites, Part II
Microstructure and tribological behavior of polymeric nanocomposites
Preparation and mechanical properties of nanocomposites of poly(D,L-lactide) wit
Methods for preparation of polymer nanocomposites
Interactions between alkanethiols and gold-dendrimer nanocomposites
Thermal analysis of poly(vinyl alcohol)/graphite oxide intercalated composites
NMR measurements related to clay-dispersion quality and organic-modifier stabili
Poly(methyl methacrylate) and polystyrene/clay nanocomposites prepared by in-sit
Epoxy-clay nanocomposites using polybenzoxazine as a curing agent
EVOH/clay nanocomposites produced by melt processing
Mechanical properties of superhard nanocomposites
Rheology of poly(ethylene oxide)/organoclay nanocomposites
Rheological study on the kinetics of hybrid formation in polypropylene nanocompo
Synthesis of exfoliated PMMA/Na-MMT nanocomposites via soap-free emulsion polyme
Synthesis of Cu dispersed Al2O3 nanocomposites by high energy ball milling and p
Chitin whisker reinforced thermoplastic nanocomposites [1]
Applications of nanomer [registered trademark] in nanocomposites: From concept t
Melt blending preparation of PVC-sodium clay nanocomposites
High-performance polypropylene-clay nanocomposites by in-situ polymerization wit
Synthesis and evaluation of conducting polypyrrole/Al2O3 nanocomposites in aqueo
Flammability of polystyrene layered silicate (clay) nanocomposites: Carbonaceous
Effects of various thiol molecules added on morphology of dendrimer-gold nanocom
Toward understanding and optimizing the template-guided synthesis of chiral poly
Synthesis and characterization of water-soluble chiral conducting polymer nanoco
Polybenzoxazine/clay hybrid nanocomposites: Influence of preparation method on t
Polymer nanocomposites: Introduction
Polystyrene/graphite nanocomposites: Effect on thermal stability
Examination of the physical properties of polyphosphazene-silicate nanocomposite
Preparation and properties of polylactide/layered silicate nanocomposite
Polymer/layered clay nanocomposites: 2 polyurethane nanocomposites
Microstructure, tensile properties, and biodegradability of aliphatic polyester/
Preparation of nanocomposites by alkoxysilane hydrolysis in a polypropylene matr
An XPS study of the thermal degradation and flame retardant mechanism of polysty
Thermal degradation behavior of polyaniline in polyaniline/Na+-montmorillonite n
Thermal degradation and rheological behaviour of EVA/montmorillonite nanocomposi
Surface modification of montmorillonite on surface acid-base characteristics of
Synthesis and characterization of organomontmorillonite and polyamide 66/montmor
Processing and mechanical properties of Al2O3-5 vol.% Cr nanocomposites
Layered silicates/fluorinated polyimide nanocomposites for advanced dielectric m
High performance epoxy-layered silicate nanocomposites
Two-dimensional nanocomposites: Photon crystals and nanomembranes. I. Categories
Synthesis of polymer-montmorillonite nanocomposites by in situ intercalative pol
Poly(ε-caprolactone)/clay nanocomposites by in-situ intercalative polyme
Polymerization compounding: Epoxy-montmorillonite nanocomposites
Nanokompozyty polimerowe: Cz. I. Charakterystyka ogolna, napelniacze oraz nanoko
Polymorphic behavior in syndiotactic polystyrene/clay nanocomposites
Polyaniline-DBSA/organophilic clay nanocomposites: Synthesis and characterizatio
Biodegradable polyester layered silicate nanocomposites based on poly(ε-
Structural analysis of polyamide/clay nanocomposites
Photo-oxidation of polymeric-inorganic nanocomposites: Chemical, thermal stabili
Flame retardancy of polystyrene nanocomposites based on an oligomeric organicall
Melt-intercalation nanocomposites with chlorinated polymers
Highly concentrated, intercalated silicate nanocomposites: Synthesis and charact
Restricted relaxation in polymer nanocomposites near the glass transition
Spark-plasma-sintered BaTiO3/Al2O3 nanocomposites
A Study of the Effect of Surfactants on the Properties of Polystyrene-Montmorill
Processing and morphological development of montmorillonite epoxy nanocomposites
Linear dynamic viscoelastic properties of functionalized block copolymer/organoc
Characterization of polyisoprene - Clay nanocomposites prepared by solution blen
Exfoliated poly(methyl methacrylate) and polystyrene nanocomposites occur when t
Organic/inorganic imide nanocomposites from aminophenylsilsesquioxanes
Rheology of organoclay nanocomposites: Effects of polymer matrix/organoclay comp
Nonlinear viscoelastic properties of layered-silicate-based intercalated nanocom
Poly(butylene terephthalate) nanocomposites prepared by in-situ polymerization
Preparation and flammability properties of polyethylene-clay nanocomposites
Diamond-SiC nanocomposites sintered from a mixture of diamond and silicon nanopo
S2-glass/epoxy polymer nanocomposites: Manufacturing, structures, thermal and me
Poly (L-Lactic Acid)/Layered Silicate Nanocomposite: Fabrication, Characterizati
Solution intercalation of polystyrene and the comparison with poly(ethyl methacr
Thermally-cured and e-beam-cured epoxy layered-silicate nanocomposites
Functional nanocomposites prepared by self-assembly and polymerization of diacet
Polymer-TiO2 nanocomposites: A route towards visually transparent broadband UV f
Nonisothermal crystallization behavior of syndiotactic polystyrene/montmorilloni
Thermo-oxidative degradation of novel epoxy containing silicon and phosphorous n
Biopolymer-clay nanocomposites based on chitosan intercalated in montmorillonite
Polymer Nanocomposites and Their Applications
Nanocomposites based on multiblock polyester elastomers (PEE) and carbon nanotub
Polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites by combined intercalative polymerization
Thermal degradation behaviour and kinetic analysis of epoxy/montmorillonite nano
Exfoliated polylactide/clay nanocomposites by in-situ coordination-insertion pol
The nucleating effect of montmorillonite on crystallization of PET/montmorilloni
A new approach to polymer/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Polyethylene-layered silicate nanocomposites for rotational moulding
Thermal degradation behavior of polyamide 6/clay nanocomposites
Surface Characterization of Poly(ε-caprolactone)-Based Nanocomposites
Structure and thermoelastic behavior of synthetic rubber/organoclay nanocomposit
Nanopartikel erweitern Anwendungs-potenzial
Synthesis of poly(butylene terephthalate) nanocomposite by in-situ interlayer po
A rheological method to compare the degree of exfoliation of nanocomposites
Mechanical and thermal properties of phenolic resin-layered silicate nanocomposi
Synthesis and characterization of soluble polypyrrole and polypyrrole/organoclay
Preparation and characterization of polypyrrole-silica colloidal nanocomposites
Nanostructure of EVA/organoclay nanocomposites: Effects of kinds of organoclays
Morphology and properties of waterborne polyurethane/clay nanocomposites
Toughened epoxy hybrid nanocomposites containing both an organophilic layered si
Fabrication and viscoelastic properties of biodegradable polymer/organophilic cl
Natural rubber-based nanocomposites by latex compounding with layered silicates
Arabinogalactan-based nanocomposites with magnetic, optical, catalytic and biolo
Vapor barrier properties of polycaprolactone montmorillonite nanocomposites: Eff
Photodegradation of polypropylene nanocomposites
Clay-reinforced epoxy nanocomposites
Electrically activated poly (propylene)/clay nanocomposites
Morphology and rheological properties of nanocomposites based on the nitrile rub
Preparation and characterization of poly(hydroxybutyrate-co-hydroxyvalerate)-org
Mechanical properties and structures of dicynate-clay nanocomposites
Effect of chain length of amine and nature and loading of clay on styrene-butadi
Environmentally friendly polymer hybrids Part I mechanical, thermal, and barrier
Synthesis of poly(3,4-ethylenedioxythiophene)/silica colloidal nanocomposites
Investigations of fire retardant properties of polypropylene-clay-nanocomposites
Structure and deformation behavior of nanocomposites based on polypropylene and
Structure and deformation behavior of nanocomposites based on LDPE and modified
Structural changes of polyaniline/montmorillonite nanocomposites and their effec
Structure and properties of natural rubber and modified montmorillonite nanocomp
Optical films based on poly(p-phenylene vinylene) (PPV) and its nanocomposites
Polymer-layer silicate nanocomposites: Linear PEO and highly branched dendrimer
New Polylactide/Layered Silicate Nanocomposites, 6a Melt Rheology and Foam Proce
Dispersion and tensile behavior of polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites
New polylactide/layered silicate nanocomposites. 3. High-performance biodegradab
Preparation and characterization of waterborne polyurethane envelop silica nanoc
New polylactide/layered silicate nanocomposites. 5. Designing of materials with
Intumescent flame retardant-montmorillonite synergism in polypropylene-layered s
Intercalated polycarbonate/clay nanocomposites: Nanostructure control and foam p
Synthesis and characterization of polpropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites vi
α-Fe-Al2O3 nanocomposites prepared by sol-gel method
New polylactide-layered silicate nanocomposites. 2. Concurrent improvements of m
Structure-property relationship in biodegradable poly(butylene succinate)/layere
Synthesis and characterization of poly(N-n-butylmaleimide)-clay nanocomposites
Polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites: A review from preparation to processing
Friction and wear behavior of unsaturated polyester/montmorillonite intercalated
Synthesis and thermal properties of polystyrene/montmorillonite nanocomposite by
Synthesis of precursor-derived TiC-Ni based nanocomposites by direct reduction a
PP-PP-g-MAH-Org-MMT nanocomposites. I. Intercalation behavior and microstructure
Preparation and characterization of nylon 66/montmorillonite nanocomposites with
Synthesis and characterization of poly(methyl methacrylate)/montmorillonite nano
Nylon 6/Na-montmorillonite nanocomposites prepared by compounding nylon 6 with N
Multilayer formation using oppositely charged gold- and silver-dendrimer nanocom
Preparation and thermal stability of polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposite
Structure and properties of nitrile rubber (NBR)-clay nanocomposites by Co-coagu
Mechanical properties and electrical conductivity of TiN-Al2O3 nanocomposites
Green nanocomposites from renewable resources: Biodegradable plant oil-silica hy
Synthesis and characterization of poly(methyl methacrylate)/OMMT nanocomposites
Carbon nanocomposites synthesized by high-energy mechanical milling of graphite
Poly(etherimide)/montmorillonite nanocomposites prepared by melt intercalation
Biodegradable polylactide and its nanocomposites: Opening a new dimension for pl
Synthesis and characterization of polycarbonate/ABS/montmorillonite nanocomposit
New polylactide/layered silicate nanocomposites, 4. Structure, properties and bi
Synthesis and electrorheological effect of PAn-BaTiO3 nanocomposite
Thermal properties of poly(vinyl chloride)/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Effects of organo-montmorillonite dispersion on thermal stability of epoxy resin
LLDPE/ZnAl LDH-exfoliated nanocomposites: Effects of nanolayers on thermal and m
Facile synthesis of highly conductive polyaniline/graphite nanocomposites
Morphology and properties of soy protein isolate thermoplastics reinforced with
A novel photocrosslinkable polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane and its nanocomp
Synthesis of EPDM/organoclay nanocomposites: Effect of the clay exfoliation on s
Polyimide/montmorillonite nanocomposites with photolithographic properties
Preparation and characterization of gold/poly(vinyl alcohol /MoS2 intercalation
Preparation and characterization of polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Rectorite/thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites: Preparation, characterizati
Clay-polymer nanocomposites: Preparation, properties, future applications and ne
In situ synthesis of monodisperse luminescent terbium complex-silica nanocomposi
A novel property of styrene-butadiene-styrene/clay nanocomposites: Radiation res
Preparation of polyacrylamide/CdS nanocomposites by a combination of reverse mic
Organized vermiculite/phenolic resin nanocomposites prepared by melt intercalati
Preparation and characterization of PE and PE-g-MAH/montmorillonite nanocomposit
Investigation of melt-intercalated PET-clay nanocomposites
Preparation and properties of EPDM/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of poly (trimethylene terephthalate)/montmorill
Preparation and properties of ethylene-propylene-diene rubber/ organomontmorillo
Nanomechanic properties of polymer-based nanocomposites with nanosilica by nanoi
Synthesis of poly(arylene disulfide)-vermiculite nanocomposites via in situ ring
Electrodeposition and mechanical properties of Ni-La2O 3 nanocomposites
Synthesis and structure of polypyrrole derivatives/V205 nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of polyethylene-clay nanocomposites by using ch
Nanocomposites of poly(trimethylene terephthalate) with various organoclays: Mor
Polyvinyl chloride/ montmorillonite nanocomposites: Glass transition temperature
Preparation and combustion properties of flame retardant styrene-butyl acrylate
Conditions required for achieving superhardness of greater than or equal 45 GPa
Flame retardancy of nanocomposites
Antioxidant action by gold-PAMAM dendrimer nanocomposites
Photo-oxidation of Polypropylene/Montmorillonite Nanocomposites. 1. Influence of
EVA-montmorillonite nanocomposites: Effect of processing conditions
Preparation and properties of A novel epoxidized castor oil/clay nanocomposites
Twin-screw extrusion compounding of polypropylene/oreanoclay nanocomposites modi
Nanocomposites of cross-linking polyanhydrides and hydroxyapatite needles: Mecha
Viscoelastic properties and thermal degradation kinetics of silica/PMMA nanocomp
Rheology of PBT-layered silicate nanocomposites prepared by melt compounding
X-ray diffraction detection of compliance in polyurethane-organoclay nanocomposi
Phase Behavior of Modified Montmorillonite-Poly(ε-caprolactone) Nanocomp
Heat induced structure modifications in polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites
Heat shrinkable behavior and mechanical response of a low-density polyethylene/m
Preparation, characterisation and computational study of poly(ε-caprolac
Enhancement of the thermal stability, mechanical properties and morphologies of
Friction and abrasion properties of in-situ silica-filled natural rubber nanocom
Development of EVOH-kaolinite nanocomposites
Preparation and nonisothermal crystallization behavior of polyamide 6/montmorill
Poly (ethylene terephthalate)-organoclay nanocomposites: Morphological, thermal
Crystallization and melting behavior of polyester/clay nanocomposites
Solid-state NMR study of poly(ε-caprolactone)/clay nanocomposites
Nanokompozyty polipropylenu i polietylenu z glinkami typu montmorylonit
Synthesis and evaluation of high-performance ethylene-propylene-diene terpolymer
Polyethylene-Na+ montmorillonite nanocomposites prepared by in situ polymerizati
Nanocomposites based on plasticized poly(ester urethane) and ultrafine diamonds
The aspect ratio and gas permeation in polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites
Low temperature Mossbauer studies on magnetic nanocomposites
Synthesis of polyethylene-layered silicate nanocomposites by intercalation polym
Thermal stability and water uptake of high performance epoxy layered silicate na
Matching thermal expansion of mica-polymer nanocomposites and metals
Exertion of inhibiting effect by aluminosilicate layers on swelling of solution
Solid-state NMR study of intercalated species in poly(ε-caprolactone)/ c
Thermomechanical properties of polyimide-epoxy nanocomposites from cubic silsesq
Polyamide-6/silica nanocomposites
Nanomaterials for Heterogeneous Combustion
Hybrid polysaccharide-silica nanocomposites prepared by the sol-gel technique
Influence of chain length on intercalation process of polyvinylchloride/ clay na
New hybrid guest-host nanocomposites based on polyaniline, poly(ethylene oxide)
Nanotechnologia: Aidas vagy atok? Egy konferencia margojara
Structure and water sorption of polyurethane nanocomposites based on organic and
Polystyrene/montmorillonite nanocomposites prepared by in situ intercalative pol
Synthesis and characterization of Poly(glycidyl methacrylate)/Na-montmorillonite
Mechanically-induced surface deformation and associated stress whitening in clay
Starch-based nanocomposites by reactive extrusion processing
Polybutadiene-modified clay and its nanocomposites
Dielectric and mechanical analysis of polymer nanocomposites
Nanotube networks in polymer nanocomposites: Rheology and electrical conductivit
Mechanical Behavior of Alumina/Poly(methyl methacrylate) Nanocomposites
Preparation and thermal analysis of cotton-clay nanocomposites
Polymeric nanocomposites: A review
Isothermal crystallization of nylon-6/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Structures and properties of supramolecular assembled fullerenol/ poly(dimethyls
Optical probes for monitoring intercalation and exfoliation in melt-processed po
Polymer nanocomposites through controlled self-assembly of cubic silsesquioxane
Green nanocomposites from cellulose acetate bioplastic and clay: Effect of eco-f
Cross-linked multilayer polymer-clay nanocomposites and permeability properties
Advances on polymer nanocomposites preparation
Study on crystalline structure and rheological properties of polybutylene tereph
Optical absorption properties of ZnSe/SiO2 nanocomposites
Advances in the biodegradable polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites
Preparation and property of St-PMI-AN/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Fe3O4/polyaniline nanocomposites prepared by high energy ball milling
Preparation and properties of the SBS/MMT nanocomposites II: Properties of the n
Preparation and study of polymer-based nanocomposites
Preparation and properties of poly(vinyl chloride)/montmorillonite organized by
Study on EVA/clay nanocomposites by melt intercalation process
Study on structure and mechanical properties of epoxy/clay nanocomposites prepar
Preparation and thermal properties of compound coated-codoped with metal nanopar
Study on thermal properties and microstructure of PP-R modified by OMMT
Multilevel model and prediction of effective properties of crystalline polymer n
Study on polystyrene-montmorillonite nanocomposites
Development on the study of polystyrene/clay nanocomposites
In-situ synthesis and characterization of poly aniline/nickel nanocomposites
Preparation and properties of SBS/MMT nanocomposite. I. Structure of the nanocom
Development of Al2O3/SiC nanocomposites
Influence of silane coupler on structure and properties of PMMA/SiO2 nanocomposi
Preparation of CdTe nanocrystals and CdTe/SiO2 nanocomposites in glycol
Study on flammability of montmorillonite/Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) nanocomp
Preparation of monodisperse nanoparticle of layered double hydroxides and polyox
Linear rheological behaviour and thermal stability of poly(butylene terephthalat
Synthesis and characterization of polyurethane/epoxy interpenetrating network na
Application of silane coupling agent in the preparation of PPy/SiO2 conducting n
An observation of accelerated exfoliation in iPP/organoclay nanocomposite as ind
Preparation and properties of poly(methyl methacrylate)/iron carbonate (p) nanoc
Synthesis and thermoelectric properties of Bi2Te3 based nanocomposites
Preparation and properties of natural rubber/rectorite nanocomposites
Epoxy nanocomposites with octa(propylglycidyl ether) polyhedral oligomeric silse
Morphology, mechanical and optical properties of transparent BR/clay nanocomposi
Ultrasonic preparation of polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites during extrusi
Epoxy resin containing octamaleimidophenyl polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxane
Rectorite/thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites. II. Improvement of thermal
Structure and properties of BR nanocomposites reinforced with organoclay
Preparation of poly(propylene carbonate)/organo-vermiculite nanocomposites via d
Effect of the addition of toluene on the structure and properties of styrene-iso
Mechanical, thermal and flammability properties of polyethylene/clay nanocomposi
Capillary extrusion rheology and thermal stability of EVA/organomontmorillonite
Preparation and characterization of multi-walled carbon nanotubes supported PtRu
PA-6 and EVA alloy/clay nanocomposites as char forming agents in poly(propylene)
Liquid crystallinity and thermal behaviors of thermotropic copolyester/fully exf
Poly(butylene terephthalate)/clay nanocomposites directly prepared from pristine
Preparation and properties of semi-transparent EPDM/montmorillonite nanocomposit
Synthesis and properties of a novel hydrogel nanocomposites
Preparation, optical properties and cell staining of water soluble amine-termina
Combined effect of nano-clay and nano-carbon black on properties of NR nanocompo
Intercalated PS/Na+-MMT nanocomposites prepared by ultrasonically initiated in s
Preparation, structure, and properties of a novel rectorite/nitrile butadiene ru
Effect of nanoclay reinforcement on tensile and tribo behaviour of Nylon 6
Determination of nanocomposites topology
Evelopment of novel lead-free solder composites using carbon nanotube reinforcem
CO2 sorption and diffusion in polymethyl methacrylate-clay nanocomposites
Structure and properties of titanium-polymer thin film nanocomposites
Biodegradable polymers and their layered silicate nanocomposites: In greening th
Thermal and combustion behaviour of layered silicate-epoxy nanocomposites
Poly(propylene)/clay nanocomposites prepared by reactive compounding with an epo
Development of nanocomposites for bone grafting
The role of coupling agents in the formation of polypropylene nanocomposites
Chitosan-clay nanocomposites: Application as electrochemical sensors
Influence of iron in the formation of conductive polypyrrole-clay nanocomposites
One-step synthesis and structural features of CdS/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Cubic silsesquioxane-polyimide nanocomposites with improved thermomechanical and
Transport properties of AgI doped silver molybdate superionic glass-nanocomposit
Structure and properties of nanocomposites based on poly(butylene succinate-co-a
Functional biopolymer nanocomposites based on layered solids
Crystallization behavior and properties of exfoliated isotactic polypropylene/or
Experimental investigation and Monte Carlo Simulation of glass transition in pol
Design of novel nanocomposites through interfacial engineering
Experimental investigation and Monte Carlo Simulation of glass transition in pol
Design of novel nanocomposites through interfacial engineering
Low combustible polymeric nanocomposites based on silicates of layered type
Barrier and mechanical properties of poly(caprolactone)/organoclay nanocomposite
An overview on the degradability of polymer nanocomposites
In situ polymerization of hybrid polyethylene-alumina nanocomposites
Biopolymer chitosan/montmorillonite nanocomposites: Preparation and characteriza
Thermo-mechanical characterization of fumed silica-epoxy nanocomposites
Solution rheology of poly(vinyl alcohol)/silica hybrid nanocomposites
Epoxy nanocomposites with highly exfoliated clay: Mechanical properties and frac
Evidence for blueshift by weak exciton confinement and tuning of bandgap in supe
Creep and physical aging behaviour of PA6 nanocomposites
Nanostructured materials
Bio-nanocomposites based on layered double hydroxides
Extensibility of EVA based nanocomposites
Assessing organo-clay dispersion in polymer layered silicate nanocomposites: A S
Polypropylene-clay nanocomposites: Comparison of different layered silicates
The mechanical deformation process of electrospun polymer nanocomposite fibers
Co-continuous polyamide 6 (PA6)/Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene (ABS) nanocompos
Microporous nanocomposites of Pd and Au nanoparticles via hierarchical self-asse
Fabrication and properties of single nanocomposites
Preparation of gold-, gold/silver-dendrimer nanocomposites in the presence of be
Fabrication of alumina-based toughened nanocomposites
Synthesis of a nanocomposites of Zr-containing nanoparticle/Poly (ethylene terep
Fabrication of Al2O3/BN nanocomposites by chemical processing and their mechanic
Silver ion release from polymethyl methacrylate silver nanocomposites
Fire behaviour of polyamide 6/multiwall carbon nanotube nanocomposites
Controlling the deintercalation in hydrogenated nitrile rubber (HNBR)/organo-mon
Improvements on the synthesis and properties of fluorinated polyimide-clay nanoc
Evaluation of the structure and dispersion in polymer-layered silicate nanocompo
Using silica nanoparticles as curing reagents for epoxy resins to form epoxy-sil
Fabrication and characterization of biodegradable poly(lactic acid)/ layered sil
Cutting performance of Al2O3-SiC nanocomposite tools
Preparation and characterization of exfoliated polystyrene/clay nanocomposites u
Effects of yttrium on the sintering and microstructure of alumina-silicon carbid
Physical properties of isotactic poly(propylene)/silver nanocomposites: Dynamic
Preparation of exfoliated polyester/clay nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of poly(styrene-co-butadiene) and polybutadiene
Exfoliated high-impact polystyrene/MMT nanocomposites prepared using anchored ca
Thermal and anticorrosive properties of polyurethane/clay nanocomposites
Melt intercalation and exfoliation of maleated polypropylene modified polypropyl
Improvement of red mud polymer-matrix nanocomposites by red mud surface treatmen
Hydrogen-bonding, crystallinity, and morphological properties of poly(silicic ac
Influence of dispersion states of carbon nanotubes on physical properties of epo
Cellulose poly(ethylene-co-vinyl acetate) nanocomposites studied by molecular mo
Stimulation of osteoblast responses to biomimetic nanocomposites of gelatin-hydr
Preparation and characterization of rigid poly (vinyl chloride)/MMT nanocomposit
Synthesis and characterization of polyethylene-octene elastomer/clay/ biodegrada
Preparation and characterization of thermoplastic vufcanizate/silica nanocomposi
Properties of polyethylene-layered silicate nanocomposites prepared by melt inte
Photooxidation of ethylene-propylene-diene/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Melt-extensional properties and orientation behaviors of polypropylene-layered s
Manipulation of nanoneedle and nanosphere apatite/poly (acrylic acid) nanocompos
Dynamics and crystallization in polydimethylsiloxane nanocomposites
Exfoliated clay-polyethylene nanocomposites obtained by in situ polymerization.
Efficient photoconductive devices at infrared wavelengths using quantum dot-poly
Automotive and packaging offer growth opportunities for nanocomposites
Si3N4 and Al2O3 based ceramic nanocomposites
Developing a compressive failure theory for nanocomposites
Silica nanocomposites containing polyacrilamide gel
Flammability properties of polymer nanocomposites with single-walled carbon nano
Polypropylene-graft-Maleic anhydride - Nanocomposites: II - Fire behaviour of na
Nanocomposite materials based on polyurethane intercalated into montmorillonite
Thermal stability and fire retardant performance of photo-oxidized nanocomposite
Preparation and properties of radiation crosslinked natural rubber/clay nanocomp
Development of amorphous PLA-montmorillonite nanocomposites
Water absorption and hygrothermal aging study on organomontmorillonite reinforce
Cornelius adds nanocomposites
Structure/property relationships for polyamide 6 / organoclay nanocomposites in
Processing oxide-based nanocomposites
Rheological characteristics of ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA)/silane nanocomposite
Experimental evidence for reduced chain segment mobility in poly(amide)-6/clay n
Polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites toughened with SEBS-g-MA: Structure
Polylactide/montmorillonite nanocomposites: Study of the hydrolytic degradation
Role of the cation-exchange capacity in the formation of polystyrene-clay nanoco
Polyamide nanocomposites with improved toughness
Free volume and interstitial mesopores in silica filled poly(1-trimethylsilyl-1-
Melt-compounded salt-containing poly(ethylene oxide)/clay nanocomposites for pol
Using the nanostructure of segmented polyurethanes as a template in the fabricat
Morphological characterization of mesoporous silicate-carbon nanocomposites
High resolution electron microscopy structural studies of organo-clay nanocompos
Flame retardancy of nanocomposites - From research to reality review
Molecular dynamics simulations of nanocomposites based on poly(ε-caprola
Thermoelasticity and stress relaxation behavior of polychloroprene/ organoclay n
Moisture barrier characteristics of organoclay-epoxy nanocomposites
Cathode performance of new hybrid guest-host nanocomposites based on poly(2,5-di
Chlorosulfonated polypropylene: Preparation and its application as a coupling ag
Carbon nanotube-polymer nanocomposites: The role of interfaces
Preparation of ABS/montmorillonite nanocomposite using a solvent/non-solvent met
Structure analysis of PVC nanocomposites
Functionalization of single layers and nanofibers: A new strategy to produce pol
Morphology-deformation correlations in nanocomposites
Softer at the boundary
Polystyrene nanocomposites based on carbazole-containing surfactants
Integrated chemical systems: The simultaneous formation of hybrid nanocomposites
Attachment of gold nanograins onto colloidal magnetite nanocrystals
A study of morphology and intercalation kinetics of polystyrene - Organoclay nan
Crystallization behavior of poly(L-lactic acid) nanocomposites: Nucleation and g
High-resolution electron microscopy of montmorillonite and montmorillonite/epoxy
Multi-scale modeling of elastoplastic deformation and strengthening mechanisms i
Rheological characterization of polystyrene-clay nanocomposites to compare the d
Synergy between nanocomposite formation and low levels of bromine on fire retard
A flammability performance comparison between synthetic and natural clays in pol
Rod-like silicate-epoxy nanocomposites
Preparation, characterization and mechanical properties of epoxidized soybean oi
Nanocomposites from poly(ethylene-co-methacrylic acid) ionomers: Effect of surfa
Effect of nanoparticle mobility on toughness of polymer nanocomposites
Cone calorimetric and thermogravimetric analysis evaluation of halogen-containin
Nanocomposites in context
Formation and characterization of highly interfacial hybrid nanocomposites
Electrospinning of poly(MMA-co-MAA) copolymers and their layered silicate nanoco
Deformation-morphology correlations in electrically conductive carbon nanotube -
Flammability of polymer-clay and polymer-silica nanocomposites
Processing and properties of ZrO2(3Y2O 3)-Al2O3 nanocomposites
Measurement of moisture diffusivity through layered-silicate nanocomposites
Swelling behavior of organoclays in styrene and exfoliation in nanocomposites
Influence of montmorillonite layered silicate on plasticized poly(l-lactide) blo
Polymer nanocomposite dielectrics - The role of the interface
Fire retardancy of vinyl ester nanocomposites: Synergy with phosphorus-based fir
Thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites of reactive silicate clays: Effects of
S2 glass/vinylester polymer nanocomposites: Manufacturing, structures, thermal a
Expandable graphite/polyamide-6 nanocomposites
Enhanced third-order nonlinear optical properties in dendrimer-metal nanocomposi
In situ polymerization of poly(methyl methacrylate)/clay nanocomposites in super
Preparation of nanocomposites of poly(ethylene oxide) with TiS2
Polymer layered silicate nanocomposites
Si3N4-SiC ceramic nanocomposites
Residual stresses and apparent strengthening in ceramic-matrix nanocomposites
Influence of processing on the microstructural development and flexure strength
Thermal conductivity of a new type of regular-structure nanocomposites: PbSe in
Review: structural ceramic nanocomposites
Preparation and properties of intragranular Al2O3-SiC nanocomposites
γ-radiation synthesis of poly(acrylic acid)-metal nanocomposites
Recent developments in ceramic nanocomposites
Dielectric properties of Pb(Zr,Ti)O3-dispersed MgO nanocomposite
Alumina/silicon carbide nanocomposites by hybrid polymer/powder processing: micr
A novel processing scheme for core-shell nanocomposites using controlled polymer
“Anchor effect” in poly(styrene maleic anhydride)/TiO2 nanocomposite
The search for novel, superhard materials
Magnetophoretic deposition of nanocomposites
Polypropylene/Sn-Pb alloy nanocomposites
In-situ explosive formation of NbSi2-based nanocomposites by mechanical alloying
Polyurethane nanocomposites containing laminated anisotropic nanoparticles deriv
Preparation, structure and properties of uniaxially oriented polyethylene-silver
Electrical resistivity of silver-silica nanocomposites
Optically anisotropic polyethylene-gold nanocomposites
Sliding wear of alumina/silicon carbide nanocomposites
Nondestructive characterisation of alumina/silicon carbide nanocomposites using
Preparation of organic/inorganic nanocomposites with polyacrylamide (PAM) hydrog
Reaction-bonded and superplastically sinter-forged silicon nitride-silicon carbi
Polymer-inorganic nanocomposites prepared by hydrothermal method: PVA/ZnS, PVA/C
Oxidation behavior and effect of oxidation on strength of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposit
Preparation and optical properties of CdSe/polymer nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of functional and non-functional nanocomposites
Mechanical properties of clay-polyimide (BTDA-ODA) nanocomposites via ODA-modifi
Microstructure and mechanical properties of cubic zirconia (8YSZ)/SiC nanocompos
Layered polymer-kaolinite nanocomposites
Nanostructure and properties of polysiloxane-layered silicate nanocomposites
Organic/SiO2 chemical vapor deposited nanocomposites as templates for nanoporous
Polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites: preparation, properties and uses of a n
Irradiation graft polymerization on nano-inorganic particles: an effective means
Microstructure and mechanical properties of SiC-platelet reinforced Al2O3/SiC-pa
Rheology of nanocomposites based on layered silicates and polyamide-12
Powder preparation and microstructure for nano-sized metallic iron dispersed MgO
The preparation and characterization of PVA/Ag2S nanocomposite
Nonlinear optical properties in three novel nanocomposites with gold nanoparticl
Inorganic-organic polymer nanocomposites fabricated by ultraviolet irradiation
Optical nonlinearities in two novel nanocomposites based on fullerene C60 struct
Photoluminescence of transparent strontium-barium-niobate-doped silica nanocompo
Synthesis and characterization of nanocomposites with palladium embedded in meso
Synthesis of Cu dispersed Cu-Al2O3 nanocomposites by high energy ball milling an
Phase morphology and rheological behavior of polymer/layered silicate nanocompos
PP/clay nanocomposites: a study of crystallization and dynamic mechanical behavi
The fabrication of syndiotactic polystyrene/organophilic clay nanocomposites and
Study on the optical properties of PPV/TiO2 nanocomposites
Al2O3/SiCp nanocomposites with intragranular structure
Synthesis and characterization of novel film-forming vinyl polymer/silica colloi
A novel ultraviolet irradiation technique for fabrication of polyacrylamide-meta
Sol-gel formation of γ-Fe2O3/SiO2 nanocomposites
Ultrafast time-resolved photoluminescence from novel metal-dendrimer nanocomposi
Reinforcement and environmental degradation of nylon-6/clay nanocomposites
Laminated TaS2/polymer nanocomposites through encapsulative precipitation of exf
Polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites. Review of the synthetic routes and
Studies on the mechanism by which the formation of nanocomposites enhances therm
Fire properties of polystyrene-clay nanocomposites
Selective electrodeposition of nanoparticulates into metal matrices
Rapid synthesis of Pt or Pd/carbon nanocomposites using microwave irradiation
Synthesis of titania-pillared hydrogen tetratitanate nanocomposites and control
Preparation, structure, properties and thermal behavior of rigid-rod polyimide/m
Sulfate-functionalized carbon/metal-oxide nanocomposites from hydrotalcite-like
Synthesis of elastic macrospheres of silica-surfactant nanocomposites
Hydrogen bonding and mechanical properties in segmented montmorillonite/polyuret
Polymer nanocomposites: status and opportunities
Structural characterization and transport properties of organically modified mon
Formation and structure of polyacrylamide-silica nanocomposites by sol-gel proce
Verification of models on the strengthening mechanism of devitrified amorphous a
Iron and iron-oxide on silica nanocomposites prepared by the sol-gel method
Carbon-nanofibre-reinforced poly(ether ether ketone) composites
Polysiloxane-g-TiNbO5 nanocomposites: synthesis via in situ intercalative polyme
Mechanical properties of clay-reinforced polyamide
Strengthening mechanisms in Al-based and Zr-based amorphous nanocomposites
Investigation into the processing and characterisation of piezoelectric nanocomp
The effect of adsorption on the conductivity of self-organized metal-poly(para-x
Rheological properties of a new rubbery nanocomposite: polyepichlorohydrin/organ
Magnetic properties of nanocomposites containing Fe-Ni or Fe dispersed in a Mn-Z
Synthesis of exfoliated PS/Na-MMT nanocomposites via emulsion polymerization
Synthesis of exfoliated polyacrylonitrile/Na-MMT nanocomposites via emulsion pol
Preparation and properties of EPDM/organomontmorillonite hybrid nanocomposites
Polymer/layered clay nanocomposites. II. Polyurethane nanocomposites
Machinability of silicon nitride/boron nitride nanocomposites
Fabrication and microstructure of silicon nitride/boron nitride nanocomposites
Structure and mechanical properties of poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalera
Crystallization behaviors of polypropylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Novel preparation and properties of polypropylene-vermiculite nanocomposites
Mechanisms of toughening and strengthening in ceramic-based nanocomposites
Self-assembled one-dimensional arrays of gold-dendron nanocomposites
Structure and properties of polyamide-6/vermiculite nanocomposites prepared by d
Mechanical and magnetic properties of nickel-dispersed tetragonal zirconia nanoc
Structure of poly(acrylic acid)-intercalated graphite oxide
Interface characterization and preparation of organic - inorganic nanocomposites
The preparation of phenolic resin/montmorillonite nanocomposites by suspension c
Synthesis of polymer/1T-TaS2 layered nanocomposites
Thermal diffusivity of lead titanate/polyvinylidene fluoride-trifluoroethylene n
Towards the understanding of mechanical properties of super- and ultrahard nanoc
Eu3+ complex/polyimide nanocomposites: improvement in mechanical and thermal pro
Microstructure and chemical states of hydroxyapatite/silk fibroin nanocomposites
High-modulus poly(ethylene terephthalate)/expandable fluorine mica nanocomposite
Fabrication of YAG-SiC nanocomposites by spark plasma sintering
Preparation and characterization of poly(ethyl acrylate)/bentonite nanocomposite
Melting-extrusion preparation and characterization of nylon 6/clay nanocomposite
Novel electrically conductive polypropylene/graphite nanocomposites
Silica-carbon nanocomposites-a new concept for the design of solar absorbers
Morphology and failure in nanocomposites. I. Structural and mechanical propertie
Two-dimensional nanocomposites: photonic crystals and nanomembranes (review). II
Bulk and surface properties of layered silicates/fluorinated polyimide nanocompo
Polyethylene-layered silicate nanocomposites prepared by the polymerization-fill
Synthesis and properties of covalently bonded layered silicates/polyimide (BTDA-
Synthesis of amine-cured, epoxy-layered silicate nanocomposites: the influence o
Development of metal-SiO2 nanocomposites in a single-step process by the polymer
Dielectric studies of molecular mobility and phase morphology in polymer-layered
Hyperbranched polymer layered silicate nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of polystyrene-clay nanocomposites by free-radi
Crystalline forms in melt-crystallized syndiotactic polystyrene/clay nanocomposi
Polylactide/montmorillonite nanocomposites and microcomposites prepared by melt
Preparation, characterization and pyrolysis of poly(furfuryl alcohol)/porous sil
Biodegradable polyester layered silicate nanocomposites based on poly(ϵ-ca
A comparison of various methods for the preparation of polystyrene and poly(meth
Exchange-coupled nanocomposite magnets by nanoparticle self-assembly
Lattice spring model of filled polymers and nanocomposites
Thermal expansion behavior of nylon 6 nanocomposites
Effects of melt-processing conditions on the quality of poly(ethylene terephthal
Synthesis of PtSn/carbon nanocomposites using trans-PtCl(PEt3)2(SnCl3) as the so
Imaging {Au0-PAMAM} gold-dendrimer nanocomposites in cells
Mechanical properties of Al2O3/polymethylmethacrylate nanocomposites
Viscoelastic and mechanical properties of thermoset PMR-type polyimide-clay nano
Polymer-layered silicate nanocomposites from model surfactants
Structure-property relationships in cross-linked polyester-clay nanocomposites
New advances in polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites
Morphology development in layered silicate thermoset nanocomposites
Polypeptide-based nanocomposite: structure and properties of poly(L-lysine)/Na+-
Shape memory polymer nanocomposites
Glass transition behavior of alumina/polymethylmethacrylate nanocomposites
Degradation of nylon-6/clay nanocomposites in NOx
Alumina-based nanocomposites consolidated by spark plasma sintering
Modeling properties of nylon 6/clay nanocomposites using composite theories
Electron microscopy studies on platinum-ceramics nanocomposites synthesized by s
Rescaled electrical properties of ZnO/low density polyethylene nanocomposites
Carbon-metal fluoride nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of some unusually transparent poly(dimethylsilo
Polycarbonate nanocomposites: Part 2. Degradation and color formation
Processing of clay/epoxy nanocomposites by shear mixing
Rapid preparation of Pt-Ru/graphitic carbon nanofiber nanocomposites as DMFC ano
Deintercalation of a chemically switchable polymer from a layered silicate nanoc
Single-wall carbon nanotubes as attractive toughening agents in alumina-based na
Uniaxial deformation of nylon 6-clay nanocomposites by in-situ synchrotron x-ray
The improved magnetic properties in phosphorus substituted Pr-Fe-P-B nanocomposi
Interface structures in FePt/Fe3Pt hard-soft exchange-coupled magnetic nanocompo
Poly(styrene-block-isoprene) nanocomposites: kinetics of intercalation and effec
Investigation of nanodispersion in polystyrene-montmorillonite nanocomposites by
Effect of a silicate filler on the crystal morphology of poly(trimethylene terep
Mesoporous silica-reinforced polymer nanocomposites
Room temperature active regenerative magnetic refrigeration: magnetic nanocompos
Biology of TiO2-oligonucleotide nanocomposites
Preparation of poly(styrene-block-butyl acrylate) block copolymer-silicate nanoc
Crystallization behavior of nylon 6 nanocomposites
Polycarbonate nanocomposites. Part 1. Effect of organoclay structure on morpholo
Nanofibrillar networks in poly(ethyl methacrylate) and its silica nanocomposites
Production and characterization of polymer nanocomposites with highly aligned si
The creep behavior of Si3N4/SiC nanocomposites
Characterization and modeling of mechanical behavior of polymer/clay nanocomposi
Silicon nitride-silicon carbide nanocomposites fabricated by electric-field-assi
Nanocomposite manufacturing
Effect of hydrogen bonding on the rheology of polycarbonate/organoclay nanocompo
High throughput methods for polymer nanocomposites research: extrusion, NMR char
Infiltration of SiO2/SiOC nanocomposites by a multiple sol infiltration-pyrolysi
Preparation of KHSO4/SiO2 nanocomposites and their physical properties
Thermal and mechanical characterisation of intercalated epoxy nanocomposites
Impedance spectral studies of sol-gel alumina-silver nanocomposites
Magnetic properties of Ni:SiO2 nanocomposites synthesized by a modified sol-gel
Morphology and electrical properties of carbon-black-filled poly(ε-caprolac
Diodelike behavior in glass-metal nanocomposites
Rapid syntheses of nanocomposites with layered tetratitanate using ultrasound
Multi-scale analysis of the dielectric properties and structure of resin/carbon-
Fabrication and investigation of nanocomposites of conducting polymers and GaSb
Structure and thermoelasticity of polyamide 6/organoclay nanocomposites
Nanocomposites based on a combination of epoxy resin, hyperbranched epoxy and a
Synthesis of gold/poly(methyl methacrylate) hybrid nanocomposites
Fabrication of phosphorus-clay polymer nanocomposites for fire performance
Electrical characterization of poly(ethylene oxide)-clay nanocomposites prepared
Effect of the premelting temperature and sample thickness on the polymorphic beh
Synthesis, characterisation and properties of Ni/PSZ and Ni/YSZ nanocomposites
Nanocomposites based on layered silicate and miscible PVDF/PMMA blends: melt pre
Preparation and properties of LDHs/epoxy nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of nylon 11/organoclay nanocomposites
Poly(1-butene)/clay nanocomposites: preparation and properties
Phase transition in polyamide-66/montmorillonite nanocomposites on annealing
Intercalated poly(vinylidene flouride)/clay nanocomposites: structure and proper
Structural and electrochemical properties of nanocomposites formed by V2O5 and p
Nanocomposites of poly(trimethylene terephthalate) with organoclay
Polymorphism in intercalated poly(vinylidene fluoride)/clay nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of polyketone/clay nanocomposites
Dispersion and distribution of organically modified montmorillonite in nylon-66
Band gap determination of Ni-Zn ferrites
Polyimide/POSS nanocomposites: interfacial interaction, thermal properties and m
Synthesis and thermomechanical characterization of polyimides reinforced with th
Preparation and properties of LDHs/polyimide nanocomposites
Effects of swelling agents on the crystallization behavior and mechanical proper
Impact modified epoxy/montmorillonite nanocomposites: synthesis and characteriza
Preparation and characteristics of nitrile rubber (NBR) nanocomposites based on
Processing and characterization of epoxy-anhydride-based intercalated nanocompos
Synthesis, structure, and photophysical properties of nanocomposites in the Cu+
Nonlinear optic nanocomposites based on oxide glasses
Poly(lactic acid) nanocomposites with various organoclays. I. Thermomechanical p
The Barkhausen effect and percolation threshold in amorphous metal-dielectric na
Processing and fracture toughness of nano-sized Cu-dispersed Al2O3 composites
High performance nanocomposites of polyurethane elastomer and organically modifi
Preparation and rheological characterization of intercalated polystyrene/organop
Transport properties of organic vapors in nanocomposites of organophilic layered
Characteristics of polyvinylpyrrolidone-layered silicate nanocomposites prepared
Transport properties of organic vapors in nanocomposites of isotactic polypropyl
Morphology and rheological properties of nanocomposites based on nitrile rubber
Magnetorefractive effect in magnetic nanocomposites
Polymeric nanocomposites: molecular modelling assessment of organophilic moietie
Preparation and properties of acrylonitrile-butadiene copolymer hybrid nanocompo
Photochromic reactions in silver nanocomposites with a fractal structure and the
Preparation and physical characterization of polyepichlorohydrin elastomer/clay
Strengthening mechanisms of Zr-based devitrified amorphous alloy nanocomposites
Preparation of poly(propylene)/clay layered nanocomposites by melt intercalation
Preparation and properties of polyethylene/montmorillonite nanocomposites by in
New polylactide-layered silicate nanocomposites. II. Concurrent improvements of
Effects of different kinds of clay and different vinyl acetate content on the mo
Synthesis and characterization of silica nanocomposite in situ photopolymerizati
Strengthening mechanism in alumina matrix nanocomposites
Well-aligned polyaniline/carbon-nanotube composite films grown by in-situ anilin
In situ intercalative polymerization of poly(methyl methacrylate)/clay nanocompo
Structure and electrical properties of grafted polypropylene/graphite nanocompos
Preparation and structural characterization of polystyrene-rectorite nanocomposi
Biodegradable polylactide/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Preparation and properties of poly(vinyl alcohol)-vermiculite nanocomposites
Investigation of tribological properties of Al2O3-polyimide nanocomposites
Structural, dielectric, and thermal properties of strontium barium niobate-doped
Synthesis of precursor-derived TiC-Ni based nanocomposites by direct reduction &
In situ synthesis of CdS/PVK nanocomposites and their optical properties
Impact-modified polypropylene/vermiculite nanocomposites
Preparation technology in metal-matrix nanocomposites
Magnetic and conducting particles: preparation of polypyrrole layer on Fe3O4 nan
Study on rheological behavior of polypropylene/clay nanocomposites
Structure and mechanical properties of poly (vinyl chloride)-montmorillonite nan
Preparation and characterization of melt-compounded polyethylene/vermiculite nan
Effect of different clay treatment on morphology and mechanical properties of PV
Polyimide/montmorillonite nanocomposites based on thermally stable, rigid-rod ar
Thermal stability and flammability of polyamide 66/montmorillonite nanocomposite
Preparation and characterization of polystyrene/ kaolinite nanocomposites
A review on polymer nanofibers by electrospinning and their applications in nano
Shear-induced change of exfoliation and orientation in polypropylene/montmorillo
Nylon 6/Na-montmorillonite nanocomposites prepared by compounding nylon 6 Na-mon
Preparation of polyethylene-clay nanocomposites directly from Na+ montmorillonit
Liquid-crystalline copolyester/clay nanocomposites
Mechanical and magnetic properties of alumina/nickel nanocomposites prepared by
Modeling Youngs modulus of rubber-clay nanocomposites using composite theories
The research progressing on the nanocomposites, biomaterials and interface micro
Synthesis, characterization and fluorescence property of CdS/P(N-iPAAm) nanocomp
Synthesis of montmorillonite/polystyrene nanocomposites in supercritical carbon
Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/graphite conducting nanocomposites
Co-Al2O3 nanocomposites powder prepared by electroless plating
Preparation and characterization of PET/silica nanocomposites
Surface nanocomposites prepared by electroless plating
Processing and properties of sol-gel-derived alumina/silicon carbide nanocomposi
Sol-gel preparation and characterization of CoFe2O4-SiO2 nanocomposites
Facile synthesis of exfoliated and highly conductive poly(arylene disulfide)/gra
Investigation of tribological properties of polyimide/carbon nanotube nanocompos
Influence of barium titanate on the damping properties of interpenetrating polym
Polymer-metal optical nanocomposites with tunable particle plasmon resonance pre
Advances in thermosetting polymer-based nanocomposites
Synthesis and characterization of superparamagnetic iron nanocomposites by hydra
Creep resistant polymeric nanocomposites
Monitoring the curing process of epoxy resin nanocomposites based on organo-mont
Preparation of CoFe2O4/SiO2 nanocomposites by sol-gel method
Influence of gamma irradiation on high density polyethylene/ethylene-vinyl aceta
Superhard nanocomposites: design concept, properties, present and future industr
Self-organization of spherical PANI/TiO2 nanocomposites in reverse micelles
Cure kinetics of carbon nanotube/tetrafunctional epoxy nanocomposites by isother
Morphology and properties of PVC/clay nanocomposites via in situ emulsion polyme
The structure and properties of PA6/MMT nanocomposites prepared by melt compound
Electronic properties of nanocrystalline tin oxide dispersed in monolithic mesop
Synthesis of resol-layered silicate nanocomposites by reaction exfoliation with
Effect of particle size on the properties of Mg(OH)2-filled rubber composites
Pillared laponite clay-based Fe nanocomposites as heterogeneous catalysts for ph
PVC/montmorillonite nanocomposites based on a thermally stable, rigid-rod aromat
Heat absorbability of single-walled, coiled and bamboo nanotube/epoxy nano-compo
Fabrication of magnetic luminescent nanocomposites by a layer-by-layer self-asse
Fabrication and structure: a study of aligned carbon nanotube/carbon nanocomposi
Magnetic properties of Ni ferrite nanocrystals dispersed in the silica matrix by
High-performance epoxy hybrid nanocomposites containing organophilic layered sil
Preparation and characterization of poly(vinyl chloride)/organoclay nanocomposit
Preparation and structure and mechanical properties of poly(styrene-b-butadiene)
Conditions required for achieving superhardness of ⩾45 GPa in nc-TiN/a-Si3N4
Development of theories on polymer-based nanocomposites
Study on mechanical properties of polyurethane-attapulgite nanocomposites
Prediction of the overall moduli of layered silicate-reinforced nanocomposites-p
Tunable multiple plasmon resonance wavelengths response from multicomponent poly
Oxide/polymer nanocomposites as new luminescent materials
Synthesis and properties of nanocomposites
Preparation of silicon dioxide/polyurethane nanocomposites by a sol-gel process
Preparation of polyvinylpyrrolidone-protected Prussian blue nanocomposites in mi
Degradation of superhard nanocomposites by built-in impurities
Nonisothermal melt crystallization kinetics of poly (ethylene terephthalate)/cla
Synthesis and characterization of poly(ethylene terephthalate) nanocomposites wi
Mechanochemical synthesis of In2O3/CuO nanocomposites
Mechanical properties and structural characteristics of PP/PP-g-SBR nanocomposit
Positional assembly of hybrid polyurethane nanocomposites via incorporation of i
Synthesis and characterization of new layered polyoxometallates-1,10-decanediami
Preparation and characterization of modified-clay-reinforced and toughened epoxy
Effect of organophilic montmorillonite on polyurethane/montmorillonite nanocompo
Rheology of poly(propylene)/clay nanocomposites
Influence of organophilic clay and preparation methods on EVA/montmorillonite na
Preparation and properties of montmorillonite-based polyimide nanocomposites
Morphology, thermal, and mechanical properties of vinylester-resin nanocomposite
Size effect of nanoparticles on the conjugated polymer in PPV/SiO2 nanocomposite
Thermal and mechanical properties of syndiotactic polystyrene/organoclay nanocom
Preparation and characterization of polypropylene/layered silicate nanocomposite
Gelcasting process of Al2O3/Ni nanocomposites
A tunnelling study on polymer/1T-LixTaS2 layered nanocomposites
Dispersion effect of nanoparticles on the conjugated polymer-inorganic nanocompo
Effective permittivity of nanocomposite powder compacts
Polymerization kinetics and thermal properties of dicyanate/clay nanocomposites
Effect of thermal history on the polymorphic behavior of poly(ethylene 2,6-napht
Characteristics of polystyrene/polyethylene/clay nanocomposites prepared by ultr
Preparation and characterization of CdS and CdS/polyacrylonitrile nanocomposites
Stabilized blue emission from polymer-dielectric nanolayer nanocomposites
Synthesis of daisy-shaped and multipod-like silica/polystyrene nanocomposites
Isothermal and nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of syndiotactic polystyren
Curing and barrier properties of NBR/organo-clay nanocomposite
Effect of silver nanoparticles on the dynamic crystallization behavior of nylon-
Preparation and mechanical properties of nitrile butadiene rubber/silicate nanoc
Reduced copper diffusion in layered silicate/fluorinated polyimide (6FDA-ODA) na
Mechanical, thermal, and barrier-properties of NBR/organosilicate nanocomposites
Polystyrene-b-poly(ethylene-r-butylene)-b-polystyrene triblock copolymer/organoc
Synthesis of ordered microporous silica by the solvent evaporation method
Synthesis and characterization of polyimide/silica hybrid nanocomposites
Polymer/organoclay nanocomposites with biodegradable aliphatic polyester and its
Characterization of organobentonite used for polymer nanocomposites
Enhanced thermal properties of PS nanocomposites formed from inorganic POSS-trea
Preparation of bioactive chitosan-hydroxyapatite nanocomposites for bone repair
Microwave hydrothermal flash synthesis of nanocomposites Fe-Co alloy/cobalt ferr
Evaluation of elastic modulus of nano particles in PMMA/silica nanocomposites
Enhanced photovoltaic performance in fullerene: phthalocyanine codeposited films
Synthesis and material properties of syndiotactic polystyrene/organophilic clay
Thermal properties of maleated polyethylene/layered silicate nanocomposites
Intercalation behavior of polyimide/organoclay nanocomposites during thermal imi
Electron spin resonance signal of nanocomposite of conducting polypyrrole with i
Twin-screw extrusion compounding of polypropylene/organoclay nanocomposites modi
Fabrication of Al2O3/5 vol% Cu nanocomposites using various powder mixtures and
Analysis of the intermolecular interaction of nanocomposites by THz spectroscopy
Effect of nanoparticles on the conjugated polymer in the PPV/TiO2 nanocomposites
Nonreciprocal electromagnetic properties of nanocomposites at microwave frequenc
Polyimide based hybrid nanocomposites
Isothermal crystallization kinetics and melting behavior of nylon/saponite and n
Magnetic nanocomposites: preparation and characterization of Co-ferrite nanopart
Synthesis and characterization of conducting polyaniline-coated cadmium sulphide
Coupling and compatibilizer agents effects in polystyrene/layered silicate nanoc
Structural and magnetic properties of polypyrrole nanocomposites
Magnetic properties of Fe1-xMnx/Fe nanocomposites
Polymer nanocomposites with fullerene-like solid lubricant
Polyimides reinforced with the sol-gel derived organosilicon nanophase as low di
Residual stresses and magnetic properties of alumina-nickel nanocomposites
Reversible tenso-resistance and piezo-resistance effects in conductive polymer-c
Solid state NMR characterization and flammability of styrene-acrylonitrile copol
Surface effects on the magnetic behavior of nanocrystalline nickel ferrites and
Mechanical response and rheological properties of polycarbonate layered-silicate
Nylon 6 nanocomposites prepared by a melt mixing masterbatch process
Comparison of nanocomposites based on nylon 6 and nylon 66
Effect of clay type on morphology and thermal stability of PMMA-clay nanocomposi
Exfoliated polystyrene-clay nanocomposites synthesized by solvent blending with
Processing and property investigation of single-walled carbon nanotube (SWNT) bu
Melt-intercalation nanocomposites with fluorinated polymers and a correlation fo
Methacrylate modified clays and their polystyrene and poly(methyl methacrylate)
Styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) layered silicate nanocomposites prepared by melt com
On the reduced susceptibility to stress whitening behavior of melt intercalated
Magnetic behavior of mechanically Milled FeNi-CoO nanocomposites
Multiscale micromechanical modeling of polymer/clay nanocomposites and the effec
Bio-based nanocomposites from functionalized plant oils and layered silicate
Assessing organo-clay dispersion in polymer nanocomposites
Dielectric nanocapacitance effect of thermoset polymeric matrix nanocomposites
Thermal conductivity modeling of periodic two-dimensional nanocomposites
Thermal and flammability properties of polypropylene/carbon nanotube nanocomposi
Effect of platelet dispersion on the load transfer efficiency in nanoclay compos
Ultrasonic-assisted fabrication of metal matrix nanocomposites
Synthesis of unsaturated polyester-clay nanocomposites using reactive organoclay
Anisotropic thermal properties of single-wall-carbon-nanotube-reinforced nanocer
Exfoliation and dispersion enhancement in polypropylene nanocomposites by in-sit
Fully exfoliated layered silicate epoxy nanocomposites
Enhanced crystallization of bisphenol-A polycarbonate by nano-scale clays in the
Effect of sodium montmorillonite source on nylon 6/clay nanocomposites
P(VDF-TrFE)-layered silicate nanocomposites. Part 1. X-ray scattering and therma
Ignition studies of Al/Fe2O3 energetic nanocomposites
High-contrast electrochromism and controllable dissolution of assembled Prussian
PMMA/silica nanocomposite studies: synthesis and properties
Biocatalysis in the development of functional polymer-ceramic nanocomposites
Investigation of the dispersion process of SWNTs/SC-15 epoxy resin nanocomposite
Glass transition and relaxation behavior of epoxy nanocomposites
Nanocomposites formed from linear low density polyethylene and organoclays
Structure-property relationships in exfoliated polyisoprene/clay nanocomposites
The role of preconditioning on morphology development in layered silicate thermo
Processing and microstructure of high-pressure consolidated ceramic nanocomposit
Remotely actuated polymer nanocomposites - stress-recovery of carbon-nanotube-fi
Iron oxide-silica nanocomposites via sol-gel processing
Metal oxide/silica and metal/silica nanocomposites from organofunctional single-
Interfacial effects in organophilic montmorillonite-poly(ϵ-caprolactone) n
Hyperbranched polymer/clay nanocomposites
Preparation and combustion behaviour of polymer/layered silicate nanocomposites
Hyperbranched polymer/montmorillonite clay nanocomposites
Studies on physico-mechanical properties and thermal characteristics of polyprop
Big returns from small fibers: a review of polymer/carbon nanotube composites
Brominated poly(isobutylene-co-para-methylstyrene) (BIMS)-clay nanocomposites: s
Preparation, characterisation and computational study of poly(ϵ-caprolacto
Polyimide-silica nanocomposites: spectroscopic, morphological and mechanical inv
Phase behavior of modified montmorillonite-poly(ε-caprolactone) nanocomposi
Impedance spectroscopy of metal-oxide nanocomposites
Properties of glass abrasives used for mechanochemical preparation of nanocompos
Polymer-clay nanocomposites : an overview with emphasis on interaction mechanism
Polyamide-6/silica nanocomposites
Preparation and properties of styrene-butadiene rubber based nanocomposites: the
A processing-induced clay dispersion and its effect on the structure and propert
Polymer nanocomposites for aerospace applications: characterization
Nanocomposites of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA) and organoclay prepared
Effect of vinyl acetate content and silicate loading on EVA nanocomposites under
Nanoindentation and morphological studies on nylon 66/organoclay nanocomposites.
Nylon 66/organoclay nanocomposites: I. Preparation, morphology, thermal and mech
Sol-gel derived nanocomposites and nanoporous oxide powders and related coatings
Rheological behavior of new melt compounded copolyamide nanocomposites
Studies on nonisothermal crystallization of HDPE/POSS nanocomposites
Effects of modifier concentration on structure and viscoelastic properties of co
Morphology and properties of thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites incorpora
Synthesis and exfoliation of bismaleimide-organoclay nanocomposites
Heavy ion irradiation on conducting polypyrrole and ZrO2-polypyrrole nanocomposi
Morphology and fracture behavior of intercalated epoxy/clay nanocomposites
Tin nanoparticle loaded graphite anodes for Li-ion battery applications
Rheological behavior of hyperbranched polymer/montmorillonite clay nanocomposite
Morphology of EVA based nanocomposites under shear and extensional flow
Polyolefin nanocomposites: formulation and development
New synthesis of ferrite-silica nanocomposites by a sol-gel auto-combustion
Polymer-layered silicate-carbon nanotube nanocomposites: unique nanofiller syner
Hybrid organic inorganic nylon-6/SiO2 nanocomposites: transport properties
Microemulsion processing of silica-polymer nanocomposites
Effects of annealing (solid and melt) on the time evolution of polymorphic struc
Poly(4-methyl-1-pentene)/clay nanocomposites: effect of organically modified lay
Studies on crystallization behaviors and crystal morphology of polyamide 66/clay
Microporous polyvinyl chloride: novel reactor for PVC/CaCO3 nanocomposites
Nanoindentation and morphological studies on injection-molded nylon-6 nanocompos
Zero-order kinetics of the thermal degradation of polypropylene/clay nanocomposi
PTC effect of polyethylene/foliated graphite nanocomposites
Study on PET fiber modified by nanomaterials: improvement of dimensional thermal
Influence of annealing treatment on the heat distortion temperature of nylon-6/m
Preparation and characterization of hydroxyapatite/liposome core-shell nanocompo
Time-dependence of piezo-resistive behavior for polyethylene/foliated graphite n
Tensile fracture morphologies of nylon-6/montmorillonite nanocomposites
Effects of carbon nanotubes on hydrogen storage property of Mg-based nanocomposi
Synthesis of WO3/TiO2 nanocomposites via sol-gel method
A study of NiZnCu-ferrite/SiO2 nanocomposites with different ferrite contents sy
Effects of heat and pressure on intercalation structures of isobutylene-isoprene
Synthesis and characterization of PMMA/montmorillonite nanocomposites by emulsio
One-step synthesis of highly ordered mesoporous silica monoliths with metal oxid
Corrosion behavior of copper/LDPE nanocomposites in simulated uterine solution
Rheological and extrusion behavior of intercalated high-impact polystyrene/organ
Rubber-pristine clay nanocomposites prepared by co-coagulating rubber latex and
Study on the structure and properties of cyanate ester/bentonite nanocomposites
Towards high sedimentation stability: magnetorheological fluids based on CNT/Fe3
Synthesis and properties of polystyrene-clay nanocomposites via in situ intercal
Fabrication and properties of machinable 3Y-ZrO2/BN nanocomposites
Bulk polymerization of styrene in the presence of organomodified montmorillonite
Effects of processing history and annealing on polymorphic structure of nylon-6/
Enhanced wear resistance and micro-hardness of polystyrene nanocomposites by car
Synthesis and characterization of core-shell nanocomposites of polyaniline and c
The performances of BMI nanocomposites filled with nanometer SiC
Photoluminescence enhancement of ZrO2/Rhodamine B nanocomposites
New fabricate of styrene-butadiene rubber/montmorillonite nanocomposites by anio
A brief review on fire retardants for polymeric foams
Novel polyacrylonitrile nanocomposites containing Na-montmorillonite and nano Si
Dynamic response and fracture characterization of polymer-clay nanocomposites wi
Multiwalled carbon nanotube/BaTiO3 nanocomposites: electrical and rectification
Development of polyurethane/silica nanocomposite and its properties
Cure behavior of UP/Org-MMT/MEKP/cobalt octoate nanocomposites by the dynamic to
Synthesis and magnetic characterization of novel CoFe2O4-BiFeO3 nanocomposites
Morphology and characterization of clay-reinforced EPDM nanocomposites
Synthesis and stabilization of ZnS nanoparticles embedded in silica nanospheres
Short carbon fiber reinforced electrically conductive aromatic polydisulfide/exp
Effect of flocculated structure on rheology of poly(butylene terephthalate)/clay
Preparation and photoluminescent properties of PMOCOPV/TiO2 nanocomposites
Synthesis and characterization of sulfonated poly(ethylene terephthalate)/montmo
Enhanced coercivity in thermally processed (Nd,Dy)(Fe,Co,Nb,B)5.5/α-Fe nan
Study on novel antibacterial high-impact polystyrene/TiO2 nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of ZnS/poly(acrylamide-co-acrylic acid) dendrit
Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of polypropylene/attapulgite nanocomposit
Fabrication and mechanical properties of WC-Co-Al2O3 nanocomposites by spark pla
Effect of external shearing force on exfoliation structure and properties of hig
A study on carbon nanotubes reinforced poly(methyl methacrylate) nanocomposites
Modified layered double hydroxides nanocomposites with the polyoxyethylene sulfa
Preparation and capacitances of oriented attachment CuO nanosheets and the MWNT/
Unlubricated wear behavior of Ce-TZP/Al2O3 nanocomposites against bearing steel
Fabrication and physical properties of EPDM-organoclay nanocomposites
Synthesis and characterization of CdS/BSA nanocomposites
Cryogenic properties of SiO2/epoxy nanocomposites
Preparation and properties of new EPDM/vermiculite nanocomposites
Poly(ethylene 2,6-naphthalate)/layered silicate nanocomposites: fabrication, cry
Epoxy-silica nanocomposites: preparation, experimental characterization, and mod
Synthesis and physical properties of layered silicates/polyurethane nanocomposit
Polypropylene-polyhedral oligomeric silsesquioxanes (POSS) nanocomposites
Rheological characterization of polydimethylsiloxane/HTiNbO5 nanocomposites prep
Epoxy/montmorillonite nanocomposites: influence of organophilic treatment on rea
Synthesis, microstructure, and gas-sensing properties of SnO2/MoO3 nanocomposite
Smart, silica-rubber nanocomposites in virtue of hydrogen bonding interaction
A brief survey on CLAYPEN and nanocomposites based on unmodified PE and organo-p
Water-assisted melt compounding of nylon-6/pristine montmorillonite nanocomposit
Far out: putting new materials in space
Preparation and characterization of metal (Au)- and bimetallic alloys (AuNi)-gel
Novel thermoplastic starch-clay nanocomposite foams
Processing and assessment of poly(butylene terephthalate) nanocomposites reinfor
Gas barrier properties of poly(ϵ-caprolactone)/clay nanocomposites: influe
Erbium photoluminescence in opal matrix and porous anodic alumina nanocomposites
FTIR study of CO2 and H2O/CO2 nanoparticles and their temporal evolution at 80 K
Poly(lactic acid)/organoclay nanocomposites: thermal, rheological properties and
Synthesis, photoluminescence, and adsorption of CdS/dendrimer nanocomposites
Optical and magnetooptical properties of FePt-SiO2 magnetic nanocomposites
Compared study of cooperativity in PMMA nanocomposites and thin films
Properties of covalently bonded layered-silicate/polystyrene nanocomposites synt
EPR and SQUID studies on magnetic properties of SiO2-doped Ni-Zn ferrite nanocom
Processing-structure-properties relationships of mechanically and thermally enha
Poly(ethylene oxide)/Laponite nanocomposites via melt-compounding: effect of cla
Polyamide-6,6/in situ silica hybrid nanocomposites by sol-gel technique: synthes
Crystal transformation and thermomechanical properties of poly(vinylidene fluori
Humidity sensing by fractally grown nanocomposites
Rheological behavior of hybrid rubber nanocomposites
Contact angle measurement of select compatibilizers for polymer-silicate layer n
Effect of reaction parameters on the structure and properties of acrylic rubber/
Possible mechanism of interaction among the components in MAPP modified layered
Influence of aspect ratio on barrier properties of polymer-clay nanocomposites
Controlling the miscibility of polyethylene/layered silicate nanocomposites by a
Organoclay-modified high performance epoxy nanocomposites
Molecular dynamics simulations of nanocomposites based on poly(ε-caprolacto
Melt-processable poly(etherimide) nanocomposites from natural montmorillonite
A comparison of the temperature dependence of the modulus, yield stress and duct
Stretching calorimetry studies of poly(ε-caprolactone)/organoclay nanocompo
Synthesis of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles embedded in a silica matrix by the citrate pr
Effect of blending sequence on microstructure of ternary nanocomposites
Silicon/disordered carbon nanocomposites for lithium-ion battery anodes
Synthesis and characterization of epoxy based nanocomposites
Flexural and tribological properties of polyester-clay nanocomposites
Morphology, thermal and mechanical properties of nylon 12/organoclay nanocomposi
Preparation and characterization of titanate-modified Boehmite-polyamide-6 nanoc
Dynamic mechanical analysis of polyvinylalcohol/silica nanocomposite
Polymer-filler interactions in sol-gel derived polymer/silica hybrid nanocomposi
Synthesis and characterization of polyethylene-based ionomer nanocomposites
Shear and extensional rheology of EVA/layered silicate-nanocomposites
Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles in hydrophobic styrene-divinylbenzene copol
Reinforcement effect of carbon nanofillers in an epoxy resin system: rheology, m
Relationship between hardness and tensile tests in titanium reinforced with yttr
Analysis of the modulus of polyamide-6 silicate nanocomposites using moisture co
Unique rheological behavior of rubber based nanocomposites
Assessing the predictive capability of two-phase models for the mechanical behav
Water absorption and hygrothermal aging study on organomontmorillonite reinforce
Ultraviolet emission from layered nanocomposites of Zn(OH)2 and sodium dodecyl s
Dielectric nanocomposites with insulating properties
Structure and properties of EVOH/organoclay nanocomposites
Reaction kinetics and characteristics of polyurethane/clay nanocomposites
Effect of pH on physical characteristics of conducting poly(o-ethoxyaniline) nan
Effect of organoclay content on physical characteristics of poly(o-ethoxyaniline
Synthesis of polyether-based polyurethane-silica nanocomposites with high elonga
Preparation and physical characteristics of solvent intercalated poly(o-ethoxyan
Vulcanization kinetics of nitrile rubber/layered clay nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of polypropylene/clay nanocomposites with polyp
Characterization on polystyrene/zinc oxide nanocomposites prepared from solution
Preparation and characterization of maleic anhydride-g-polypropylene/diamine-mod
Nanocomposites-a new material design concept
Poly(butylene terephthalate)-clay nanocomposites prepared by melt intercalation:
TPU nanocomposites combine flexibility, tensile strength
Particle acceleration [nanocomposite technology]
Carbon nanotubes-metal nitride composites: a new class of nanocomposites with en
Magnetic ordering of ferric oxide within SiO2-based mesoporous materials
Silver/dendrimer nanocomposites as biomarkers: fabrication, characterization, in
Chemically functionalized clay vinyl ester nanocomposites II - vernonia oil-base
Dispersant optimization using design of experiments for SiC/vinyl ester nanocomp
Fabrication and characterization of patterned micrometre scale interpenetrating
Anatase TiO2 nanocomposites for antimicrobial coatings
Effective elastic moduli of nanocomposites with prescribed random orientation of
Nanocomposites from poly(ethylene-co-methacrylic acid) ionomers: effect of surfa
Effects of clay orientation and aspect ratio on mechanical behavior of nylon-6 n
Synthesis of polymer-polymer nanocomposites using radiation grafting techniques
Mechanical and fire properties of styrenic polymer nanocomposites based on an ol
The relationship between thermal degradation behavior of polymer and the fire re
Superconducting nanocomposites: enhancement of bulk pinning and improvement of i
Synthesis of magnetic nanocomposites and alloys from platinum-iron oxide core-sh
Single-walled carbon nanotube dispersions in poly(ethylene oxide)
Nanobuilding blocks based on the [OSiO1.5]x (x= 6, 8, 10) octasilsesquioxanes
Mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes and their polymer nanocomposites
Essential fracture work of nylon 6-silicate nanocomposites
Properties of bulk-polymerized thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites
In-situ synthesis and performance of titanium oxide/poly(methyl methacrylate) na
Synthesis and rheological properties of oligoimide/montmorillonite nanocomposite
A method of visualization of dispersion of nanoplatelets in nanocomposites
Thermal transitions and barrier properties of olefinic nanocomposites
Ultrathin free-standing poly electrolyte nanocomposites: a novel method for prep
Nanocomposites of silicon/titanium carbide synthesized using high-energy mechani
Bottom-up synthesis of PS-CNF nanocomposites
Poly(styrene-co-acrylonitrile)/montmorillonite organoclay mixtures: a model syst
Environmental durability of polymerization of monomer reactants-type polyimide-c
The effect of zirconia reinforcing agents on the microstructure and mechanical p
Effect of oxygen plasma treatment on mechanical properties of vapor grown carbon
Thermal mismatch strains in sidewall functionalized carbon nanotube/polystyrene
The effect of clay on the thermal degradation of polyamide 6 in polyamide 6/clay
Multiscale modeling of viscoelastic properties of polymer nanocomposites
Flame-retardant Elvacite acrylic resin/clay nanocomposites
Montmorillonite-poly(ethylene oxide) nanocomposites: interlayer alkali metal beh
Poly(ethylene terephthalate) ionomer based clay nanocomposites produced via melt
Synthesis of thermoplastic polyurethane nanocomposites of reactive nanoclay by b
Effect of titanate-based surface on hydrophilicity and interlayer spacing of mon
Formation of nanocomposites of styrene and its copolymers using graphite as the
Bulk magnetization and nuclear magnetic resonance of magnetically purified layer
Poly(ethylene-co-vinyl alcohol) functionalized single-walled carbon nanotubes an
Functionalized SWNT/polymer nanocomposites for dramatic property improvement
Anisotropy and dynamic ranges in effective properties of sheared nematic polymer
Structure and electrochemistry of carbon-metal fluoride nanocomposites fabricate
Quantitative equivalence between polymer nanocomposites and thin polymer films
Mechanical properties and failure surface morphology of amine-cured epoxy/clay n
High-Tc superconductors-based nanocomposites with improved intergrain coupling a
Structure and melt rheology of polystyrene-based layered silicate nanocomposites
Non-isothermal crystallization of in situ polymerized poly(ε-caprolactone)
Stress intensity factor and crack velocity relationship for polyester TiO2 nanoc
Chemorheology and properties of epoxy/layered silicate nanocomposites
Synthesis and rheological properties of polystyrene/layered silicate nanocomposi
Polyurethane/clay nanocomposites foams: processing, structure and properties
Novel biobased nanocomposites from functionalized vegetable oil and organically-
Experimental trends in polymer nanocomposites-a review
Correlation between fragility and microstructure in organic-inorganic nanocompos
Fractal growth of copper in a gel medium
Physical limitations of the inherent toughness and strength in ceramic-ceramic a
Si3N4/SiC ceramic nanocomposites