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厌氧生化过程钙沉淀的试验研究/Study on the calcium precipitation in the anaerobic biological pr
反应沉淀法制备超微粒子过程的实验与模型化研究/Experimental and numerical studies on preparing ultrafine
酸沉降对材料破坏造成的经济损失估算/Economic Estimates of Damage on Materials
反应沉淀法制备超微粒子过程的实验与模型化研究/Experimental and numerical studies on preparing ultrafine
酸沉降对材料破坏造成的经济损失估算/Economic Estimates of Damage on Materials
吉林省西部夏季降水与暴雨时空分布规律研究/Study on summer precipitation and the Temporal and spatial
长春市旱涝演变规律及BP网络模型预测研究/Study on the regularity of drought and water-logging and th
Homogeneous precipitation of doped zinc sulfide nanocrystals for photonic applic
Structure of zirconia prepared by homogeneous precipitation
Aggregation in precipitation reactions: Stability of primary particles
Effect of sonication for precipitation of hydrated aluminum sulphate in aqueous
ZnS precipitation: Morphology control
Nanosized hydroxyapatite precipitation from homogeneous calcium/citrate/phosphat
Comparisons of nanostructured BaTiO3 powders synthesized by sol-gel method and s
Study on preparing nanometer-sized MgO by homogenous precipitation method
Controlling the spontaneous precipitation of silver nanoparticles in sol-gel mat
On the nanoparticle synthesis in microemulsions: detailed characterization of a
Study of precipitation reactions by X-ray microscopy: CaCO3 precipitation and th
Precipitation technology of the hydrophobic dispersed silica fillers
Preparation of nanoscaled YAG powders by co-precipitation method
Nitrate-cancrinite precipitation on quartz sand in simulated Hanford tank soluti
Precipitation and condensation of organic particles
Experimental investigation into the influence of mixing on nanoparticle precipit
Colloidal aspects of precipitation processes
Microporous PVDF membrane formation by immersion precipitation from water/TEP/PV
Continuous hydrothermal synthesis of CoFe2O4 nanoparticles
Application of in situ adaptive tabulation to CFD simulation of nano-particle fo
Micro and nano scale metal oxide hollow particles produced by spray precipitatio
LiCoO2 sub-microns particles obtained from micro-precipitation in molten stearic
Early stages of particle formation in precipitation reactions - Quinacridone and
Controlled synthesis of CeO2 nanoparticles from the coupling route of homogenous
Preparation and properties of Ni/YSZ anode by coating precipitation method
Structure characterization of nanosized cerium oxide particles prepared by homog
Studies on the kinetics of synthesis of zinc oxalate nanoparticles
Manipulation of gold nanoparticles inside transparent materials
Behavior of precipitation in bainitic steel during relaxation processing of RPC
Tailoring particle size through nanoparticle precipitation
pH-controlled precipitation of cobalt and molybdenum from industrial waste efflu
Epoxidation of styrene by anhydrous t-butyl hydroperoxide over Au/TiO 2 catalyst
Nano-sized Y2O3 powder prepared by modified precipitation method
Preparation of nanocrystalline of NiO by precipitation method
Preparation of nanometer Bi2O3 powder by chemistry precipitation method
Synthesis of MnWO4 nanofibres by a surfactant-assisted complexation-precipitatio
Coating of SiC powder with nano YAG phase
A novel deposition precipitation method for preparation of Ag-loaded titanium di
Polysaccharides as a template for silicate generated by sol-gel processes
Precipitation of micro- and nano-particles in confined impinging jet reactors: A
Structural, magnetic and optical studies of Zn0.95Mn 0.05O DMS
Characterization of zirconia powder synthesized via reverse microemulsion precip
Effects of doping type and concentration on precipitation of nanometer arsenic c
Synthesis and characterization of nanocrystalline cerium oxide powders by two-st
The preparation of spinel ferrite nanoparticles using precipitation in water-in-
Spectroscopic and catalytic characterization of Ni nano-size catalyst for edible
A mechanism for the formation of nanostructured NiZn ferrites via a microemulsio
Coprecipitation of nanostructured Cu-Co oxalates: Solution thermo dynamics and p
Synthesis and purification of oxide nanoparticle dispersions by modified emulsio
Nano- and microscopic surface wrinkles of linearly increasing heights prepared b
High temperature precipitation hardening in a rapidly quenched Al-Ti-Ni alloy. I
Synthesis and isolation of a homodimer of cadmium selenide nanocrystals
New technique to make ferrite nanosized particles
Discontinuous precipitation in cobalt-tungsten alloys
Low-temperature air-crystallised nanocrystalline Y-TZP powder and nanostructured
Characterization of ZnAl2O4 nanocrystals prepared by the polyvinyl alcohol evapo
Synthesis of controlled spherical zinc sulfide particles by precipitation from h
XPS and EELS investigations of chemical homogeneity in nanometer scaled Ti-ferri
Advanced microscopy techniques resolving complex precipitates in steels
Effect of processing parameters on the morphology of hydrothermally derived PbTi
Synthesis of magnetite nanoparticles by precipitation with forced mixing
Microwave flash-synthesis of iron oxides nanoparticles
Microstructure-dependent coercivity in monodispersed hematite particles
Preparation and characterization of nanosize Mn-Zn ferrite
Precipitation of magnesium aluminum spinel from alumina-matrix solid solution. I
Ca-PSZ prepared via polymeric sol-gel route
Enhanced phase stability for tetragonal zirconia in precipitation synthesis
Pressure effect on crystallization of mechanically alloyed amorphous Al85Fe15 al
Influence of Laves phase precipitation on material degradation of W alloyed 9%Cr
Effect of γ precipitation on oxide formation on the Ni-3Cr-20Al and Ni-10C
Enhancement of strength and ductility in Zr-based bulk amorphous alloys by preci
Simple synthesis of submicrometer lead titanate powder by precipitation of TiO2
Nanocrystalline SnO2 synthesised by means of hydrothermal precipitation
Preparation of high surface area tin oxide powders by a homogeneous precipitatio
Deformation-induced nanocrystal precipitation in Al-base metallic glasses
Precipitation of nanoscale icosahedral quasicrystalline phase in Hf-Cu-(Rh, Ir)
The sequence of precipitation in 339 aluminum castings
Methods for characterising the precipitation of nanometer-sized secondary harden
Characterization of products obtained during formation of barium monoaluminate t
Fe-ferrite nanoparticles formed by the co-precipitation method with NH4OH and TM
Characterisation of nanostructured silver orthophosphate
C60 nanowhiskers formed by the liquid-liquid interfacial precipitation method
Preparation of NiO nano-particles via liquid chemical precipitation