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冷冻干燥的孔-喉网络模型与热质耦合传递过程模拟/Simulation on Coupled Heat and Mass Transfer during Free
冷冻干燥过程的孔尺度干燥动力学机理-升华干燥与解析干燥/The Mechanisms of Drying Dynamics at Pore Level duri
孔隙水压力对地基动力特性影响的振动台试验研究/Experimental Studies for Effect of Pore Water Pressure on
孔隙水压力对地基动力特性影响的振动台试验研究/Experimental Studies for Effect of Pore Water Pressure on
非离子表面活性剂导向下新型多孔分子筛材料的合成与表征/Synthesis and characterization of novel nanoporous ma
介孔材料结构和孔道的可控合成及其在电化学和生物分离中的应用/Synthsis of mesoporous materials with controllable
新型有序纳米介孔生物玻璃材料的合成与体外生物活性研究/synthesis and in-vitro bioactivity of novel ordered m
介孔材料内反应平衡的分子模拟及天然气CH4/CO2体系分离的实验和模型化/Adsorption and Chemical Equilibria on Porou
多孔UHMWPE生物医用材料的研究/the study for use of porous UHMWPE in biomedical meaterials
用累托石制备多孔陶瓷的研究/Study on making porous ceramics from rectorite
多孔阳极氧化铝模板与V_2O_5纳米管组装体系的研究/A study on assemble system of AAO template and V_2O_5
生态护坡材料微孔分形特性的试验研究/Experimental study on microcosmic pore fractal characteristics
氧化铝质陶瓷滤料的研究/The study of alumina ceramic filtering material
多孔β-TCP生物陶瓷的等静压成型/The preparation and characterization of β-TCP by isostatic com
高性能混凝土在客运专线中的应用研究/Study on application of high performance concrete in the passe
孔径可调多孔玻璃及其与空穴孔阵基板的复合研究/Study on pore size adjustable porous glass and its integ
饱和软粘土微观孔隙的定量分析及其分形研究/Quantitative analysis of micro-porosity of saturated soft c
高温烟气净化用孔梯度陶瓷纤维膜的设计、制备及特性/Design, fabrication and characteristics of porous gradi
介孔材料内反应平衡的分子模拟及天然气CH4/CO2体系分离的实验和模型化/Adsorption and Chemical Equilibria on Porou
多孔UHMWPE生物医用材料的研究/the study for use of porous UHMWPE in biomedical meaterials
煤孔隙结构和煤对气体吸附特性研究/Study on The Pore Structure of Coals and Characteristics of Gas
煤孔隙结构和煤对气体吸附特性研究/Study on The Pore Structure of Coals and Characteristics of Gas
Dynamics and free energy of polymers partitioning into a nanoscale pore
Capillary condensation model within nano-scale pores studied with molecular dyna
Characterization of nanoporous particle track etched membrane
Effect of synthesis PH on the structure of carbon xerogels
Simulation of water in a small pore: Effect of electric field and density
Density functional theory model for calculating pore size distributions: Pore st
Tailored syntheses of nanostructured silicas: control of particle morphology, pa
Nanosieves with microsystem technology for microfiltration applications
Nanospace geometry-sensitive molecular assembly
Annealing of mesoporous silica loaded with silver nanoparticles within its pores
Generalized syntheses of large-pore mesoporous metal oxides with semicrystalline
Pore-Structure Determinations of Silica Aerogels by 129Xe NMR Spectroscopy and I
Permeability and structure characterization of nanofiltration alumina membrane
Membrane characterization by solute transport and atomic force microscopy
Pore size tailorability in γ Al2O3 membranes using surfactant micelles as
Determination of the pore size and the vertical structure of nanoporous aluminum
Pore structure modification by chemical vapor deposition in inorganic membrane -
Modification of pore chemicals in evaluation of high-performance concrete permea
Silicon membrane nanofilters from sacrificial oxide removal
Growth of carbon nanotubules on Fe-loading zeolites and investigation of catalyt
Study of ion exclusion using artificial reference samples for rocks
Extremely slow dynamics of a weakly wetting liquid at a solid/liquid interface:
Structure design of double-pore silica and its application to HPLC
Ultra-low pressure water softening: A new approach to membrane construction
Shape selective adsorption in atomistic nanopores - a study of xylene isomers in
Verification of the condensation model for cylindrical nanopores. Analysis of th
Nanostructural tailoring: Opportunities for molecular engineering in catalysis
Control of bandgap of iron oxide through its encapsulation into SiO2-based mesop
Effect of particle size and membrane pore size on crossflow microfiltration of m
Silica gels with tunable nanopores through templating of the L3 phase
Porosity of some commercial reverse osmosis and nanofiltration polyamide thin-fi
Simultaneous multianalyte detection with a nanometer-scale pore
Determination of pore size in mesoporous thin films from the annihilation lifeti
Study on pore structure and pore size distributions of porous clays
Characterization of anodic porous alumina by AFM
Transport in nanopores
Interface chemistry of nanostructured materials: Ion adsorption on mesoporous al
Experimental confirmation of different mechanisms of evaporation from ink-bottle
Pore size optimisation of humidity sensor - A probabilistic approach
Linearized transport model for nanofiltration: Development and assessment
Solid-solid transitions in slit nanopores
The effect of pore size on the formation of highly dispersed nickel particles in
Modelling of membrane nanofiltration-pore size distribution effects
Electrochemical imaging of diffusion through single nanoscale pores
Sonochemical synthesis of mesoporous tin oxide
Cyclic CVD modification of straight pore alumina membranes
Single-molecule covalent chemistry with spatially separated reactants
Colloid-imprinted carbons as templates for the nanocasting synthesis of mesoporo
Templating of silsesquioxane cross-linking using unimolecular self-organizing po
Water adsorption in carbon-slit nanopores
Study of the pore water chemistry through an argillaceous formation: A paleohydr
Restricted diffusion in silica sol-gel nanoparticles
Confined phonons in glasses: A study by nuclear inelastic absorption and Raman s
Iron (III) oxide nanoparticles within the pore system of mesoporous carbon CMK-1
Synthesis of Ordered Mesoporous Carbon with Bimodal Pore System and High Pore Vo
Phase coexistence and dynamic properties of water in nanopores
Effect of two-step sol-gel reaction on the mesoporous silica structure
Phase transitions and quantum effects in pore condensates: A path integral Monte
Effect of pore diameter of TMMA chelating resin beads on the adsorption properti
Composite polymer electrolyte prepared by a dry/wet phase-inversion process
Characterization of sol-gel derived membranes and zeolite membranes by nanopermp
Novel method to produce poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) scaffolds with controlled multi-
Structural anomalies of Rb and Br ionic nanosolutions in hydrophobic slit-shaped
Preparation and characterization of A-type zeolite/SiO2 molecular sieving membra
Preparation of monodisperse nanosized mesoporous silica
Transport properties and distribution of water molecules confined in hydrophobic
New mesoporous carbon prepared by a simultaneous synthetic template carbonizatio
Easy synthesis of an ordered mesoporous carbon with a hexagonally packed tubular
Etched single-ion-track templates for single nanowire synthesis
Characterization of the dependence on temperature of the formation of carbon fil
Dynamics of capillary electrochromatography: Experimental study of flow and tran
Synthesis of new nanoporous carbon materials using nanostructured silica materia
Absolute assessment of adsorption-based porous solid characterization methods: C
Analysis of protein adsorption characteristics to nano-pore silica particles by
Change of pore structure in freeze-dried silica gel during calcination
Synthesis of tailored porous alumina with a bimodal pore size distribution
Morphological control of nanoporous films by the use of functionalized cyclodext
Nano-pore silicon membrane characterization by diffusion and electrical resistan
Solvation force, structure and thermodynamics of fluids confined in geometricall
Adsorption isotherm and pore characteristics of nano alumina derived from sol-ge
Boehmite-derived γ-alumina system. 2. Consideration of hydrogen and surfac
Toward Understanding Extra-Large-Pore Zeolite Energetics and Topology: A Polyhed
Effect of trace amounts of water on organic solvent transport through γ-Al
Optimal Bimodal Pore Networks for Heterogeneous Catalysis
Study of Hexane Adsorption in Nanoporous MCM-41 Silica
Probing the pore wall structure of nanoporous carbons using adsorption
Influences of material characteristics on ibuprofen drug loading and release pro
Effect of hydrophilization additive and reaction time on separation properties o
A dynamic wicking technique for determining the effective pore radius of pregela
Growth of gold nanoparticle arrays in TiO2 mesoporous matrixes
The nanopore electrode
Pore Size Distribution of Single-Walled Carbon Nanotubes
Synthesis of mesoporous silica nanofibers with controlled pore architectures
Characterization of pore structure in a nanoporous low-dielectric-constant thin
Synthesis and characterization of a nanocrystalline thoria aerogel
Polymer Partitioning from Nonideal Solutions into Protein Voids
Dependence of the pore diameter of the alumina film with nano-pore structure on
Using phosphoric acid as a catalyst to control the structures of mesoporous tita
Photoluminescence of anodic alumina membranes: Pore size dependence
Morphology-controllable preparation of ID poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) nanostructured
Study on nanofiltration for purifying fructo-oligosaccharides: II. Extended pore
Particle size and microstructure of Ni nanopowders prepared by anodic arc plasma
Preparation of large-pore mesoporous nanocrystalline TiO2 thin films with tailor
Synthesis and characterization of phosphonic acid functionalized organosilicas w
Packing-dependent pore structures in single-walled carbon nanotube arrays
Superhydrophobicity of 2D ZnO ordered pore arrays formed by solution-dipping tem
Atomistic molecular dynamics simulation of liquid carbon tetrachloride confined
Ordered honeycomb-structured gold nanoparticle films with changeable pore morpho
Porous structure of tailings of marine manganese nodules and crusts as deduced f
Proton spin-spin relaxation study of hydration of a model nanopore
Design of mesoporous silica at low acid concentrations in triblock copolymer-but
Sol-gel synthesis of mesostructured γ-alumina templated by cationic surfac
Multiporous polymeric materials from thermoreversible poly(vinylidene fluoride)
Silica nanoboxes as new nano-structured materials: Their secondary synthesis fro
Influence of polyvinyl alcohol on the synthesis of silica-pillared clay
Improvement in photocyclization efficiency of diaryl ethenes by adjusting the po
Synthesis of cobalt/polymer multilayer nanotubes
Preparation of alumina - Silica bimodal pore catalysts for Fischer-Tropsch synth
Liquid crystalline nanowires in porous alumina: Geometric confinement versus inf
Biomaterial immobilization in nanoporous carbon molecular sieves: Influence of s
Electrochemical structuring of mechanically activated n-InP(100) surfaces
Highly efficient Pt50-Ru50 electrocatalysts supported by porous carbons with ord
Fabrication of patterned liquid-crystalline nanocomposites and their novel chara
Synthesis of large-pore mesostructured micelle-templated silicas as discrete sph
Interfacially polymerized nanofiltration membranes: Atomic force microscopy and
Water in carbon nanotubes: Adsorption isotherms and thermodynamic properties fro
Incorporating organic polymer into silica walls: A novel strategy for synthesis
Determination of pore diameter from rejection measurements with a mixture of oli
Nanopore formation in a polyphenylene LOW-k dielectric
The structure of fluids confined in crystalline slitlike nanoscopic pores
Reentrant filling transitions in Lennard-Jones fluids confined in nanoscopic sli
Towards internal structuring of electrospun fibers by hierarchical self-assembly
Controlling nanopore size and shape by fluorosurfactant templating of silica
Surfactant-templated organic functionalized mesoporous silica with phosphino lig
Nanoporous thermosetting polymers
Argon and nitrogen adsorption in disordered nanoporous carbons: Simulation and e
A note on micro- and mesopores in the walls of SBA-15 and hysteresis of adsorpti
Polymer penetration and pore sealing in nanoporous silica by CHF 3 plasma exposu
The effect of pore connectivity on water adsorption isotherms in non-activated g
Synthesis, structure and porosity analysis of microporous and mesoporous carbon
3D photonic crystals based on macroporous silicon: Towards a large complete phot
Pyrolysis of mesoporous silica-immobilized 1,3-diphenylpropane. Impact of pore c
Elimination of an isolated pore: Effect of grain size
Pore-size-dependent orientational dynamics of a liquid crystal confined in a por
How to tailor the porous structure of alumina and aluminosilicate gels and glass
Quasi-one-dimensional phase transitions in nanopores: pore-pore correlation effe
Effect of thermal treatment on the nanostructure of SiO2-Al2O3 xerogels
A molecular simulation study of freezing/melting phenomena for Lennard-Jones met
Template synthesis of nanowires in porous polycarbonate membranes: electrochemis
Effect of porosity on the elastic response of brittle materials: an embedded-ato
Pore distributions in nanocrystalline metals from small-angle neutron scattering
Hexagonal pore arrays with a 50-420 nm interpore distance formed by self-organiz
Sinter-forging of nanocrystalline zirconia. II. Simulation
Solid N2 and CO in nanoporous glasses
Comparison between different presentations of pore size distribution in porous m
Kinetics of capillary condensation in a nanoscale pore
Characterization of silica nanocomposites obtained by sol-gel process using posi
Template synthesis of SiO2 nanostructures
Biological-to-electronic interface with pores of ATP synthase subunit C in silic
Influence of anodizing conditions on the ordered pore formation in anodic alumin
Modeling capillary condensation in cylindrical nanopores: a molecular dynamics s
Self-ordered pore structure of anodized aluminum on silicon and pattern transfer
Molecular dynamics simulation of supersaturated vapor nucleation in slit pore
Condensation model for cylindrical nanopores applied to realistic porous glass g
Evidence of nanopores in sol-gel based TiO2 and TiN ultrafiltration membranes
Preparation of yttrium-iron-garnet nanocrystals dispersed in nanosize-pore glass
Effect of TiO2 on the pore structure of SiO2-PDMS Ormosils
Driven DNA transport into am asymmetric nanometer-scale pore
Structure and dynamics of K channel pore-lining helices: a comparative simulatio
Molecular assembly in ordered mesoporosity: a new class of highly functional nan
Size and confinement effects on the glass transition behavior of polystyrene/o-t
Characteristics of high energy milled W-Ni-Fe nanocomposite powders
Surfactant-enhanced control of track-etch pore morphology
Preparation of highly ordered nanoporous Co membranes assembled by small quantum
The promoting effect of sulfate ions on the nucleation of TiO2 (anatase) nanocry
Influence of chemical and physical surface heterogeneity on chemical reaction eq
Varied pore organization in mesostructured semiconductors based on the [SnSe4]4-
Statistical mechanics and molecular simulation of adsorption of ternary gas mixt
Voltage-driven DNA translocations through a nanopore
Morphology of symmetric block copolymer in a cylindrical pore
Microporous MgMSiMO and AlMSiMO materials derived from metal silsesquioxanes
Adsorption/desorption isotherm of nitrogen in carbon micropores
Synthesis of nanorattles composed of gold nanoparticles encapsulated in mesoporo
Fusion pore dynamics and insulin granule exocytosis in the pancreatic islet
Nano-structure control in carbon spheres by air oxidation - derivation of master
Effect of purification on pore structure of HiPco single-walled carbon nanotube
Structure character of NiO-SiO2 binary nanomaterials prepared by supercritical f
High density hexagonal nickel nanowire array
Research and development of carbon materials for electrochemical capacitors II.
Rectification and voltage gating of ion currents in a nanofabricated pore
Rationalization of the synthesis of SBA-16: Controlling the micro- and mesoporos
Fabrication of a new generation of track-etched templates and their use for the
Virtual molecular design of an environment-responsive nanoporous system
Highly ordered nanoporous alumina films: effect of pore size and uniformity on s
Pore size distributions in nanoporous methyl silsesquioxane films as determined
Determining protein size using an electrochemically machined pore gradient in si
Magnetic behavior of yttrium-iron-garnet nanoparticles dispersed in glass compos
Nanoporous organosilicas: periodic materials synthesized with surfactant templat
A spinal cord surrogate with nanoscale porosity for in vitro simulations of rest
Length sorting cut single wall carbon nanotubes by high performance liquid chrom
Probing distance and electrical potential within a protein pore with tethered DN
Facile synthesis of mesoporous gold-silica nanocomposite materials via sol-gel p
Photochemically generated polyacrylonitrile-silica nanocomposites: Optimized fab
Translocation of a polymer chain across a nanopore: a Brownian dynamics simulati
Nanoporous carbide-derived carbon with tunable pore size
Unzipping kinetics of double-stranded DNA in a nanopore
Computer simulation of anisotropic diffusion in monolayer films in mica slit por
Template synthesis of nanophase mesocarbon
Polymer escape through a nanopore
Supercritical fluid preparation of copper nanotubes and nanowires using mesoporo
Microstructure and mechanical properties of surfactant templated nanoporous sili
Structural properties of porous media
High-capacity disordered carbons derived from peanut shells as lithium-intercala
Silica nanocasting of simple cellulose derivatives: towards chiral pore systems
Transmission electron microscopy porometry of etched pore channels in track memb
Structural confinement effects of ternary chalcogenide in mesoporous AlMCM-41 of
The molecular dynamics of polymers in random nanometre confined spaces investiga
Size controlled Ag nanoparticles within pores of monolithic mesoporous silica by
Photoluminescence spectra of human serum albumen and morin embedded in porous al
Preparation of oxide with nano-scaled pore diameters using gel template
Preparation of nanoporous silica using copolymer template
The corset effect of spin-lattice relaxation in polymer melts confined in nanopo
Synthesis and stabilization of nanocrystalline zirconia with MSU mesostructure
Study on the silica hollow spheres by experiment and molecular simulation
Morphology-controlled growth of large-area two-dimensional ordered pore arrays
The fabrication of high-quality periodic porous alumina templates
Electrodeposition of nickel nano-array on pore-film of alumina
A grand canonical Monte Carlo study of capillary condensation in mesoporous medi
Wide nanoscopic pore of maxi-anion channel suits its function as an ATP-conducti
Preparation and electronic properties of nanoporous carbon inverse opal
Freezing of a Lennard-Jones system in an open-ended and finite-length nanopore:
Control of pore structures in periodic porous silica low-k films
Preparation and characterization of nano-structured silica from rice husk
Computer simulation of nano-pore formation in EB-PVD thermal barrier coatings
Stable blue luminescence from mesoporous silica films
Sintering behavior of partially crystallized barium titanate monolithic xerogels
Fabrication parameters for highly ordered nano-pore arrays in alumina template
Microwave assisted synthesis of manganese mixed oxide nanostructures using plast
Production of multiwall carbon nanotubes in the modified pore system of mesoporo
Interplay of surface and confinement effects on the molecular relaxation dynamic
Polymer translocation through a nanopore. II. Excluded volume effect
Copper foam structures with highly porous nanostructured walls
Microscopic kinetics of DNA translocation through synthetic nanopores
Silica aerogels with enhanced durability, 30-nm mean pore-size, and improved imm
Water dynamics and dewetting transitions in the small mechanosensitive channel M
Alumina nanotemplate fabrication on silicon substrate
Investigation of nanoporous thin-film alumina templates
Structure and properties of nano-hydroxyapatite/polymer composite scaffolds for
Modified calcium carbonate coatings with rapid absorption and extensive liquid u
Determination of size and ordering of pores in mesoporous silica using small ang
A three-dimensional dual-mechanism model of pore stability in a sintering alumin
Structure of peptides investigated by nanopore analysis
Tractable molecular theory of transport of lennard-jones fluids in nanopores
Molecular dynamics simulations of hydrophilic pores in lipid bilayers
Monitoring structural changes of liquids frozen in nanopores
Highly sensitive detection of processes occurring inside nanoporous anodic alumi
A two-step sol-gel method for synthesis of nanoporous TiO2
The influence of geometry, surface character, and flexibility on the permeation
Characterization of pore wall heterogeneity in nanoporous carbons using adsorpti
Nanocasting of novel, designer-structured catalyst supports
Morphology controlled growth of large area ordered porous film
Electrochemical characteristics of surface of titanium formed by electrolytic po
Morphology-controllable preparation of 1D poly(vinyl pyrrolidone) nanostructured
Mesoporous bioactive glasses. I. Synthesis and structural characterization
Study on nanofiltration for purifying fructo-oligosaccharides
Preparation and characterization of TiO2 bulk porous nanosolids
Large-area In2O3 ordered pore arrays and their photoluminescence properties
A facile approach to formation of through-hole porous anodic aluminum oxide film
Large-pore mesoporous nanocrystalline titania thin films synthesized through eva
Preparation and molding of ultralow-density silica aerogels
Correlation of capacitance with the pore structure for nanoporous glassy carbon
Porous metallic films fabricated by self-assembly of gold nanoparticles
Statistical geometry of pores and statistics of porous nanofibrous assemblies
Atomic mobility in liquid gallium under nanoconfinement
Kinetic theory of gas separation in a nanopore and comparison to molecular dynam
A chromium terephthalate-based solid with unusually large pore volumes and surfa
Templated synthesis of mesoporous carbon from sucrose-the way from the silica po
A theoretical model on pore size distribution in low dielectric constant nanopor
Width reduction of laser microdrillings by subsequent mechanically induced plast
Porous tantalum oxide prepared by electrochemical anodic oxidation
Silica-based macrocellular foam monoliths with hierarchical trimodal pore system
Investigation of optical properties of nanoporous GaN films
Modelling the influence of pore size on the response of materials to infrared la
Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles in hydrophobic styrene-divinylbenzene copol
On the separation of nonadditive symmetric mixtures in nanoscopic slitlike pores
Spatial confinement effect on the atomic structure of solid argon
Nanostructured titania membranes with improved thermal stability
Properties of nanoporous organosilicate hybrid thin films with a bimodal pore si
Ultrafine porous fibers electrospun from cellulose triacetate
Large pore cage type mesoporous carbon, carbon nanocage: a superior adsorbent fo
Is pore sealing key to ultralow-k adoption?
Capillary condensation in cylindrical nanopores
Nanoindentation on porous bioceramic scaffolds for bone tissue engineering
Wafer-level ordered arrays of aligned carbon nanotubes with controlled size and
Deducing nanopore structure and growth mechanisms in porogen-templated silsesqui
Molecular modeling of freezing of simple fluids confined within carbon nanotubes
45nm node integration of low-k and ULK porous dielectrics
Ultrafast orientational dynamics of nanoconfined benzene
Revealing hidden pore structure in nanoporous thin films using positronium annih
The role of pore size and structure on the thermal stability of gold nanoparticl
A model for the etching of nanoporous silica in C4F8 plasmas based on pore geome
Dynamics of supercooled liquids in the vicinity of soft and hard interfaces