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石油套管螺纹表面自润滑聚合物密封涂层的研究/An Investigation of Self-lubricated Polymer Matrix Composi
高性能锂离子电池改性天然石墨基负极材料/High performance anode materials based on modified natural g
锂离子电池LiBOB/PC电解液和碳负极材料相容性的研究/Research on the compatibility of LiBOB/PC electroly
石墨尾矿路用性能研究/The Study on Highway performance of Graphite Scoria
Structure model and growth mechanism for multishell carbon nanotubes
Structure model and growth mechanism for multishell carbon nanotubes
Potential change during intercalation of sulfuric acid in host carbons with diff
Improved graphite anode for lithium-ion batteries
Nanometer-grade composite of intercalation compounds structure analysis of graph
Pulse deposition of Au on graphite
Electrochemical synthesis of iron supported on exfoliated graphite
Non-carbon nanotubes
Nanografting of N-vinyl-2-pyrrolidone molecules on a graphite surface with a sca
Obtaining iron and graphite nanoparticles in argon plasma
Size-related stabilization of diamond nanoparticles
Oxidation protective carbon layer for magnetic particles by surfactant reduction
Tribological properties of TZP-graphite self-lubricating ceramics
Graphite encapsulation of catalytic metal nanoparticles
On enhancing nucleation density of diamond film through precoating with graphite
Scanning tunnelling microscopy of diamond deposition at the nanometre scale hole
Descriptive model linking possible formation mechanisms for graphite-encapsulate
Effect of arc parameters on the growth of carbon nanotubes
Molecular dynamics simulation of adsorption of Ag particles on a graphite substr
Size-distribution analysis of diamond- and graphite-like DLC constituents
Magnetism of nanometer-scale graphite with edge or topological defects
Encapsulation of TiC and HfC crystallites within graphite cages by arc discharge
STM observations of self-assembled 1D and 2D nanoclusters of aromatic cryptand m
Bulk defects in graphite observed with a scanning tunnelling microscope
Electrolytic conversion of graphite to carbon nanotubes in fused salts
Microcalorimetric and catalytic investigations of transition metal nanoparticles
Electrochemical preparation of platinum nanocrystallites with size selectivity o
Template electropolymerization of polypyrrole nanostructures on highly ordered p
Nanosecond pulsed excimer laser machining of chemically vapour-deposited diamond
Catalytic behavior of graphite nanofiber supported nickel particles. 1. Comparis
Role of boron nitride in graphite plasma arcs
Structures of soot generated by laser induced pyrolysis of metal-graphite compos
Surface superstructure of carbon nanotubes on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite
New Horizons in the Structure and Properties of Layered Materials
Observations of a precursor for carbon nanotubes in the hard deposit obtained in
STM and atomic force microscopy study of the effects of 1.8 MeV electron bombard
Platinum electrodeposition on graphite: Electrochemical study and STM imaging
Nanocrystalline C-BN synthesized by mechanical alloying
Generation of nanometer-size tantalum particles in a graphite host lattice
Growth, electronic, magnetic and spectroscopic properties of transition metals o
Electrical properties of a periodic porous carbon replica of opal
Ultradisperse-diamond nanoclusters. Fractal structure and diamond-graphite phase
Mossbauer spectra of graphite-encapsulated iron and iron compound nanocrystals p
Preparation and characterization of poly(vinyl acetate)-intercalated graphite ox
Novel apparatus for the synthesis of graphite encapsulated metallic nanocrystals
SeCl4 graphite intercalation compound: a precursor material for encapsulated se
Structural defects created on natural graphite surface by slight treatment of ox
Theoretical study of the formation of closed curved graphite-like structures dur
Excimer laser irradiation induced formation of diamond-like carbon layer on grap
Carbon nanotubes produced by high energy (E100 MeV), heavy ion irradiation of gr
Calculations of the electronic structure of tubulenes and fullerenes with the us
Hydrogenation of crotonaldehyde over graphite nanofiber supported nickel
Catalytic behavior of graphite nanofiber supported nickel particles. 3. The effe
Observation of C60 film formation on a highly oriented pyrolitic graphite substr
Tailoring graphite with the goal of achieving single sheets
Host-guest systems in microporous carbons
AFM and STM investigation of carbon nanotubes produced by high energy ion irradi
Magnetic properties of expanded graphite intercalation compounds of CuCl2-NiCl2
Thermogravimetric measurement of hydrogen absorption in alkali-modified carbon m
Estimating the strength of the water/single-layer graphite interaction
Processing and properties of graphite foams
Hydrothermal synthesis of graphite tubes using Ni catalyst
A simple method preparing isolated encapsulated particles on a large scale
Thermal analysis of poly(vinyl alcohol)/graphite oxide intercalated composites
Preparation of polymer/graphite conducting nanocomposite by intercalation polyme
Characteristics of copper particles supported on various types of graphite nanof
Dislocation of antimony clusters on graphite by means of dynamic plowing nanolit
Catalytic investigation of quasi-two-dimensional palladium nanoparticles encapsu
Polystyrene/graphite nanocomposites: Effect on thermal stability
Dimensional changes as a function of charge injection in single-walled carbon na
Two-dimensional structure of self-assembled alkyl-substituted polyphenylene dend
Fabrication of ultrafine conducting polymer and graphite nanoparticles
Vibration of self-organized silver nanocrystals
Instabilities and pattern formation during the self-organized growth of nanopart
Perfectly straight nanostructures of metallosupramolecular coordination-polyelec
Graphite/hydrogen reduction route to Ga2O3 nanobelts
The smallest revolution
Ball-milling: The behavior of graphite as a function of the dispersal media
Binding of carbon rings to a graphite plane
Influence of controlled nanoscale roughness on physisorbed two-dimensional cryst
Superhard carbon films with graphite-like structure
Self-assembled polyphenylene dendrimer nanofibers on highly oriented pyrolytic g
New developments in the formation of nanotubes from coal
Growth of graphite nanofibers from the iron-copper catalyzed decomposition of CO
Growth of tailored oxide nanostructures for use as catalyst support media
Electrochemical preparation of thiol-coated silver nanostructures on highly orie
The adsorption of aromatic acids onto the graphite basal surface
Effect of preparation conditions on diamond cluster formation in bulk nanoporous
From branched polyphenylenes to graphite ribbons
Chemisorption of atomic hydrogen in graphite and carbon nanotubes
Growth of densely packed gold nanoparticles on graphite using molecular template
Nanoscale studies of the oxidation and hydrogenation of graphite surface
Preparation of polystyrene/graphite nanosheet composite
Electronic Structure of a Polydiacetylene Nanowire Fabricated on Highly Ordered
PMMA/graphite nanosheets composite and its conducting properties
Unusual hydrogen absorption properties in graphite mechanically milled under var
Synthesis and characterization of poly acrylic acid/graphite oxide nanocomposite
A new route to carbon nanotubes [1]
Quantum transport effects in nanosized graphite sheets. II. Enhanced transport e
Effects of pretreatment of natural graphite by oxidative solutions on its electr
Magnetic susceptibility and electrical resistivity of a mesoporous carbon CMK-1
Carbon nanocomposites synthesized by high-energy mechanical milling of graphite
Influence of thermal treatment conditions on the structures and electrical condu
Facile synthesis of highly conductive polyaniline/graphite nanocomposites
Synthesis and hydrogen adsorption of fish-bone graphite nanofibers
Synthesis of tubular graphite cones through a catalytically thermal reduction ro
Deposition and electrocatalytic properties of platinum nanoparticals on carbon n
HDPE/expanded graphite electrically conducting composite
Preliminary research on the liquid phase oxidation of natural graphite flakes an
Direct observation of the ordering and molecular folding of poly[(m-phenylenevin
Molecular-dynamics studies on hydrogen atoms in nanostructured graphite
Phonon Dispersion in Graphite
Intense electron emission from graphite nanocraters and their appication to time
Surface modulation in electrothermal atomizer for atomic absorption spectrometry
Compression of polyhedral graphite up to 43 GPa and x-ray diffraction study on e
Development of tribologically optimized surface coatings with micro and nano par
Electrochemical investigation of lithium and tin reduction at a graphite cathode
Basal plane pyrolytic graphite modified electrodes: Comparison of carbon nanotub
Nanospray mass spectrometry with indirect conductive graphite coating
Influence of the atomic structure on the Raman spectra of graphite edges
Spontaneous resolution of racemic hydrogen-bonded nanoassemblies on graphite rev
Expanded graphite as an electrode material for an alcohol fuel cell
New nanocarbons: Rod milling and annealing of graphite in the presence of yttriu
Electrochemical characteristics of tin-coated MCMB graphite as anode in Lithium-
Lubricants containing ultradisperse diamond-graphite powder
Specific statistical features of surface enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectr
Thermoexfoliated graphite as support for production of metal-graphite nanocompos
Carbon nanotubes with graphitic wings
Kink bands, nonlinear elasticity and nanoindentations in graphite
Preparation of nanocomposites from styrene and modified graphite oxides
Electrical and mechanical properties of expanded graphite-reinforced high-densit
Research of carbon nano-tubes used in negative materials of lithium ion battery
Fabrication of graphite nano-structures
Preparation and tribological properties of graphite nanosheets as additive in li
Preparation and properties of polystyrene/graphite oxide nanocomposite
Research on the method and functional property of graphite nano-sheets and prepa
Tribological properties of lubricating oil with sheet graphite nanoparticles
Research progress of diamond synthesis by laser induced solid state transformati
A modified graphite anode with high initial efficiency and excellent cycle life
Metal-oxidized graphite composite electrodes for lithium-ion batteries
Model experiments of superlubricity of graphite
Microwave-assisted synthesis of SnO2-graphite nanocomposites for Li-ion battery
Metal-organic chemical vapor deposition synthesis of hollow inorganic-fullerene-
Dehydrogenation properties of kish graphite powder mechanically milled in H2 atm
Functionalized calix[8]arenes, synthesis and self-assembly on graphite
Fabrication of C60 intercalated graphite films and its superlubrication properti
Nanotubes fur Hochleistungsbetone
Iron oxide pillared graphite
Electrochemical etching using surface carboxylated graphite electrodes in ultrap
Ab initio study of the water adsorption on hydroxylated graphite surfaces
The interaction of N2 with active sites of graphite: A theoretical study
Catalytic hydrodechlorination over Pd supported on amorphous and structured carb
Influence of atmospheric plasma on physicochemical properties of vapor-grown gra
Synthesis and H2 adsorption on graphitic nanofibres
Stimulating effect of graphite admixture on hydrogen sorption-desorption propert
Competence in graphite
Nanodimension diamond-graphite additives for friction assemblies
Rh/GNF catalysts: Characterization and catalytic performance in methylcyclopenta
Intercalation of sodium and lithium into graphite as a first stage in an electro
Composite graphitic nanolayers prepared by self-assembly between finely disperse
Fullerene layers between graphite walls a computer simulation
Spatially anisotropie etching of graphite by hyperthermal atomic oxygen
Structural characterization of Pt nanoclusters deposited on graphite: Effects of
Graphite nanoplatelet reinforcement of electrospun polyacrylonitrile nanofibers
On the diffusivity, solubility and adsorption of hydrogen in isotropic, mechanic
Expandable graphite/polyamide-6 nanocomposites
Synthesis of lanthanum compound encapsulated within carbon nanoparticles
A micro-Raman investigation of high-pressure quenched graphite
Phonon spectra of carbon nanotubes
Carbon nanostructures in silica aerogel composites
Formation of metal-carbon composites by thermal breakdown of metallocomplexes in
keV-polyatomic-ion-impact-nucleated oxidative etch pitting in highly oriented py
Study of carbon nanocapsules (onions) and spherulitic graphite by STM and other
Growth of an oriented graphitic layer on a TiC nanocube
Modification of porous silicon in ultrahigh vacuum and contribution of graphite
Characteristics of pyrolyzed phenol-formaldehyde resin as an anode for lithium-i
Structural disorder and phase transformation in graphite produced by ball millin
Observation of gold thin film on cesium graphite intercalation compound by scann
Etching nanometer sized holes of variable depth from carbon cluster impact induc
Improved graphite anode for lithium-ion batteries. Chemically bonded solid elect
Microstructure and phase characterization of diamond-like amorphous hydrogenated
Metallic oxide catalyzed growth of carbon nanotubes
Unconventional quasiparticle lifetime in graphite
Growth of carbon nanotubes at the top surface of the carbon deposit on the graph
Electronic and atomic structure of evaporated carbon films
Raman spectra of graphite and diamond mechanically milled with agate or stainles
Carbon nanotubes: a new graphite architecture
Constraints on stellar grain formation from presolar graphite in the Murchison m
Direct observation of water droplet on graphite by non-contacting AFM
Balance of graphite deposition and multishell carbon nanotube growth in the carb
Synthetic routes to novel nanomaterials
Nanoindentation behavior of a two-dimensional carbon-carbon composite for nuclea
Investigation of the relative stability of solid phases in the La-graphite syste
Behaviour of Ni in carbon nanotube nucleation
Molecular dynamics simulations of the thermal degradation of nano-confined polyp
Production of petal-like graphite sheets by hydrogen arc discharge
Graphite encapsulated nanocrystals produced using a low carbon:metal ratio
Electronic structure of graphite nanopipes
Prediction of new sp2 and sp2/sp3 hollow carbon crystals
Surface topography of low energy He-ion-bombarded graphite by AFM: temperature e
The study of nanometer-deformation with the scanning tunneling microscope
Evidence for size-dependent discrete dispersions in single-wall nanotubes
Quasiperiodic icosahedral graphite sheets and high-genus fullerenes with nonposi
Investigations of diamond-graphite hybrids and fullerenes with seven-membered ri
The defect character of carbon nanotubes and nanoparticles
Mechanically enhanced carbothermic synthesis of iron-TiN composite
Formation of graphite encapsulated ferromagnetic particles and a mechanism for t
Hydrogen desorption and adsorption measurements on graphite nanofibers
Closed curved graphite-like structures formation on micron-size diamond
Systematic study of graphite encapsulated nickel nanocrystal synthesis with form
The Raman spectrum of Ti3SiC2
Formation of superperiodic patterns on highly oriented pyrolytic graphite by man
Formation of carbon nanotubes in the graphite surface by Ar ion sputtering
High density rechargeable lithium-ion batteries self-assembled from graphite oxi
Microdefects in nanocrystalline carbon
Manipulation of passivated gold clusters on graphite with the scanning tunneling
Hydrogen storage in graphite nanofibers
Preparation, morphology, and microstructure of diameter-controllable vapor-grown
Atomic force microscopy of platinum nanoparticles prepared on highly oriented py
Selective liquid sorption properties of hydrophobized graphite oxide nanostructu
Electronic structure of fluorine doped graphite nanoclusters
STM studies of the characteristics of the surface fabrication process using chem
Hydrogen in the mechanically prepared nanostructured graphite
Graphite lattice synthesis catalyzed by chromium-containing crystallites
The Mossbauer spectra of graphite-encapsulated iron and iron compound nanocrysta
Nanostructure and formation mechanism of proto diamond shock-synthesized from gr
Growth of graphite nanofibers from the decomposition of CO/H2 over silica-suppor
Local structural order in electron-irradiated graphite studied by high-resolutio
The generation of nanometer-size tantalum particles in a graphite host lattice
Computer simulations of hydrogen adsorption on graphite nanofibers
Fragmentation of graphite crystals by electron irradiation at elevated temperatu
Charge displacement induced by intercalation of graphite-like nanoclusters in am
Electronic states in heavily Li-doped graphite nanoclusters
STM study on nanostructures of Au and Al deposits on HOPG and amorphous carbon
Preparation and layer-by-layer self-assembly of silver nanoparticles capped by g
The finite element thermal analysis of graphite irradiated by a pulsed laser
Synthesis of exfoliated graphite from fluorinated graphite using an atmospheric-
Nano-wetting of micellar structures on graphite: in situ investigations by scann
Electron-induced gasification reactions in the fabrication process on graphite s
Structural defects created on natural graphite surface by slight treatment of ox
Laser-irradiation-induced structural changes on graphite
X-ray photoemission and absorption spectroscopy of supported nanoscale iron clus
Magnetization studies in quasi two-dimensional palladium nanoparticles encapsula
In situ AFM study of interlayer spacing during anion intercalation into HOPG in
Anion intercalation into highly oriented pyrolytic graphite studied by electroch
Preparing anode material for lithium ion secondary battery by liquid-phase oxida
Effect of technological parameters on the structure and surface morphology of ca
Hydrogen atoms cause long-range electronic effects on graphite
Laser-induced graphitization on a diamond (111) surface
Nano-tube-like surface structure in graphite particles and its formation mechani
Synthesis of GaN-carbon composite nanotubes and GaN nanorods by arc discharge in
Synthesis of graphite-C3N4 crystal by ion beam sputtering
Heat-treatment effect on the nanosized graphite π-electron system during diam
Perpendicularly stacked graphite nanotubes
Diamond synthesis by high-velocity thermal spray: the laboratory analogue of a m
Electronic energy state of a periodic porous nanoscale graphite
Atomic-focuser imaging by graphite crystals in carbon nanoshells
The influence of ball-milling on the structure of graphite
Effect of carbon-containing compounds on the hydriding behavior of nanocrystalli
Modeling vacancies in graphite via the Hückel method
Synthesis of titanium carbide nanowires
Role of hydrogen on field emission from chemical vapor deposited diamond and nan
Magnetic properties of palladium-graphite multilayers
Moiré contrast in the local tunneling barrier height images of monolayer
In situ TEM evaluation of the growth kinetics of Au particles on highly oriented
IR spectroscopy of copper-intercalated graphite nanoclusters in amorphous carbon
The size dependence of the diamond-graphite transition
Generation of curved or closed-shell carbon nanostructures by ball-milling of gr
Vapor-grown atomic filaments of graphite
Quasi-two-dimensional or hcp palladium nanoparticles with host-guest interaction
Graphite polyhedral crystals
Ni-composite microencapsulated graphite as the negative electrode in lithium-ion
Loss spectra of graphite-related systems: A multiwall carbon nanotube, a single-
Production and characterization of (Al,Fe)-C (graphite or fullerene) composites
Gearlike rolling motion mediated by commensurate contact: Carbon nanotubes on HO
Graphitic carbon tube obtained by catalytic decomposition of CH4 for anode of Li
A new process of fabricating electrically conducting nylon 6/graphite nanocompos
Directed synthesis of metal-catalyzed carbon nanofibers and graphite encapsulate
Growth of silicon nanostructures on graphite
Implantation of size-selected Si clusters into graphite
Carbon nanotubes on highly orientated pyrolytic graphite
Tunable resistance of a carbon nanotube-graphite interface
Nanoindentation of diamond, graphite and fullerene films
Direct synthesis of a polyaniline-intercalated graphite oxide nanocomposite
Electrical and mechanical properties of C70 fullerene and graphite under high pr
Disordered magnetism at the metal-insulator threshold in nano-graphite-based car
On the imaging mechanism of monatomic steps in graphite
Palladium-microencapsulated graphite as the negative electrode in Li-ion cells
Organic conductive films filled by carbon nanotubes/graphite
Se atoms and Se6 molecules as guests in Se-carbons-prepared by reduction of a Se
Novel electronic properties of a nano-graphite disordered network and their iodi
Growth and microstructure of Ga2O3 nanorods
Modeling of temperature fields in the graphite target at pulsed laser deposition
Dispersion of graphite nanosheets in a polymer matrix and the conducting propert
Vibrational modes of graphitic fragments and the nucleation of carbon nanotubes
Optical properties of amorphous carbon films deposited by magnetron sputtering o
Preparation of polystyrene-graphite conducting nanocomposites via intercalation
Preparation, morphology and microstructure of segmented graphite nanofibers
Growth of well-crystallized segmented graphite nanofibers by catalytic chemical
Influence of oxygen and hydrogen milling atmospheres on the electrochemical prop
On the energy stability of carbon nanoclusters
On the structural and electronic properties of fluorinated carbon allotropes
High-resolution transmission microscope observation of both nanometer crystallin
The surface morphology of pyrolytic graphite irradiated by hydrogen atoms
Preparation and characterization of polyacrylamide-intercalated graphite oxide
Study on gold nanoclusters and gold nanowires on the surface of highly oriented
Formation of graphite structure in carbon crystallites
Molecular arrangement in C60 and C70 films on graphite and their nanotribologica
Superconductivity and magnetism in tantalum-graphite multilayers based on natura
Creation of nanospaces by intercalation of alkali metals into graphite in organi
Behavior of unsaturated organic molecules in the nanospace of stage-2 cesium-gra
Preparation and electronic state of graphite-like layered material BC6N
Natural rolling of zigzag multiwalled carbon nanotubes on graphite
Experimental evidence of a single nano-graphene
Studies on the mechanism by which the formation of nanocomposites enhances therm
Self-orientation of short single-walled carbon nanotubes deposited on graphite
Fast surface diffusion of large disk-shaped nanocrystal aggregates
Molecule corrals as templates for the formation of metal and silicon nanostructu
Ultrathin platinum nanoparticles encapsulated in a graphite lattice-prepared by
Location of deuterium atoms absorbed in nanocrystalline graphite prepared by mec
A carbyne without vacancy sublattice
Structural and tribological properties of hard carbon film synthesized by heat-t
Production of carbon nanotubes in air
Varying the size and magnetic properties of carbon-encapsulated cobalt particles
Synchrotron studies of carbon surfaces
Curved nanomaterials
Instability driven fragmentation of nanoscale fractal islands
A study on the thermal stability to 1000°C of various carbon allotropes and
Organizing nanoclusters on functionalized surfaces
CVD growth and field emission properties of nanostructured carbon films
Anisotropy and interplane interactions in the dielectric response of graphite
Electrochemical investigation of lithium intercalation into graphite from molten
Nano-scale copper-coated graphite as anode material for lithium-ion batteries
Structural properties of carbon materials from the electrochemical reduction of
Nanostructured graphite-hydrogen systems prepared by mechanical milling method
STM-HOPG counter for low-energy heavy particles: principle and application
Electrical conductivity of a nanoscale periodic porous graphite by Boltzmann equ
Physisorption of molecular oxygen on single-wall carbon nanotube bundles and gra
Structure of poly(acrylic acid)-intercalated graphite oxide
Preparation nano-graphite by pulsed laser deposition in liquid
Electro-active nano-graphite produced by electrochemical oxidation
Synthesis and properties of polystyrene/graphite nanocomposites
Ab initio determination of the phonon deformation potentials of graphene
Mild preparation of anode materials by a salt-free green method
Geometric and electronic structure of new carbon-network materials: nanotube arr
Probing phonon dispersion relations of graphite by double resonance Raman scatte
Internal surface area evaluation of carbon nanotube with GCMC simulation-assiste
Transformation of graphite into multi-walled carbon nanotubes by AC torch-arc
Enhancement of rate capability in graphite anode by surface modification with zi
Nanotube-like structures naturally formed on HOPG surface
Synthesis of large quantity single-walled carbon nanotubes by arc discharge
Anode materials for lithium ion batteries from mild oxidation of natural graphit
Electrical conductance of zigzag nanographite ribbons with locally applied gate
Novel electrically conductive polypropylene/graphite nanocomposites
Preparation of Rh-graphite and Rh-clay nanocomposites: model substances for nano
Hydrogen in nanostructured, carbon-related, and metallic materials
Ground state of graphite ribbons with zigzag edges
The study of lithium insertion-deinsertion processes into composite graphite ele
Tin alloy-graphite composite anode for lithium-ion batteries
Superhard carbon films with a graphite-like structure
X-ray diffraction and nanoindentation studies of nanocrystalline graphite at hig
Ab initio molecular orbital study of adsorption of atomic hydrogen on graphite:
Analysis of non-planar graphitic structures: from arched edge planes of graphite
Plume emissions accompanying 248 nm laser ablation of graphite in vacuum: Effect
Magnetic-field-induced superconductor-metal-insulator transitions in bismuth met
Phonon trigonal warping effect in graphite and carbon nanotubes
Structure and dynamics of graphite-supported bimetallic nanoclusters
Effect of interlayer potential on mechanical deformation of multiwalled carbon n
The bonding of N2 to models of a (9,0) carbon nanotube and graphite
Raman characterization of carbon nanofibers prepared using electrospinning
Naturally occurring graphite cones
Large-quantity free-standing ZnO nanowires
Carbon transport in diamond anvil cells
Measurement and analysis of atomic and diatomic carbon spectra from laser ablati
Graphite with fullerene and filamentous carbon structures formed from iron melt
Lithium intercalation in graphites precipitated from pig iron melts
C-Co nanocomposite materials
Preparation of SnO2-graphite nanocomposite anodes by urea-mediated hydrolysis
Microemulsion synthesis of tin oxide-graphite nanocomposites as negative electro
Formation of C60 monolayer films and their frictional behaviors
Electrical conductivity and dielectric properties of PMMA/expanded graphite comp
The carbon nanocosmos: novel materials for the twenty-first century
Study of DNA interaction with carbon nanotubes
New point of view on EPR-line shift in carbon materials
Tubular graphite cones
Preparation and study of the optical properties of porous graphite
Interaction of C60 with carbon nanotubes and graphite
Evidences of rubber grafting on activated carbon surfaces containing fullerene-l
Nonlinear dynamics of a plasma torch generated by a laser pulse of large width
Growth of graphene layers on HOPG via exposure to methyl radicals
Wigner defects bridge the graphite gap
Structure and energetics of the vacancy in graphite
Synthesis of single-walled carbon nanotubes in an expanding vapor-gas flow produ
Effect of the structure of cobalt nanocrystal organization on the collective mag
Carbon nitride compounds synthesized by thermal annealing amorphous nanostructur
Spinose carbon nanotubes grown on graphitized DLC film by low frequency r.f. pla
Preparation and characterizations of nanoparticles from graphite via an electroc
Si/C composites for high capacity lithium storage materials
Structure and electrical properties of grafted polypropylene/graphite nanocompos
Laser vaporization synthesis of polyhedral graphite
C60 molecular bearings
Point x-ray source using graphite nanofibers and its application to x-ray radiog
Inhomogeneous optical absorption around the K point in graphite and carbon nanot
Unusual hydrogen adsorption properties in graphite mechanically milled under var
Single-wall carbon nanotube growth from graphite layers-a tight binding molecula
Simulations of the nanomechanical properties of compressed small fullerenes
Formation of graphite layers during carbon nanotubes growth
Nano-graphite synthesized by explosive detonation and its application in prepari
Enhancement of the wear resistance of epoxy: short carbon fibre, graphite, PTFE
Synthesis and characterization of polyaniline/graphite conducting nanocomposites
Preparation and characterization of graphite nanosheets from ultrasonic powderin
Formation of sp3 bonding in nanoindented carbon nanotubes and graphite
Preparation of nano-graphite films and field emission properties
Diamond formation by carbon implantation into cubic silicon carbide
Facile synthesis of exfoliated and highly conductive poly(arylene disulfide)/gra
Homogeneous nucleation of diamond in the gas phase: a nano-scale thermodynamic a
Experimental study on the hydrogen storage and release in nano-graphite synthesi
Two-dimensional supramolecular assemblies of quinacridone derivatives: from achi
The discovery of quasi-nanometer needle-like graphite and its structural charact
Nano-graphite synthesized by explosive detonation
Preparation and characterization of poly(methyl methacrylate)-intercalated graph
The influence of thermal treatment conditions on the structures and electrical c
Nonlinear conduction in nylon-6/foliated graphite nanocomposites above the perco
Deposition and electrocatalytic properties of platinum nanoparticles on carbon n
Novel synthesis of conductive poly(arylene disulfide)/graphite nanocomposite
Invention of hydrogen absorbed nano-graphite and its structure
Comparison of III-nitride nanotubes: atomistic simulations
Iron nanoparticles coated with graphite nanolayers and carbon nanotubes
Scattering and dissociative adsorption of H2 on the armchair and zigzag edges of
Thin-film particles of graphite oxide 1: high-yield synthesis and flexibility of
H2 dissociative adsorption at the zigzag edges of graphite
Hydrogen content and desorption of carbon nano-structures
Three nanostructured graphitic particles and their growth mechanisms from high-t
Temperature dependence of Levy-type stick-slip diffusion of a gold nanocluster o
An investigation into the cap deformation of carbon nanotube tips using tight-bi
Diffusion of nanoclusters
Graphitized wavy traces of iron particles observed in amorphous carbon nano-pill
Synthesis of submicrometer-sized β-SiC particles from the precursors compos
Key issues of nanotribology for successful nanofabrication - from basis to C60 m
Creation of conjugated polymer nanowires through controlled chain polymerization
Formation of graphite nanocones using metal nanoparticles as plasma etching mask
Electrostatic displacement of multiwalled carbon nanotubes by scanning a voltage
Hydrogen sorption properties of graphite-modified magnesium nanocomposites prepa
Carbon-coated nano-Si dispersed oxides/graphite composites as anode material for
Reduction of iron oxides by nano-sized graphite particles observed in pre-oxidiz
Microstructure features of polycrystalline diamond synthesized directly from gra
Tailoring graphite layers by scanning tunneling microscopy
Intense electron emission from graphite nanocraters and their application to tim
Point and linear defects in nanoscale periodic porous graphite
Formation of Ni-catalyzed multiwalled carbon nanotubes and nanofibers on a subst
Optical absorption of graphite and single-wall carbon nanotubes
Mechanical properties of graphite oxides: ab initio simulations and continuum th
Structure of diamondlike carbon films synthesized by the method of laser evapora
Formation of 2H-modification graphite in films deposited with the use of nanosec
Chemical and physical characterization of C(N)-doped W-S sputtered films
Phase transformations of disordered structures of graphite-like boron nitride un
Contact-damage-resistant ceramic/single-wall carbon nanotubes and ceramic/graphi
Nanotube-substrate interactions: distinguishing carbon nanotubes by the helical
Synthesis and photoluminescence studies on ZnO nanowires
Deposition of parallel arrays of palladium nanowires on highly oriented pyrolyti
Initial growth of vertically aligned carbon nanofibers
Binding of NH3 to graphite and to a (9,0) carbon nanotube
Graphitization of diamond powders of different sizes at high pressure-high tempe
Free-standing subnanometer graphite sheets
Scaffold for metal-containing nanostructures: from zero to two dimensions
Effect of graphite on the electrochemical properties of ballmilled RuO2
Model calculations of superlubricity of graphite
The formation of dewetting structures after evaporation of n-dodecane on graphit
Implantation of size-selected silver clusters into graphite
Hydrogen chemisorption on sp2-bonded carbon: influence of the local curvature an
Tin nanoparticle loaded graphite anodes for Li-ion battery applications
Electrochemical properties of nanosize Sn-coated graphite anodes in lithium-ion
Ball milling and annealing graphite in the presence of cobalt
Microemulsion syntheses of Sn and SnO2-graphite nanocomposite anodes for Li-ion
Nano-structured oriented carbon films grown by PLD and CVD methods
PTC effect of polyethylene/foliated graphite nanocomposites
Carbon scrolls produced by high energy ball milling of graphite
Piezoresistive materials from directed shear-induced assembly of graphite nanosh
Preparation and characterization of a PMMA/Ce(OH)3, Pr2O3/graphite nanosheet com
Conductive graphite nanoplatelet/epoxy nanocomposites: Effects of exfoliation an
Orderly evolution in the morphology of the anode deposit in hydrogen arc dischar
Effect of graphite content and granularity on mechanical and tribological proper
Influence of cerium metal as catalyst on the growth and structure of single-wall
Short carbon fiber reinforced electrically conductive aromatic polydisulfide/exp
X-ray absorption and photoelectron spectroscopy studies on graphite and single-w
Microstructure and mechanical properties of in situ produced TiC/C nanocomposite
Fabrication and electrical properties of Li3PO4-based composite electrolyte film
Hydration and dewetting near graphite-CH3 and graphite-COOH plates
Combining one-, two- and three-dimensional polyphenylene nanostructures
Ball-milling in liquid media: applications to the preparation of anodic material
Multi-scale modeling of hydrogen isotope transport in porous graphite
Role of nuclear nanoprobes in inducing magnetic ordering in graphite
The phase transitions of n-alkanes in mesoscopic pores of graphite
Jumping nanodroplets
Direct electron transfer between cytochrome P450scc and gold nanoparticles on sc
A review and outlook for an anomaly of scanning tunnelling microscopy (STM): sup
Formation and role of graphite and nickel silicide in nickel based ohmic contact
Superconductivity in the intercalated graphite compounds C6Yb and C6Ca
Local bonding structure in mechanically activated TiH2 and TiH2+graphite mixture
Formation of morphology of surface of diamond-like films condensed upon arc depo
Two-dimensional atomic crystals
Synthesis of diamond films and nanotips through graphite etching
Graphene nanostructures as tunable storage media for molecular hydrogen
Van der Waals-corrected density functional theory: benchmarking for hydrogen-nan
One-dimensional electron systems for anchoring growth of carbon nanostructures
Hydrogen-induced phase transformations in nanostructured graphite made by contro
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