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设计模式在生产管理系统中的应用/The Application of Design Patterns to the Production Management
基于linux系统调用变长序列模式的主机行为建模与异常检测算法研究/Anomaly Detection Using Variable-length System
基于创新联结的技术创新方式与创新绩效关系的实证研究/An Empirical Study on the Relationship between Technol
基于SL原型的复杂件砂型铸造工艺研究/Sand Casting Process for Complx Parts Based on Stereolithogra
基于系统调用和函数返回地址链信息的进程行为建模与异常检测方法研究/Process Modeling and Anomaly Detection Based on
基于语义的模式知识库的构建及其在问题回答中的应用研究/Construction of a Semantic Based Pattern Library and
基于工业过程的时间序列模式挖掘/The Research and Application of Time Sequential Patterns
解析翻译过程:对世贸组织工作报告的英汉翻译平行语篇中主位推进模式的研究/Decoding the Process of Translation: A Study
纹理分析对骨质疏松定量分类方法的研究/The Study of Quantitative Classification Method of Osteoporos
纹理分析对骨质疏松定量分类方法的研究/The Study of Quantitative Classification Method of Osteoporos
《新政府行政模式探析》/A research on the new governmental administrative patterns
中文语境下的拒绝形式/Refusal patterns in Chinese
基于模式的软件框架研究/Software Framework Research Based On Patterns
生物序列数据和图数据的处理及应用/Processing of biological sequences and networks with applicatio
软件再工程中设计模式识别的研究/Reseach on Design Pattern Recognition in Software Reengineering
信息共享中隐私保护若干问题研究/Research on Several Problems in Privacy Preserving Information S
频繁模式挖掘相关技术研究/Research on frequent patterns mining
农村初中生父母教养方式与其人格的相关研究/ Study on Correlation between Parental rearingPatterns and
产品形态语言成因研究/The research of the pattern language in product design
若干设计模式在.NET环境下企业应用中的研究/Research of Several Design Patterns in Enterprise Applica
群消费模式下的企业间广告整合研究/Study of Inter-enterprise Advertising Integration Based Group
英汉新闻报道语篇中主位及主位推进模式的对比研究/A Contrastive Study on Theme and Thematic Progression Pa
New example of non-crystalline microstructure in metallurgy
Structure of nanocrystalline Fe, W and NiAl powders prepared by high-energy ball
Novel proximity effect including pattern-dependent resist development in electro
Small-angle neutron-scattering studies on oriented single-crystal superalloys
Pattern formation at electrode surfaces
Investigation of mask pattern proximity correction to reduce image shortening in
Fabrication of nanometer scale patterns within self-assembled monolayers by nano
Distribution patterns of the Jurassic ostreids (Bivalvia) from Tanggula of China
Nanosize patterns as reference structures for macroscopic transport properties a
Electron beam lithography simulation for high resolution and high-density patter
Complex pattern formation by cowpea mosaic virus nanoparticles
Uniformity in patterns imprinted using photo-curable liquid polymer
Particle assembly on patterned plus/minus polyelectrolyte surfaces via polymer-o
Micropatterning of block copolymer solutions
Micrometer to nanometer patterns of polypyrrole thin films via microphase separa
Macroecological patterns of phytoplankton in the northwestern North Atlantic Oce
Controlled fabrication of large-scale aligned carbon nanofiber/nanotube patterns
On the straight and narrow
Influence of surfactants on an evaporating drop: Fluorescence images and particl
Geometry and boundary control of pattern formation and competition
Surface patterning on nanometer scale by ion beam erosion
Moire pattern formation on porous alumina arrays using nanoimprint lithography
Preparation of mesoscopic patterns of nanoparticles by self-organization
Facile photofabrication of stable, submicrometer-wide, electrically conductive p
Carbon Nanotubes grown on different-sized recatangular patterns
Colloidal lithographic nanopatterning via reactive ion etching
Stripe patterns in two-dimensional systems with core-corona molecular architectu
Temperature controlled lateral pattern formation in confined polymer thin films
Breath figure patterns prepared by spin coating in a dry environment
Nanoscale chemical patterns fabricated by using colloidal lithography and self-a
Deep-ultraviolet-microelectromechanical systems stencils for high-throughput res
Modeling of self-assembling nano-structures in thin constrained layers
Vortex patterns and nucleation of superconductivity in mesoscopic rectangles and
Stamps for nanoimprint lithography by extreme ultraviolet interference lithograp
Controlled nanoparticle assembly by dewetting of charged polymer solutions
Nanoscale electronics based on two-dimensional dopant patterns in silicon
Fabrication of magnetic FePt patterns from Langmuir-Blodgett films of platinum-i
Self-organized nanostructures in multi-phase epilayers
Nanoporous thin films with hydrophilicity-contrasted patterns
Nanometer imprint lithography techniques - The next generation lithography
Direct construction of poly-L-lysine nanostructure by dip-pen nanolithography
Mesomorphous structure and macroscopic patterns formed by polymer and surfactant
Controllable two-dimensional photonic crystal patterns fabricated by nanosphere
On the interpretation of X-ray diffraction powder patterns in terms of the nanos
Field-induced diffraction patterns in a magneto-rheological suspension
The initial stages of the wearing process of thin polystyrene films studied by a
Tunable metallization by assembly of metal nanoparticles in polymer thin films b
Minute wiring technology using nano-sized particles
Mesostructures of cobalt nanocrystals. 2. Mechanism
Direct observation of azimuthal correlations between DNA in hydrated aggregates
Measurement of the strength of adhesion of resist patterns using an atomic force
Real-time dipole orientational imaging as a probe of ligand - Protein interactio
Generation of biochemical response patterns of different substances using a whol
Polymer cell culture substrates with combined nanotopographical patterns and mic
Silver nanoparticle self-organization into dendritic fractals
Controlling polymer adhesion with pancakes
Gold nanorods grown directly on surfaces from microscale patterns of gold seeds
Large-size liftable inverted-nanobowl sheets as reusable masks for nanolithiogra
Maskless fabrication of polythiophene patterns by photochemical conversion of re
Complex branching phenomena in the growth of carbon nanotubes
Calculating the diffraction of electrons or X-rays by carbon nanotubes
X-ray diffraction patterns from nanocrystalline binary alloys
Computed X-ray powder diffraction patterns for ultrasmall zeolite crystals
Peculiar ferroelectric domain patterns observed on quenched sodium nitrite
Nanometer-scale fabrication on H-passivated Si(100) surfaces by using an atomic
Formation of branched fractal CdS patterns in oligomer LB monolayers: a study us
Direct inversion of dynamical electron diffraction patterns to structure factors
Self-organized growth of nanostructure arrays on strain-relief patterns
Fabrication and imaging of nanometer-sized protein patterns
Spontaneous patterning of quantum dots at the air-water interface
Nanometer-scale surface patterns with long-range order created by crystallizatio
Near-field scanning optical nanolithography using amorphous silicon photoresists
On the formation of oriented nanometer scale patterns on amorphous polymer surfa
Lift-up growth of aligned carbon nanotube patterns
Interactive study of straight-sided buckling patterns in thin films under compre
Local analysis of the morphological properties of single-wall carbon nanotubes b
Nanoscale backswitched domain patterning in lithium niobate
Microdomain patterns from directional eutectic solidification and epitaxy
Search of optimum bias voltage for oxide patterning on Si using scanning tunneli
Compositional patterning in systems driven by competing dynamics of different le
The X-ray diffraction patterns of bimetallic FexM100-x (M=Mo and W) nanoclusters
Self-assembled patterns of iron oxide nanoparticles by hydrothermal chemical-vap
Patterning design in color at the submicron scale
Printing characteristics of proximity X-ray lithography and comparison with opti
Surface patterns of supramolecular materials
Fourier-Bessel analysis of patterns in a circular domain
Development of an advanced low-energy electron diffraction technique using field
Dewetting of resist/metal bilayers in resist stripping processes
Imprinted electrically conductive patterns from a polyaniline blend
Experiments and models of DNA nano-catenary patterns manipulated by liquid flow
Growth of fractal patterns during irradiation-induced amorphization in nano-size
A study on field emission patterns of single-walled carbon nanotubes
Preparation and annealing-induced structural transition of self-organized nanost
Steady patterns of microparticles formed by optical tweezers
Diamond nanoimprint lithography
Novel electronic wave interference patterns in nanographene sheets
Artificial DNA patterns by mechanical nanomanipulation
Phenylenic and naphthylenic tori
Controlled fabrication of aligned carbon nanotube patterns
Nanopatterned surfaces obtained with semicrystalline ABC triblock copolymers
Patterning surfaces with colloidal particles using optical tweezers
Template guided self-assembly of [Au55] clusters on nanolithographically defined
Carbon nanotube scanning probe for profiling of deep-ultraviolet and 193 nm phot
Ratchet patterns sort molecular shuttles
Passing stiffness anisotropy in multilayers and its effects on nanoscale surface
Anomalous surface diffusion in nanoscale direct deposition processes
Phase retrieval of diffraction patterns from noncrystalline samples using the ov
Simulation of electron channelling patterns for in situ polytype analysis of sil
Misleading fringes in TEM images and diffraction patterns of Si nanocrystallites
Single DNA molecular manipulation with atomic force microscopy
Orientation dependence of nanoindentation pile-up patterns and of nanoindentatio
Fabrication of low line edge roughness mold for photo-nanoimprint
Interference fringes observed in electron emission patterns of a multiwalled car
Glass transition-assisted microstructuring in polystyrene
Carbon nanotubes grown on different-sized rectangular patterns
Design, fabrication, and characterization of thermally actuated probe arrays for
Quantum beating patterns observed in the energetics of Pb film nanostructures
Patterning conductive copper by nanotransfer printing
Blending of nanoscale and microscale in uniform large-area sculptured thin-film
Construction of low-dimensional assemblies of nanoparticles
A facile approach to directed assembly of patterns of nanoparticles using interf
Coherent control in nanolithography: Rydberg atoms
Solvothermal synthesis of nanocrystalline FeS2 with different morphologies
Time-resolved dynamics of two-dimensional transverse patterns in broad area lase
Uniform nanoscopic polystyrene patterns produced from a microscopic mold
The use of high aspect ratio photoresist (SU-8) for super-hydrophobic pattern pr
Self-growth of ordered Ag nanopuck arrays on electronic patterns of 2D Pb quantu
Orientational imaging and tracking of single CdSe nanocrystals by defocused micr
Exploring and engineering the cell surface interface
Analysis of the nanoimprint lithography with a viscous model
Chemical patterning of sub-50-nm half pitches via nanoimprint lithography
Time resolved schlieren study of sub-picosecond and nanosecond laser transfer of
Understanding self-assembled nanosphere patterns
Contour offset algorithm for precise patterning in two-photon polymerization
Electrical and field-emission properties of chemically anchored single-walled ca
Direct fabrication of micropatterns and three-dimensional structures using nanor
Two-dimensional patterns of ultra-fine particles prepared by self-organization
Nanoimprint technology and applications
Nanoimprint and nanocontact technologies using hydrogen silsesquioxane
Alignment of nematic liquid crystal molecules using nanometer-sized ultrafine pa
Self-assembled patterns and strain-induced instabilities for modulated systems
Geometry and topology of diatom shape and surface morphogenesis for use in appli
New and exotic self-organized patterns for modulated nanoscale systems
Quenched disorder in a liquid-crystal biosensor: Adsorbed nanoparticles at confi
Electron diffraction from laser-aligned beams of large hydrated molecules
Complex patterns in reactive microemulsions: self-organized nanostructures?
Black spots in a surfactant-rich Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction dispersed in a wa
Computer simulation of X-ray diffraction patterns of nanocrystalline materials
Quantitative convergent beam electron diffraction (CBED) from III-V semiconducto