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组织文化、战略导向与组织绩效的关系研究/The Research on the Relationship among Organizational Cultur
不同战略导向的企业柔性对技术创新选择的影响分析/Analysis of the Influence of Strategy-Orientated Busines
西安市城区街道办事处职能定位研究/Study on function orientation of the city zone
外语学习倾向与语言成绩的相关性研究/Research on Correlation Between Foreign Language Learning Orie
我国社会转型中大学生个体价值取向探析/the formation of value orientation of college students in the
视网膜神经节细胞非经典感受野的模型研究与脑信号的复杂度分析/modeling of the nonclassical receptive field of re
市场导向决定因子、产出因子及共变量的研究:中国市场的证据/Research on Market Orientations Determinants, Conse
怡宝公司在中国南方市场的营销策略研究/The research and analysis of marketing strategies of the mine
文本情感倾向分析若干问题研究/Research on some issues in text-based semantic orientation analys
古今汉语方位词对比研究/Studies in Orientation Words of Classical and Modern Chinese
社会主义市场经济与商业价值取向的嬗变/Socialism Market Economy and Variety of Commercial Value Orie
当代女大学生价值取向研究/The contemporary woman university students value orientation is stu
SMC 模压流动中纤维取向的研究与模拟/Research and simulation of short fibre orientation in compre
微创手术机器人视觉定位系统的研究/Research of the minimally invasive neurosurgery robot’s vision
关于上海城市功能定位的统计研究/Statistics Analysis On City Function of Shanghai
成就目标定向理论在排球普修课教学中的应用研究/A Study of Achievement Goal Orientation Apply in the Gene
高一学生数学学科自尊水平、成就目标与学业成绩的关系研究/A Relationship Study About Level of Math Subject Sel
幼儿园手工活动中教师指导的价值取向研究/Study of the Value Orientation on Teacher’s Instruction in t
我国民办普通高校能级定位问题研究/On the Energy and Level Orientation of China Private Universiti
由近年来高考地理试题看地理基础教育价值取向/From Geography of Recent University Entrance Exam to See t
构建和谐社会视角下的行政改革价值取向研究/Researching on administrative reform value orientation on v
Laser induced deposition of nanocrystalline Si with preferred crystallographic o
Second harmonic generation in self-assembled alternating multilayers of hemicyan
Relationship between optical transmittance and microstructure of nanostructured
Transient photoelectric responses in C60 LB films
Photoluminescence polarization of semiconductor nanocrystals
Formation of nanocrystals with an identical orientation in sputter-deposited Ti-
Microstructure and crystallographic orientation of anatase coatings produced fro
Spatial orientation of highly ordered self-assembled silane monolayers on glass
Tapping-mode AFM studies using phase detection for resolution of nanophases in s
Step ordering during OMCVD growth on non-planar substrates
Metastability of tialite synthesized from nanometric precursors
Equilibrium orientation of confined diblock copolymer films
Raman scattering anisotropy in a system of (1 1 0)-oriented silicon nanocrystals
Milling characteristics of extruded eutectoid Zn-Al alloy
Microstructure and hardness of hollow cathode discharge ion-plated titanium nitr
Oriented self-assembly of cyclic peptide nanotubes in lipid membranes
Study of temperature effect on the orientation of crystalline islands of tin in
Orientation effects in nanometric cutting of single crystal materials: an MD si
Texture of Nd-Fe-B thin films prepared by magnetron sputtering
Polymers on nanoperiodic, heterogeneous surfaces
Three-dimensional orientation measurements of symmetric single chromophores usin
Mechanical properties of TiN films with preferred orientation by nano-indentatio
Microstructure orientation and nanoporous gas transport in semicrystalline block
M.D. simulation of nanometric cutting of single crystal aluminum-effect of cryst
Effect of substrate orientation on the morphology of InAs nanostructures on (0 0
Crystal structure of nylon 6/inorganic layered silicate nanocomposite film
Simple and fast TEM preparation method utilizing the pre-orientation in plate-li
Orientation and non linear optical properties of DAN crystals on PTFE substrates
Atomic force microscopy (AFM) study of poly(ethylene terephthalate-co-4,4-bibenz
Optical properties and orientation in polyethylene blown films
Mapping the orientation of exciton transition dipoles along individual nanostruc
Oriented nano-structured ZrO2 thin films formed using sol-gel process
Crystal orientation changes in two-dimensionally confined nanocylinders in a pol
Clay-reinforced polyamide: Preferential orientation of the montmorillonite sheet
Experimental evidence for intra-atomic noncollinear magnetism at thin film probe
Dynamic surface topography model for the prediction of nano-surface generation i
Formation of β-SiC nanocrystals on Si(1 1 1) monocrystal during the HFCVD o
In situ rheo-x-ray investigation of flow-induced orientation in layered silicate
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering of 4-cyanobiphenyl on gold and silver nanopart
Orientation of polar molecules by laser induced adiabatic passage
Crystalline orientation in syndiotactic polystyrene cast films
The band gap in silicon nanocrystallites
Binding of carbon rings to a graphite plane
Polymer-Mediated Alignment of Carbon Nanotubes under High Magnetic Fields
Guest binding and orientation within open nanoscale hosts
Amplification effect of platelet type nanoparticles on the orientation behavior
HRTEM study of yttrium oxide particles in ODS steels for fusion reactor applicat
Grazing incidence synchrotron X-ray diffraction study of crystal orientation in
Characterization of phases of aluminized nickel base superalloys
Polyimide orientation layers prepared from lyotropic aromatic poly(amic ethyl es
Induced orientation of α-helical polypeptides in polyelectrolyte multilaye
An attenuated total reflection FT-IR spectroscopic study of polyamide 6/clay nan
J-aggregation and its characterization in Langmuir-Blodgett films of merocyanine
Impacts of metal electrode and molecule orientation on the conductance of a sing
Shape-Persistent Macrocycles: From Molecules to Materials
Orientation control of molecular chains in polymers using atomic force microscop
One-dimensional ordered structure of α-sexithienyl on Cu(110)
Enhancement in the Orientation of the Microdomain in Block Copolymer Thin Films
Growth textures of nanocrystalline Fe-Ni alloy foils
Sequential switch of biomineral crystal morphology using trivalentions
Effect of clay orientation on the tensile modulus of polypropylene-nanoclay comp
Tomographic plasmon spectroscopy of a single gold nanoparticle
Dip coating for the alignment of carbon nanotubes on curved surfaces
Molecular orientation effects in a surface-confined, free-radical reaction
Macroscopic orientation of block copolymer cylinders in single-layer films by sh
Mapping Surface Chemistry and Molecular Orientation with Combinatorial Near-Edge
Effects on the mechanism of nucleation and orientation of amorphous PZT nano thi
Uniform, axial-orientation alignment of one-dimensional single-crystal silicon n
Polymeric films with three different uniplanar crystalline phase orientations
Parallel vs. anti-parallel orientation in a curdlan/oligo(dA) complex as estimat
Dense nano-structured and preferentially-oriented anatase synthesized by pulsed
Shear thinning and orientational ordering of Wormlike Micelles
Simulation study on the correlation between morphology and electrical breakdown
Molecular orientation of azobenzene chromophores in ultrathin polymer nanosheets
Highly ordered microstructures of poly(styrene-b-isoprene) block copolymers indu
Polymerization of diacetylene-bis(toluenesulfonide) in a porous silica matrix: E
Mutual orientation of two C60 molecules: An ab initio study
Crystallinity, crystalline quality, and microstructural ordering in boron nitrid
Growth of Ag icosahedral nanocrystals on a SrTiO3 (001) support
Model for the easy-axis alignment of chemically synthesized L 10 FePt nanopartic
Model reconstructions for the Si(337) orientation
Tuning the orientation of an antigen by adsorption onto nanostriped templates
Effects of tip structure on the generation of metal clusters by an STM tip: A wa
Morphological characterization of nylon-6 nanocomposite following a large-scale
Self-assembled FePt nanodot arrays with mono-dispersion and -orientation
Microtensile testing of collagen fibril for cardiovascular tissue engineering
Fluorescent probes of the orientation of myosin regulatory light chains in relax
Hardness anisotropy of rhombohedral crystals of sodium nitrate: variation of har
Nanoscale brass/steel multilayer composites produced by cold rolling
Secondary-phase orientation probed by EPR: Y2BaCuO5 in YBa2Cu3O7-x
Crystalline structure and orientation of gold clusters grown in preformed nanome
Theory of the linear dichroism in the extended X-ray absorption fine structure (
Formation mechanism for nanodefects on surfaces of loaded metals
Effects of substrate temperature on the microstructure and photocatalytic reacti
Synthesis of new oligothiophene derivatives and their intercalation compounds: o
Ultrafast shock-induced orientation of polycrystalline films: Applications to hi
Shape dependent coalescence and preferred orientation of CeO2 nanocrystallites
Actin protofilament orientation in deformation of the erytkrocyte membrane skele
On the condensation and preferred orientation of TiC nanocrystals - effects of e
Magneto-optical study of the orientation confinement of particles in ferrolyotro
Structure and flow behaviour of block copolymers
Oriented nanostructured ZrO2 thin films on fused quartz substrate by sol-gel pro
Assemblies of ferrite nanocrystals: partial orientation of the easy magnetic axe
Preparation and characterization of polyacrylamide-intercalated graphite oxide
The mica slit-pore as a tool to control the orientation and distortion of simple
Pressure and orientation effects on the electronic structure of carbon nanotube
Coherent magnetization reversal of nanoparticles with crystal and shape anisotro
X-ray diffraction by large area organic crystalline nano-films
Structural transformations in confined lamellar phases in oil-water-surfactant m
Magnetic properties and crystalline structures of Fe21Ni79 nanowire arrays
Confinement of columnar diblock copolymers: simulations, theory and applications
Cigar-shaped ferrite nanocrystals: orientation of the easy magnetic axes
Orientation of organic nanocrystals grown in sol-gel matrices under a high magne
Causes of different catalytic activities of metals in formation of single-wall c
Control of growth orientation of GaN nanowires
Dye-sensitized anatase titanium dioxide nanocrystalline films with (001) preferr
Growth orientation of one-dimensional silicon nanowires prepared by thermal evap
Determination of the orientation of the crystallographic axes in anisometric par
Unusual size effect on the polarization patterns in micron-size Pb(Zr,Ti)O3 film
Single molecules as nanoprobes. A study of the Shpolskii effect
Thermodynamic to kinetic transition in epitaxial electrodeposition
Morphology and thermal characteristics of nano-sized Pb-Sn inclusions in Al
Reflection high-energy electron diffraction analysis of polycrystalline films wi
Quantitative characterization of SWNT orientation by polarized Raman spectroscop
Crystallographic orientation-aligned ZnO nanorods grown by a tin catalyst
Orientation of platelets in multilayered nanocomposite polymer films
Effect of orientation on the modulus of SWNT films and fibers
Absolute orientation-dependent anisotropic TiN(111) island step energies and sti
Structure and orientation of epitaxial titanium silicide nanowires determined by
Ti3SiC2: A damage tolerant ceramic studied with nano-indentations and transmissi
Influence of the CaCO3 nanoparticles on the molecular orientation of the polypro
Anisotropy of surface diffusion and quasi-epitaxy in epitaxial nucleation of nan
Two-dimensional Au and Au-Cu alloy nanocrystals with orientation in (111) plane
Growth mechanism and orientation control of well-aligned carbon nanotubes
Atomic mechanisms of deformation and fracture of chromium nanocrystals. I
Molecular orientation of EVA chains adsorbed chemically controlled surfaces: inf
Microstructure in Cu-Nb microcomposites
Quantitative calculation of the orientation angles of adsorbed polyamides nanofi
Langmuir-Blodgett films of single-wall carbon nanotubes: layer-by-layer depositi
Novel crystal growth from a two-dimensionally bound nanoscopic system. Formation
Cross-linked polymer nanowires with controlled shape and orientation by high ene
Crystallographic influence on nanomechanics of (100)-oriented silicon resonators
Domain wall orientation in magnetic nanowires
Preferential orientation of bulk textured AlN by hot pressing
Step-and-repeat photo-nanoimprint system using active orientation head
Structure and mechanical behavior of nylon-6 fibers filled with organic and mine
Sheath-dependent orientation control of carbon nanofibres and carbon nanotubes d
Crystal-oriented Bi4Ti3O12 ceramics fabricated by high-magnetic-field method
Nanomechanical behavior of β-SiC nanowire in tension: molecular dynamics si
Birefringence reduction method for optical polymers by the orientation-inhibitio
Two-photon mapping of molecular orientations in hexaphenyl microrings
Microstructure of precipitated Au nanoclusters in TiO2
Texture orientation of glancing angle deposited copper nanowire arrays
Elastic torque and the levitation of metal wires by a nematic liquid crystal
Orientation order in nanoparticles in composite films
Effect of crystallographic orientation on wear of diamond tools for nano-scale d
Controlled orientation of ellipsoidal fullerene C70 in carbon nanotubes
Structural evolution in films of alloy Zn70Al27Cu3 (ZA27)
Microstructure evolution of oxidized Ni/Au ohmic contacts to p-GaN studied by X-
Orientation of nanocrystals in rapidly solidified Al-based alloys and its correl
Orientation and alignment moments in two-color polarization spectroscopy
Fluorescence imaging of two-photon linear dichroism: cholesterol depletion disru
Uniform orientation and size of ferroelectric domains
Mechanism of preferential orientation in sputter deposited titanium nitride and
Polarized confocal Raman microspectroscopy studies of chain orientation on injec
Effects of clay orientation and aspect ratio on mechanical behavior of nylon-6 n
Crystalline orientation dependence of nanomechanical properties of Pb(Zr0.52Ti0.
A comparison of reinforcement efficiency of various types of carbon nanotubes in
Self-assembled multiferroic nanostructures in the CoFe2O4-PbTiO3 system
Effective thermoelastic moduli and stress concentrator factors in nanocomposites
Theory of simultaneous control of orientation and translational motion of nanoro
Gold nanorods as novel nonbleaching plasmon-based orientation sensors for polari
Electro-orientation in particle light valves
Investigation of the electronic and atomic structures of nanocrystalline Fe75.5C