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非旋转对称导体的目标奇点提取新方法研究/The study on the pole extraction of non-rotational-symmetri
新型共轭导电聚合物的合成表征及其电学、光电性能研究/Synthesis, Characteristics and Electrical and Photoele
企业风险传导的机理与评价研究/Research on the mechanism and evaluation of enterprise risk condu
论合唱指挥中预备拍的运用/The Application of Reparing Meter In Chorus Conduction
直接电化学方法制备聚苯胺微米环以及导电聚合物的原位导电性测量/Direct Electrochemical Generation of Polyaniline
Supramolecular architecture in Langmuir-Blodgett films molecular thick conductin
Applied chemistry
Properties and microstructure of crystalline BEDT-TTF polyiodide network in poly
Enhanced voltage-dividing potentiometer for high-precision feature placement met
New method for dispersing palladium microparticles in conducting polymer films a
New transparent, colorless, metallically conductive polymer films and their elec
Nanoscale modification of conducting lines with a scanning force microscope
Novel proton-conducting membrane
Synthesis of organic/inorganic nanocomposites protonic conducting membrane throu
Assembly of conducting polymer/metal oxide multilayer in one step
Synthesis, characterizations, and physical properties of carbon nanotubes coated
Synthesis of ceramics/polymer nanocomposites protonic conducting membrane
Nanostructural conductivity and surface-potential study of low-field-emission ca
Current-dependent growth of silicon nitride lines using a conducting tip AFM
Conducting polymer hydrogels as 3D electrodes: applications for supercapacitors
Role of template in the enzymatic synthesis of conducting polyaniline
Physical properties in new molten polymer: Nanointerfacial electronic states
Nanoscale conducting cylinders based on self-organization of hydrogen-bonded pol
Sizing up the possibilities of nanoparticles and composites
Characteristics of low field-emission diamond films by scanning probe microscopy
Electrostatically-generated nanofibers of electronic polymers
Systematic conductivity behavior in conducting polymers: Effects of heterogeneou
Preparation and use of membranes with potential-controlled functions
Growth and characterization of nanosized structures of conducting polymers
Templated electropolymerization of pyrrole in a capillary
Charge carrier transport in heterogeneous conducting polymer materials
Preparation of polystyrene/graphite nanosheet composite
PMMA/graphite nanosheets composite and its conducting properties
Synthesis and thermal stability of composite of conducting polyaniline with Fe3O
Review on research of conducting polymer application in nanostructured solar cel
Anisotropic Bending Machine Using Conducting Polypyrrole
Mixed proton-electron conducting nanocomposite based on hydrous RuO 2 and polyan
Nanosized electrochemical cells operated by AFM conducting probes
Inorganic proton-conducting gel glass/porous alumina nanocomposite
Novel flexible, freestanding and transparent organic/inorganic hybrid materials
New hybrid guest-host nanocomposites based on polyaniline, poly(ethylene oxide)
Hybrid organic-inorganic coatings and films containing conducting polyaniline na
Synthesis of dye linked conducting block copolymers, dye linked conducting homop
Conducting-Polymer Microcontainers: Controlled Syntheses and Potential Applicati
Nanoscale surface patterning of enzyme-catalyzed polymeric conducting wires
Effecting factors on conductivity of CB/ABS conducting nanocomposite
Electropolymerized multilayer conducting polymers with response to gaseous hydro
Carrier transport in PbS nanocrystal conducting polymer composites
Nanolithographic electropolymerization of a precursor polymer film to form condu
Proton conducting organic-inorganic nanocomposite membranes from MPTS and GPTS
Conducting polymer-based nanostructurized materials: Electrochemical aspects
Writing of Conducting Polymers using Nanoelectrochemistry
Photoelectrochemical cells based on inherently conducting polymers
Wet chemical deposition of multifunctional conducting coatings made with a nanoc
Properties of SnO2 coatings fabricated on polymer substrates using filtered vacu
Writing with conducting polymer
Chemical synthesis of highly conducting polypyrrole nanofiber film
Growth of individual vertical germanium nanowires
CO gas sensing from ultrathin nano-composite conducting polymer film
Microengineered conducting composites from nanochannel templates
Plasma oscillations in thin conducting shells
Probing the conducting paths in a metal-insulator composite by conducting atomic
Quantum relaxation of magnetisation in magnetic particles
A new method for dispersing palladium microparticles in conducting polymer films
Electrostatic trapping of single conducting nanoparticles between nanoelectrodes
Spontaneous emission from an atomic oscillator located near an ideally conductin
Studies on electronic states at the organic nano-interface using low-energy phot
High density rechargeable lithium-ion batteries self-assembled from graphite oxi
Electrically conducting ion tracks in diamond-like carbon films for field emissi
Transparent, conducting, metallic thin films
Carotene as a molecular wire: conducting atomic force microscopy
Electrical and optical properties of conducting polymer-fullerene and conducting
Electroluminescence of polymer/J-aggregate composites
Universality of electron correlations in conducting carbon nanotubes
A combination study of conductivity and contact potential in low-field-emission
Tunable optical stop band utilizing thermochromism of synthetic opal infiltrated
Self-inductance of chiral conducting nanotubes
Nanosized effects in composites based on polyaniline and vanadium or iron oxides
Combined laser and atomic force microscope lithography on aluminum: Mask fabrica
Transport properties of polypyrrole-ferric oxide conducting nanocomposites
Vapor-grown carbon fiber composites: processing and electrostatic dissipative ap
A new process of fabricating electrically conducting nylon 6/graphite nanocompos
Ultrafast electrochromic windows based on redox-chromophore modified nanostructu
Conducting ballistic magnetoresistance and tunneling magnetoresistance: Pinholes
Electrical testing of gold nanostructures by conducting atomic force microscopy
Electrochemical growth of nanosized conducting polymer wires on gold using molec
Dispersion of graphite nanosheets in a polymer matrix and the conducting propert
Fabrication of conducting GeSi/Si micro- and nanotubes and helical microcoils
Preparation of polystyrene-graphite conducting nanocomposites via intercalation
Manufacture of colloidal polymer ellipsoids for anisotropic conducting nano-comp
Incorporation of metal nanoparticles in photopolymerized organic conducting poly
Visualization of single-walled carbon nanotubes electrical networks by scanning
Chemical deposition of conducting polymers
Optomagnetic composite medium with conducting nanoelements
Nanoscale surface characterization of conducting and non-conducting materials wi
Conditions for the production of a single conducting nanostructure by electrofor
Room-temperature single-electron tunneling in conducting polypyrrole nanotube
Triode-type field emission array using carbon nanotubes and a conducting polymer
Presence of perfectly conducting channel in metallic carbon nanotubes
Atomic force microscopy observation of insulated molecular wire formed by conduc
Transparent and antiglare conducting coatings deposited by wet chemical processe
New molecular conductors based on ETEDT-TTF trihalides: from single crystals to
Inherently conducting polymer nanostructures
Nanoscale charge transport in an electroluminescent polymer investigated by cond
Electrochemical assembly of conducting polymer films on an insulating surface
Single-wall carbon nanotube conducting probe tips
Dimensional changes as a function of charge injection for trans-polyacetylene: a
Nanoscale structure-property relationships in conjugated polymers: implications
Discrete conductance switching in conducting polymer wires
Field emission from a patterned organic conducting composite
Electrostatics of conducting nanocylinders
Static screening by conducting nanospheres
Carbon nanotube and polyaniline composite actuators
Growth of self-assembled copper nanostructure on conducting polymer by electrode
Fabrication and investigation of nanocomposites of conducting polymers and GaSb
Promising materials for microwave absorbers
An artificial taste sensor based on conducting polymers
Wet coating deposition of ITO coatings on plastic substrates
Wet-chemical processing of transparent and antiglare conducting ITO coating on p
Structure and electrical properties of grafted polypropylene/graphite nanocompos
Conducting polyaniline nanofiber networks prepared by the doping induction of ca
Magnetic and conducting particles: preparation of polypyrrole layer on Fe3O4 nan
Carbon nanotubes as a perfectly conducting cylinder
Electrical conductivity of a single conducting polyaniline nanotube
Application of conducting polymer polypyrrole to neural sensors
Processing of transparent conducting coatings made with redispersible crystallin
Organic light emitting diodes based on multi-wall carbon nanotubes (MWNTs) modif
Pulse injection of conducting polymers onto H-terminated Si(100) surfaces
Surface treatment of metals by high-power electric current pulses
High field-emission current of carbon nanotubes grown on TiN-coated Ta substrate
Photon, electron, magnon, phonon and plasmon mono-mode circuits
Current-driven switching of exchange biased spin-valve giant magnetoresistive na
DMPK equation for transmission eigenvalues in metallic carbon nanotubes
Electron spin resonance signal of nanocomposite of conducting polypyrrole with i
Synthesis and characterization of conducting polyaniline-coated cadmium sulphide
Structural and electronic properties of single-wall GaN nanotubes: semi-empirica
Charge transport in conducting polymers: polyacetylene nanofibres
12-Phosphormolibdic acid doped polyaniline-V2O5 composite
Quantitative analysis of scanning conductance microscopy
A conducting polymer nanojunction sensor for glucose detection
Fabrication of conducting Si nanowire arrays
A novel nanocomposite from multiwalled carbon nanotubes functionalized with a co
The influence of mechanical deformation on the electrical properties of single w
Theory of pattern formation of metallic microparticles in poorly conducting liqu
Interfacial synthesis of electrically conducting polyaniline nanofiber composite
Dip-pen nanopatterning of photosensitive conducting polymer using a monomer ink
Individually addressable conducting polymer nanowires array
Polymer field effect transistors fabricated by dewetting
Carbon nanotube and conducting polymer composites and electrochemical energy sto
Self-assembled oriented conducting polyaniline nanotubes
Pt particles supported on conducting polymeric nanocones as electro-catalysts fo
Pt based enzyme electrode probes assembled with Prussian Blue and conducting pol
Field emission characteristics of conducting polymer
Solution route to inorganic nanobelt-conducting organic polymer core-shell nanoc
Single-walled carbon nanotube-based coaxial nanowires: synthesis, characterizati
The electrochemical capacitance characteristics of activated carbon electrode ma
Nanoscale measurements of conducting domains and current-voltage characteristics
Nanostructured proton exchange membrane for fuel cell
Interfacial physicochemical properties of functionalized conducting polypyrrole
Fractal nanochannels as the basis of the ionic transport in AgI-based glasses
Novel polymer nanocomposites with giant dynamical optical nonlinearity
Inkjet printing of nanosized silver colloids
Phase evolution induced by polypyrrole in iron oxide-polypyrrole nanocomposite
Conducting Ni nanoparticles in an ion-modified polymer
Novel structured mixed ionic and electronic conducting cathodes of solid oxide f
Challenges of producing TiO2 films by microwave heating
Chromopore-linked conducting polymers attached to semiconductor surfaces: a stra
Electronically conducting hybrid material as high performance catalyst support f
Ion irradiation induced surface modification studies of polymers using SPM
A new approach to the synthesis of nanocrystal conjugated polymer composites
Characterization of polypyrrole-silver nanocomposites prepared in the presence o
Conductivity measurement of insulated molecular wire formed by molecular nanotub
Simple approach for the fabrication of carbon nanotube field emitter using condu
NO2 gas sensing based on ordered ultrathin films of conducting polymer and its n
Polymer-nanotube composites for transparent, conducting thin films
On-wire lithography
Conjugated and conducting nanostructures in zeolites
Patterning of poly(3-octylthiophene) conducting polymer films by electron beam e