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一维金属/电介质光子晶体可见、紫外光滤波器的设计/Design of the one-dimensional metallodielectric photoni
Au/NiCr/Ta薄膜体系若干性能的表征与评价/Evaluation of Typical Properties of Multi-layered Au/Ni
低温基质隔离红外光谱研究过渡金属与CS2及CS的反应/Matrix Isolation Infrared Spectroscopic studies on th
TiO2电极的制备及其光电化学性质研究/study on the prepartion and photoelectrochemical performance
新型纳米材料的生物电化学研究/Bioelectrochemical studies based on novel nanomaterials
COF结构中键合力损伤芯片Al层的研究/Research of damage in Al layer of IC induced by COF intercon
纳米TiO2薄膜电极的制备及其光电化学性质研究/The study of the prepartion and its photoelectrochemical
高能化学电源电极反应机理及其现场红外光谱研究/investigation on reaction mechanism of the electrode in a
从高级政治到低级政治--试析/From high-level politics to low-level politics
Au/GaAs(001)体系反常电输运特性研究及磁光克尔效应测量低温样品架的设计/Anomalous lateral electrical transport
纳米二氧化钛及其复合物在生物电化学领域中的应用/Investigation on the Application of TiO2 Nanoparticles a
LCD中细节距COF互连工艺机理及可靠性研究/Study on mechanism and reliability of fine-pitch COF inte
无机氧化物纳米结构的合成及其研究/Study on the synthesis of oxide nanostructures
基于金胶的紫细菌光合反应中心蛋白的光电化学研究/Au colloids based photoelectric study on purple bacteria
铁原卟啉在电极表面吸附与反应的现场振动光谱法研究/Adsorption and Reaction of Iron Protoporphyrin IX on El
金属纳米颗粒的光学性质以及Ni2MnGe材料结构和电子性质的理论研究/Theoretical calculation of optical properties
贵金属团簇结构和尺寸效应的第一性原理研究/First Principle Study on Structure and Size Effect of Noble
金团簇,纳米管与杯芳烃分子晶体的理论研究/Theoretical Studies on the Au Clusters, Au Nanotubes and Ca
CO低温氧化负载型纳米金催化剂的制备及催化性能研究/Study on Preparation and Catalytic Performance of Supp
传输紫外激光空芯光纤用膜材料的合成与性能研究/Synthesis and properties of thin films for hollow-core fi
从安徽某磁选厂尾矿中回收铜及硫代硫酸盐浸金试验研究/Recovering Cu from tailing of a magnetic plant and res
CO低温氧化负载型纳米金催化剂的制备及催化性能研究/Study on Preparation and Catalytic Performance of Supp
Au /Cu(001)异质外延生长以及与基体的相互作用/Study on the evolution of Au heteroepitaxial islands
二苯基吡啶膦双核配合物的M-M’相互作用及光谱性质的理论研究/Theoretical Studies on M-M’ Interactions and Spec
双核d10过渡金属(Cu, Ag, Au)炔配合物非线性光学性质的TDDFT-SOS 理论研究/Theoretical Study on the Nonline
Mechanism for diffusion of nanostructures and mesoscopic objects on surfaces
New mechanism of nanostructure formation with the STM
Self-assembled alkanethiol monolayer on patterned gold fabricated by scanning pr
Self-assembled alkanethiol monolayer on patterned gold fabricated by scanning pr
Nanostructure of thin metal films on silicon(111) investigated by x-ray photoele
Validity of the method for quantitative XPS of surface nano-structures: Applicat
Nanostructure of Au-20%Pd layers in MoS2 multilayer solid lubricant films
GMR behavior of nanostructured heterogeneous M-Co (M=Cu, Ag, Au) alloys
Optical and infrared studies of Ti, Au, O ion implanted fused silica
Overpotential-controlled nucleation of Ni island arrays on reconstructed Au(III)
Ag-clad Au nanoparticles: Novel aggregation, optical, and surface-enhanced Raman
Preparation of ZnO/Au nanocomposite thin films by electrodeposition
Phase stability and transformation in nanometre-sized Au-Pb alloy clusters produ
AFM observation of nanocrystalline Au prepared by a gas deposition method
Preparation of thin films of oriented iron nanocrystals
Changes in the shape and optical properties of gold nanoparticles contained with
Au colloid monolayers as templates for nanostructure assembly
Transfer of Au cusp-clusters on Si(111) 7 × 7 surfaces from a pure Au tip
Nanometer-Scale Architecture Using Colloidal Gold
Surface chemistry of hybrid nanometer-sized particles. II. Characterization and
Effective medium theory characterization of Au/Ag nanoalloy-porous alumina compo
Linear and nonlinear optical properties of sol-gel-derived Au nanometer-particle
Direct probe of size-dependent electronic relaxation in single-sized Au and near
Novel gold-polypyrrole anisotropic colloids: A TEM investigation
Fabrication of colloidal gold micro-patterns using photolithographed self-assemb
Radiolytic control of the size of colloidal gold nanoparticles
HREM image simulation of CdSe quantum dots electrodeposited on {111} gold
Hydroxylamine seeding of colloidal Au nanoparticles in solution and on surfaces
Nanoscale liquid phase epitaxy between Si and Au nanoparticles
Dodecanethiol-derivatized Au/Ag bimetallic nanoparticles: TEM, UV/VIS, XPS, and
Mechanical behavior of high-density nanocrystalline gold prepared by gas deposit
Protein:colloid conjugates for surface enhanced Raman scattering: stability and
One-pot colorimetric differentiation of polynucleotides with single base imperfe
Observation of acoustic quantum beats in nanometer sized Au particles
Investigation of charge transport in thin, doped sexithiophene crystals by condu
Colloidal gold aerogels: Preparation, properties, and characterization
Controlled electrocatalysis by microperoxidase-11 and Au-nanoparticle superstruc
Block copolymer mediated synthesis of gold quantum dots and novel gold-polypyrro
Non-linear optical properties of titanium dioxide films containing dispersed gol
Nondegenerate four-wave mixing in gold nanocomposites formed by ion implantation
pH-dependent adsorption of gold nanoparticles on p-aminothiophenol-modified gold
TEM investigation and electron diffraction study on dispersion of gold nanoparti
Electrochemical properties of colloidal Au-based surfaces: Multilayer assemblies
Facile sol-gel method for the encapsulation of gold nanoclusters in silica gels
Kinetics of surface droplet epitaxy and its application to fabrication of mushro
Shape transition of gold nanorods
Preparation of M/TiO2 (M = Au, Pt) nanocomposite films using co-sputtering metho
Growth characteristics of Au/SiO2 nanocomposites
Directed self-assembly of nanoparticles into macroscopic materials using antibod
Microstructure and surface plasmon absorption of sol-gel-prepared Au nanocluster
Structure of 3,4,9,10-perylene-tetracarboxylic-dianhydride grown on reconstructe
Erasable nanometer-scale modification at the Au/Si interface by ballistic electr
ASAXS study of Au, Pd and Pd-Au catalysts supported on active carbon
Preparation and catalytic effect of gold nanoparticles in water dissolving carbo
Scanning tunneling microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of elec
Kinetics and mechanism of gold dendrite electroformation on C(0001). Activation
Monolayers of thiol-terminated dendrimers on the surface of planar and colloidal
Scanning tunneling microscopy of passivated Au nanocrystals immobilized on Au(11
Inorganic nanostructures on surfaces using micellar diblock copolymer templates
Ohmic nanocontact to GaAs
Nanoscale patterning of Au films on Si surfaces by atomic force microscopy
Resonance characteristics of Au-Ag-SiO2 composite nanoparticle films
Quantitative Measurements of Frictional Properties of n-Alkanethiols on Au(111)
Encapsulation of neutral gold nanoclusters by resorcinarenes
Hydrogen incorporation and embrittlement of electroformed Au, Cu and Au-Cu
Electroluminescence of Si, Ge and Ar ion-implanted Si-rich SiO2
The Relationship between Resonance Scattering Intensity and the Size of Au Parti
Electric field induced interfacial reaction of Au-Ag bimetal film on SiO2 surfac
Improving the photoelectrochemical performance of nanostructured TiO2 films by a
Formation of the nanotube structure of β-cyclodextrin on Au(III) surfaces i
In situ atomic force microscopy observation on the decay of small islands on Au
Preparation and catalysis of polymer-protected coinage metal nanoclusters
Numerical simulation of Au nanoparticle selfassembly systems
Gold-cyanide biosorption with L-cysteine
Computer simulation of Au cluster properties
Aggregation state of Pt-Au/C bimetallic catalysts prepared by surface redox reac
Enhanced visible-light coloration and its mechanism of MoO3 thin films by Au nan
Role of substrate metal in gold nanoparticle enhanced surface plasmon resonance
Preparation and characterization of metal nanoparticles dispersed in polyacrylon
Investigations of the transport properties of gold nanotubule membranes
Au(III)-PAMAM interaction and formation of Au-PAMAM nanocomposites in ethyl acet
Single-electron tunneling effects in Nylon 11 thin films containing nanoparticle
Colloid Au-enhanced DNA immobilization for the electrochemical detection of sequ
Fabrication of nanocrystal tube using peptide tubule as template and its applica
Advances in the catalysis of Au nanoparticles
Atomic structures and stability of hexagonal BN, diamond and Au multiply-twinned
Triboligical properties of adaptive nonocomposite coatings made of yttria stabil
Alloy phase formation in nanometer-sized particles
Potential-induced transformation for surfactant aggregates on a metal surface
On the stability of electrochemically generated nanoclusters - A computer simula
Electrodeposition of bismuth and silver phases in nanometer-sized zero-dimension
The color of nanodispersed gold, silver and gold-silver solid solutions in glass
Nanoparticles of Pt hydrosol immobilised on Au support: An approach to the study
Synthesis of Au/Pd bimetallic nanoparticles in reverse micelles
Gold molecular precursors and gold-silica interactions
Synthesis of Au-core/Pt-shell nanoparticles within thermally evaporated fatty am
Elettrodeposizione di leghe AuCu: Strutture, stabilita termica e caratteristiche
Structure, growth and reactivity of electrodeposited Ru/Au(111) surfaces
Synthesis of C60 self-assembled monolayer on Au ultrathin films
Activation of gold on titania: Adsorption and reaction of SO2 on Au/TiO2(110)
Layer-by-layer assembled mixed spherical and planar gold nanoparticles: Control
Chemically mediated grain growth in nanotextured Au, Au/Cu thin films: Novel sub
Hydrogenation of 1,3-butadiene and of crotonaldehyde over highly dispersed Au ca
Sputtering of nano-crystalline gold by high energy heavy ions
Template-synthesized nanotubes for chemical separations and analysis
Layer-by-layer growth of polymer/nanoparticle films containing monolayer-protect
Photoelectrochemical behavior of p-ATP/PANI film and nanoparticulate p-ATP/PANI/
Photocatalytic preparation of noble metal nanoparticles with use of ultrafine Ti
Comparison of PAMAM-Au and PPI-Au nanocomposites and their catalytic activity fo
Electrodeposited Au-Fe, Au-Ni, and Au-Co alloy nanoparticles from aqueous electr
Sensing strategy for lithium ion based on gold nanoparticles
Tandem structure of aligned carbon nanotubes on Au and its solar thermal absorpt
Preparation, Characterization and Properties of Nano Au-TiO2 Composite Thin Film
Electrochemical behavior of Au colloidal electrode through layer-by-layer self-a
Layer by layer removal of Au atoms from passivated Au(111) surfaces using the sc
Characterization and catalytic properties of combustion synthesized Au/CeO2 cata
Synthesis of Au(0) nanoparticles from W/O microemulsions
Clustering and anisotropy in monolayer formation under potential control: Sn on
Alternative methods for the preparation of gold nanoparticles supported on TiO2
Direct Fabrication of Protein Arrays Using Dip-Pen Nanolithography
Growing monodispersed PbS nanoparticles on self-assembled monolayers of 11-merca
Initial stages of Pt deposition on Au(111) and Au(100)
Anodic alumina template on Au/Si substrate and preparation of CdS nanowires
Au-nanoparticle nanowires based on DNA and polylysine templates
Gold supported on surface acidity modified Y-type and iron/Y-type zeolite for CO
Size and-dielectric dependence of the third-order nonlinear optical response of
Studies of dodecanethiol capped Ag and Au nanoparticles using synchrotron radiat
Structural properties of Au and Ag nanoclusters embedded in MgO
NO titration for the estimation of H2-storage capacity of carbon nanotubes [5]
Hydrodynamic voltammetric studies of the oxygen reduction at gold nanoparticles-
Nanoparticle-cored dendrimers: Synthesis and characterization
Template-fabricated gold nanowires and nanotubes
Microstructure of precipitated Au nanociusters in MgO
Metal-Core-Organic Shell Dendrimers as Unimolecular Micelles
Influence of metal/metal ion concentration on the photocatalytic activity of TiO
Synthesis of gold glyconanoparticles and biological evaluation of recombinant Gp
Electrodeposition of Au-Cd alloy nanostructures on Au(111)
Electrochemical and NMR characterization of octanethiol-protected Au nanoparticl
Au nanocrystal growth on nanotubes controlled by conformations and charges of se
Etching and Aging Effects in Nanosize Au Clusters Investigated Using High-Resolu
Alkyl Selenide- and Alkyl Thiolate-Functionalized Gold Nanoparticles: Chain Pack
Sonochemical Synthesis of Well-Dispersed Gold Nanoparticles at the Ice Temperatu
Synthesis of nanocomposite thin films containing Ag-Au alloy colloids for wavele
Large blue shift in the absorption spectra of BEH-PPV films containing gold nano
Adsorption and interfacial electron transfer of Saccharomyces cerevisiae yeast c
Enhancements in conductivity and Raman spectroscopy of polypyrrole electropolyme
AuPD bimetallic nanoparticles on TiO22: XRD, TEM, in situ EXAFS studies and cata
Bioreduction synthesis of Eu-Au nanoparticles
Alkylthiol gold nanoparticles in open-tubular capillary electrochromatography
On the interactions of free radicals with gold nanoparticles
Au Nanoparticle-Enhanced Surface Plasmon Resonance Sensing of Biocatalytic Trans
Preparation of Au nanowires by a liquid crystal template
Reactivity of Acrylate-Terminated Au Nanoparticles: Suppressed Intramolecular Ca
Effects of thermal annealing of thin Au film on Fe40Ni38Mo4B18
Size-controlled synthesis of thiol-derivatized gold clusters
Local reactivity of thin Pd overlayers on Au single crystals
Local and global electrochemical nanostructuring of Pt and Au single crystal ele
Preparation and characterization of Au-Ag and Au-Cu alloy nanoparticles in chlor
Efficient Field Emission from Highly Aligned, Graphitic Nanotubes Embedded with
Fabrication of sub-10 nm planar nanotips for transport experiments of biomolecul
Gold nanostructured materials for the selective liquid phase catalytic oxidation
Surfactant-protected gold particles: New challenge for gold-on-carbon catalysts
Aggregation-Based Fabrication and Assembly of Roughened Composite Metallic Nanos
Preparation of Au/TiO2 catalysts by suspension spray reaction method and their c
Synthesis and characterization of Pt, Au or Pd clusters deposited titania-modifi
Characterization and mechanical/tribological properties of nano Au-TiO2 composit
Incorporated colloidal Au particles in ormocer
Oxygen reduction on Au nanoparticle deposited boron-doped diamond films
Template synthesis and characterization of gold nano-wires and -particles in mes
Preparation and Catalysis of Inverted Core/Shell Structured Pd/Au Bimetallic Nan
Resonant absorption quenching and enhancement of optical nonlinearity in Au:BaTi
Vapor-phase epoxidation of propene over Au/Ti-MCM-41 catalysts: Influence of Ti
Electrocatalysis by nanoparticles: Oxygen reduction on gold nanoparticles-electr
A novel biosensing interfacial design produced by assembling nano-Au particles o
Au nanoparticle micropatterns prepared from self-assembled films
Change color effect and spectral properties of gold nanoparticle-cationic surfac
Large-scale synthesis of micrometer-scale single-crystalline Au plates of nanome
Manipulation of gold nanoparticles inside transparent materials
Preparation and photocatalytic activity of Au modified TiO2 nanoparticles
TiO2 supported nano-Au catalysts prepared via solvated metal atom impregnation f
Direct observation of Au deposition processes on InSb{111}A, B-(2 × 2) sur
Angle-, field-, temperature-, and size-dependent magnetic circular X-ray dichroi
Local barrier height of Ir/TiO2 model catalysts
Electrochemical Coding of Single-Nucleotide Polymorphisms by Monobase-Modified G
Partial oxidation of polyvalent oxygen substituted compounds on nano-scale gold
Confining barriers for surface state electrons tailored by monatomic Fe rows on
Vital role of moisture in the catalytic activity of supported gold nanoparticles
Microstructured Au/TiO2 model catalyst systems
TEMPOS structures with gold nanoclusters
Composite of Au Nanoparticles and Molecularly Imprinted Polymer as a Sensing Mat
Construction of DNA-Au nanoparticles multilayer and its application to detection
γ-ray synthesis of composite nanoparticles of noble metals and magnetic ir
Angle-resolved photoemission study of Co nanostructures on vicinal Au(1 1 1) sur
Template synthesis of nanoparticle arrays of gold, platinum and palladium in mes
197Au Mossbauer study on Au alloy nanoparticles prepared by sonochemical techniq
Reduction of light-decomposition and enhancement of photocatalysis of photocatal
Electrochemical methods for the preparation of gold-coated TiO2 nanoparticles wi
Comparison of photoelectrode properties between TiO2 thin films doped with tanta
Synthesis of dumbbell-shaped Au-Ag core-shell nanorods by seed-mediated growth u
Electroactive self-assembled biferrocenyl alkanethiol monolayers on Au(111) surf
Self-assembled metal quantum dots
A Nonviral Transfection Approach in Vitro: The Design of a Gold Nanoparticle Vec
pH Dependence of Interparticle Coupling for Gold Nanoparticle Assemblies Formati
DNA-directed assembly of multifunctional nanoparticle networks using metallic an
Polydisperse Composition of Mixed Monolayer-Protected, Spin-Labeled Au Nanoparti
Photocatalytic properties of TiO2 modified with gold nanoparticles in the degrad
Chemical lithography by Ag-nanoparticle-mediated photoreduction of aromatic nitr
A molecular dynamics simulation investigation into the behavior of water molecul
Nanostructured materials: Synthesis and characterization of gold-based mesoscopi
Enhanced thermal and mechanical properties in polyurethane/Au nanocomposites
The nature of alkanethiol self-assembled monolayer adsorption on sputtered gold
Widely-Applicable Gold Substrate for the Study of Ultrathin Overlayers
Investigations on nanoparticle-chromophore and interchromophore interactions in
Styrene epoxidation over gold supported on different transition metal oxides pre
Formation of N2O and (NO)2 during NO adsorption on Au 3D crystals
Controlled organization of au colloids into linear assemblies
Blue luminescence of Au nanoclusters embedded in silica matrix
Enhanced photoelectrochemistry in CdS/Au nanoparticle bilayers
Observation of the adsorption of K+Au(CN)2 - ion pairs on the surface of nanopor
Microstructure and resistivity characterization of CuAu I superlattice formed in
Enzyme-catalyzed bio-pumping of electrons into Au-nanoparticles: A surface plasm
Size- and composition-controlled Au-Ga aerosol nanoparticles
An investigation of the structure of stearate monolayers on Au@ZrO 2 and Ag@ZrO2
Oxidation of CO and C3 hydrocarbons on gold dispersed on oxide supports
Effects of thiourea on anodic dissolution of Au and surface oxidation behaviour
Epoxidation of styrene by anhydrous t-butyl hydroperoxide over Au/TiO 2 catalyst
Length, strength, extensibility, and thermal stability of a Au-Au bond in the go
Reversible encapsulation of nanometer-size polyaniline and polyaniline - Au-nano
The Surface Chemistry of Au Colloids and Their Interactions with Functional Amin
Activity and deactivation of Au/TiO2 catalyst in CO oxidation
Numerical study of the structure and the magnetic properties of Co clusters on A
Electrochemical reduction of nitrate to ammonia at modified gold electrodes
Mechanistic study of a place-exchange reaction of Au nanoparticles with spin-lab
Growth of gold nanoparticle arrays in TiO2 mesoporous matrixes
Deactivation of nanosize gold supported on zirconia in Co oxidation
Label-free colorimetric detection of specific sequences in genomic DNA amplified
Synthesis and characterization of phosphido-monolayer-protected gold nanocluster
Au-Cu nanoparticles produced by laser ablation of mixtures of Au and Cu micropar
Heterogeneous growth of metal clusters solutions of seed nanoparticles
Synthesis and optical properties of nanorattles and multiple-walled nanoshells/n
Size and temperature dependence of surface plasmon absorption of gold nanopartic
A fractal analysis of colloidal Au nanoparticle electrodes
Synthesis and manipulation of high aspect ratio gold nanorods grown directly on
Catalysis with TiO2/Gold Nanocomposites. Effect of Metal Particle Size on the Fe
Ethylene glycol monolayer protected nanoparticles: Synthesis, characterization,
Zigzag assembly of carbon nanotubes inside Au microtrenches
Thiolated peptide nanotube assembly as arrays on patterned Au substrates
Directly monitoring the growth of gold nanoparticle seeds into gold nanorods
Interfacial Polymerization of Polyaniline Nanofibers Grafted to Au Surfaces
Effect of macromolecular crowding on DNA:Au nanoparticle bioconjugate assembly
Doughnut-shaped peptide nano-assemblies and their applications as nanoreactors
Thermomechanics of thin film Au for micro/nano scale engineering
Nanogravimetric study of templated copper deposition in ion-channels of self-ass
XAS study of au supported on TiO2: Influence of oxidation state and particle siz
Synthesis and characterization of Au/Bi core/shell nanocrystals: A precursor tow
Synthesis of TiO2 nanotubes and Ag, Au nanoparticles loaded on TiO2 nanotubes
Study of multifractal spectrum of Au-MgF2 composite nanoparticle films
Size effect of zirconia nanoparticles in Au/ZrO2 catalysts for 1,3-butadiene hyd
Vertically aligned carbon nanotubes grown on Au/Ni films and the role of Au in t
Research on enzyme immobilization based on biotin-avidin system and influence of
Fabrication, characterization and electric properties of a gold nanowire contain
High-density, uniform gallium nitride nanorods grown on Au-coated silicon substr
A hydrogen peroxide biosensor based on nano-Au/PAMAM dendrimer/cystamine modifie
Preparation of Au-Ag coreshell nanoparticles and application of bimetallic sandw
Gold nanoparticles deposited on mesoporous alumina for epoxidation of styrene: E
Optical resonant absorption and third-order nonlinearity of (Au,Ag)-TiO2 granula
Supramolecular aggregates constructed from gold nanoparticles and L-Try-CD polyp
Remarkable nanosize effect of zirconia in Au/ZrO2 catalyst for CO oxidation
Growth of GaN nanorods via Au catalyst-assisted CVD
New layered double hydroxides containing intercalated Au particles: Synthesis an
Preparation and characterization of sol-gel derived Au nanoparticle dispersed Y2
Synthesis of core/shell nanoparticles of Au/CdSe via Au-Cd bialloy precursor
Selective dissolution of the silver component in colloidal Au and Ag multilayers
Preparation, optical properties and cell staining of water soluble amine-termina
Fe3O4/Au composite nano-particles and their optical properties
Nanomechanical properties of molecular deposition film
Synergistic effect of zirconium phosphate and Au nanoparticles on direct electro
Effects of various metal additives on the gas sensing performances of TiO2 nanoc
Study of the gas optical sensing properties of Au-polyimide nanocomposite films
Au nanoparticles prepared by physical method on Si and sapphire substrates for b
Surface modification of gold and quantum dot nanoparticles with chitosan for bio
Investigations on gold nanoparticles in mesoporous and microporous materials
Surface-functionalized silica-coated gold nanoparticles and their bioapplication
Thermodynamic modeling of surface segregation in Au-Ti nanoparticles
Deposition method for preparing SERS-Active gold nanoparticle substrates
Fabrication of size-tunable gold nanoparticles array with nanosphere lithography
Bimetallic nanoparticles: A single step synthesis, stabilization, and characteri
Core-shell Ag-Au nanoparticles from replacement reaction in organic medium
Metal nanoparticle-doped coloured films on glass and polycarbonate substrates
A phase transfer identification of core-shell structures in Au-Ru nanoparticles
Size sorting of Au and Pt nanoparticles from arbitrary particle size distributio
RF-sputtering of gold on silica surfaces: Evolution from clusters to continuous
Preparation of thiol-capped gold nanoparticles by chemical reduction of soluble
Interfacial properties of hybrid nanomaterials
High sensitivity and large dynamic range surface plasmon resonance sensing for D
Fabrication of Au/titania composite nanodot arrays from au-loaded block copolyme
Electrochemical preparation of a Au crystal with peculiar morphology and unique
Synthesis of metal-cadmium sulfide nanocomposites using jingle-bell-shaped core-
Magnetic separation of amino acids by gold/iron-oxide composite nanoparticles sy
Microporous nanocomposites of Pd and Au nanoparticles via hierarchical self-asse
Preparation of Au/TiO2 nanocomposites and their catalytic activity for DPPH radi
Sonochemical synthesis of conducting polymer-metal nanoparticles nanocomposite
Gold electroless reduction in nanosized channels of thiol-modified SBA-15 materi
On the generation of metal clusters with the electrochemical scanning tunneling
Effective temperature of Au nanocontacts under high biases
Nanometer-scale patterning of DNA in controlled intervals on a gold-disk array f
Arrangement of Au-Si alloy islands at atomic steps
Studies on 2D hybrid films of half surfactant-covered Au nanoparticles at the ai
Highly ordered nanopatterning of DNA with 40 nm diameter using anodic porous alu
Study of photocatalytic reaction of TiO2 using TiO 2/Au mosaic electrode arrays
On the surface properties of lead structures on Au(1 1 1), an atom dynamic appro
Enhancement of 1.54-μm emission from Er-doped sol-gel SiO2 films by Au nanopa
Decoration of microspheres with gold nanodots - Giving colloidal spheres valence
Sonochemical synthesis of gold nanoparticles: Effects of ultrasound frequency
Photoinduced dissolution and redeposition of Au nanoparticles supported on TiO2
Sonochemical preparation of composite nanoparticles of Au/γ-Fe 2O3 and mag
Au alloy formation with Sn-Pb or Sn-Zn solder nanoparticles
Evolution of catalytic activity of Au-Ag bimetallic nanoparticles on mesoporous
Nitrate reduction catalyzed by nanocomposite layer of Ag and Pb on Au(1 1 1)
Enhanced readout signal of superresolution near-field structure disks by control
Frequency responses of Au nanoparticles in polyurethane resin
Electrical transport properties of Au-doped deoxyribonucleic acid molecules
Enhanced phosphorescence and electroluminescence in triplet emitters by doping g
One-dimensional plasmon coupling by facile self-assembly of gold nanoparticles i
Photoemission-induced charging of self-assembled Au nanoparticles on GaN substra
Dipole-dipole interactions in spin-labeled Au nanoparticles as a measure of inte
Enhancement of polar Kerr effect by forming Au nanoparticles on Ni surface
Radical mechanism of a place-exchange reaction of Au nanoparticles
Impacts that pH and metal ion concentration have on the synthesis of bimetallic
Spatial resolution of ballistic electron emission microscopy measured on metal/q
Nanoscale electron stimulated chemical vapor deposition of Au in an environmenta
Direct imaging of quantum antidots in MgO dispersed with Au nanoclusters
Models of electrodes and contacts in molecular electronics
Reductive routes to stabilized nanogold and relation to catalysis by supported g
Titanium oxide nanotubes as supports of nano-sized gold catalysts for low temper
Controlled deposition of gold nanodots using non-contact atomic force microscopy
Reaction of SO2 with Au/CeO2(111): Importance of O vacancies in the activation o
Growth and magnetic properties of epitaxial Au/Fe/Au and Ag/Fe/Au films on &alph
Oxygen reduction at electrochemically deposited crystallographically oriented Au
Ion beam co-sputtering deposition of Au/SiO2 nanocomposites
Nanoparticle-mediated electron transfer across ultrathin self-assembled films
Optical characteristics of gold nanoparticle-doped multilayer thin film
Nanoclusters in polymer matrices prepared by co-deposition from a gas phase
Photoelectrocatalytic degradation of bisphenol A in aqueous solution using a Au-
Fluorescence resonance energy transfer in CdSe/ZnS-DNA conjugates: Probing hybri
Nanoparticle- And nanorod-biomaterial hybrid systems for sensor, circuitry and m
Electroless deposition of Au on Ag sol: Oxidation of carbon monoxide and methano
CO oxidation on rutile-supported Au nanoparticles
Shape and color of Au nanoparticles follow biocatalytic processes
Inhibition of the acetycholine esterase-stimulated growth of Au nanoparticles: N
Fabrication of Au nanostructures in the process of amalgam formation followed by
A new understanding of au-assisted growth of III-V semiconductor nanowires
Iron oxide overlayers on Au/SiO2/Si(1 0 0): Promoting effect of Au on the cataly
Computer simulations in the study of gold nanowires: The effect of impurities
First principles calculations of mechanical properties of 4,4 prime -bipyridine
Crystal overgrowth on gold nanorods: Tuning the shape, facet, aspect ratio, and
Monodispersed core-shell Fe3O4@Au nanoparticles
Attachment of gold nanograins onto colloidal magnetite nanocrystals
Phospholipid-stabilized Au - Nanoparticles
Partitioning and assembly of metal particles and their bioconjugates in aqueous
Assembly and interaction of Au/C core-shell nanostructures: In situ observation
Gold nanorods grown directly on surfaces from microscale patterns of gold seeds
Structure and bonding issues at the interface between gold and self-assembled co
Toward reconciling STEM and SAXS data from ionomers by investigating gold nanopa
Coadsorption of oxygen, gold and carbon monoxide on Ru(0 0 0 1) and CO 2 formati
The synthesis of core-shell iron@gold nanoparticles and their characterization
Effects of the ligand chain length: A potential dependence of charge transfer ov
Photoswitchable microlens arrays
Microstructure and optical properties of Au-Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 nanocomposite f
Nanoporous Au: A high yield strength material
Catalytically active gold: The role of cluster morphology
Transient conformation changes of albumin adsorbed on gold piezoelectrodes
Ion beam assisted formation of nanolayers
X-ray absorption spectroscopy and CO oxidation activity of Au/Al 2O3 treated wit
Gold nanocages: Engineering their structure for biomedical applications
Penetrating the oxide barrier in situ and separating freestanding porous anodic
Designing Pd-on-Au bimetallic nanoparticle catalysts for trichloroethene hydrode
Nanoscale silicon whiskers formed by silane/gold reaction at 335°C
Phase stability and transformation in nanometer-sized Au-Pb alloy clusters
Spontaneous alloying of gold atoms in nanometer-sized amorphous antimony cluster
Fabrication of sub-100 nm GaAs columns by reactive ion etching using Au islands
Formation of silver halide monolayer on Au-covered Ag(111) in alkali halide solu
Overpotential-controlled nucleation of Ni island arrays on reconstructed Au(111)
Fabrication of gold nanodot array using anodic porous alumina as an evaporation
Observation of gold thin film on cesium graphite intercalation compound by scann
Mechanism of nanostructure formation with the scanning tunneling microscope
Two-dimensional needle growth of electrodeposited Ni on reconstructed Au(111)
Comparison of Au contacts to Si, GaAs, InxGa1-xP, and ZnSe measured by ballistic
Probing the superconducting proximity effect in NbSe2 by scanning tunneling micr
Ballistic-electron-emission spectroscopy on an Fe/Au/Fe multilayer
Effects on CO oxidation activity of nano-scale Au islands and TiO2 support prepa
In-situ high-resolution electron microscopy study on a surface reconstruction of
Control of the size and position of silicon nanowires grown via the vapor-liquid
Growth and stability of cobalt nanostructures on gold (111)
Schottky barrier formation in a Au/Si nanoscale system: a local density approxim
Optical absorption spectra of nanocrystal gold molecules
Sensor nanofabrication, performance, and conduction mechanisms in scanning therm
Nanoscale colloidal particles: Monolayer organization and patterning
Isolation of smaller nanocrystal Au molecules: robust quantum effects in optical
Two-dimensional arrangements of gold clusters and gold colloids on various surfa
Use of a dihydrogen plasma afterglow for the reduction of zeolite-supported gold
Potential pinch-off effect in inhomogeneous Au/Co/GaAs67P33(100)-Schottky contac
Self-assembled nanocomposite structure of Si-Au system formed by liquid phase ep
Local work function for Cu(111)-Au surface studied by scanning tunneling microsc
Plasmon resonance shifts of Au-coated Au2S nanoshells: insight into multicompone
Au/CdS Schottky diode fabricated with nanocrystalline CdS layer
Nanoparticles of Ag, Au, Pd, and Cu produced by alcohol reduction of the salts
Third-order optical nonlinearities of sol-gel-processed Au-SiO2 thin films in th
Large third-order optical nonlinearity in Au:SiO2 composite films near the perco
Atomic force microscopy of Au/Hg alloy formation on thin Au films
Layer-by-layer ionic self-assembly of Au colloids into multilayer thin-films wit
Coulomb blockade and discrete energy levels in Au nanoparticles
Ultrafast electron dynamics in gold nanoshells
Inter-reaction of Cu/Au thin films observed by high angle hollow cone darkfield
Third-order optical nonlinearities of Au-CdS composite nanocrystals in poly(2-hy
Wirelike growth of Si on an Au/Si(111) substrate by gas source molecular beam ep
Computer-assisted enhancement permits the use of five nanometer gold probes in l
Electroless deposition of Au onto Si(111) studied by surface second harmonic gen
Self-assembled gold nanoparticle thin films with nonmetallic optical and electro
Nanomechanical properties of Au (111), (001), and (110) surfaces
Electronic properties of single Au nanocrystals and synthesis of 1-dimensional n
Nanoscale electrochemistry
metal oxide thin films containing Au nano-particles prepared with gas diffusion
Ballistic electron emission microscopy studies on Au/CaF2/n-Si(111) heterostruct
Study of the optical properties of fused quartz after a sequential implantation
Nanocrystalline gold in Au-doped thin C60 films
Self-assembly of aromatic thiols on Au(111)
Controlled etching of Au:SR cluster compounds
Effects of 10-MeV ion irradiation on Au/Ta studied with scanning tunneling micro
Nanofabrication of gold particles in glass films by AFM-assisted local reduction
Electric field induced surface modification of Au
Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized gold-palladium bimetallic particles
Crystallographic facets and shapes of gold nanorods of different aspect ratios
Nanoscale conduction modulation in Au/Pb(Zr, Ti)O3/SrRuO3 heterostructure
Size selection of colloidal gold aggregates by filtration: effect on surface-enh
Influence of Au and Cu overlayers on the magnetic structure of Co films on W(110
Structures and magnetic properties of oriented Fe/Au and Fe/Pt nanoparticles on
Migration-coalescence of nanoparticles during deposition of Au, Ag, Cu, and GaAs
Formation and self-organization of nanometer-scale Au particles on graphite by v
Deposition of diamond film on ferrous alloy substrate with Au/Cu interlayer by H
Controlled conjugation of nanoparticles with single stranded DNA
Realization of an axially aligned Au-ion source of atomic size
APFIM investigation on behavior of Au addition in Fe-Zr-B amorphous alloy
STM study on nanostructures of Au and Al deposits on HOPG and amorphous carbon
Nanoscale pattern formation during electrodeposition: Ru on reconstructed Au(111
Nanometer-Au-particle-enhanced photorefractivity in a polymer composite
Surface plasmon resonance of colloidal Au-modified gold films
A scanning tunneling microscopy and X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study of el
Atomic force microscopy of Au deposition from aqueous HF onto Si(111)
Tunnel diodes fabricated from CdSe nanocrystal monolayers
Spectroscopy, interactions, and level splittings in Au nanoparticles
Crystal structure and optical absorption of Au implanted MgO, SrTiO3 and LiNbO3
Gold nanoparticle fabrication in single crystal SiO2 by MeV Au ion implantation
Superlattices of metal and metal-semiconductor quantum dots obtained by layer-by
Electron standing-wave formation in atomic wires
Influence of curvature on impurity gettering by nanocavities in Si
The quantum Hall effect and quantization of the electrical conductance at conduc
Au-Cu alloy nanoclusters in silica formed by ion implantation and annealing in r
The role of oxygen on the stability of gettering of metals to cavities in silico
Preparation, manipulation and characterization of building blocks for nanosystem
AFM characterization of the structure of Au-colloid monolayers and their chemica
Quantization of electrical resistance and electrical conductance. II
Interface characterization of nanocrystalline CdS/Au junction by current-voltage
Transverse field-induced magnetization process in an ultrathin Au/Co/Au film
Nanometer-scale Si selective epitaxial growth on Au-adsorbed Si(111) surface win
Electrochemical assembly of nano-organized poly-o-phenylenediamine films
Electric field induced interfacial reaction of Au-Ag bimetal film an SiO2 surfac
Ultrafast scanning tunneling microscopy with 1 nm resolution
E and B2 center production in amorphous quartz by MeV Si and Au ion implantation
High performance chip to substrate interconnects utilizing embedded structure
Electron-phonon coupling dynamics in very small (between 2 and 8 nm diameter) Au
Formation of icosahedral quasicrystalline phase in Zr70Ni10M20(M=Pd, Au, Pt) ter
Growth of self-organized cobalt nanostructures on Au(111) vicinal surfaces
Picosecond optical nonlinearity in monolayer-protected gold, silver, and gold-si
Metal-mediated growth of alternate semiconductor-insulator nanostructures
Preparation of gold/triblock copolymer composite nanoparticles
Formation of the `nanotube structure of β-cyclodextrin on Au(III) surfaces
Dissolution of Au nanoparticles in hydrochloric acid solution as studied by opti
Mixing of noble metals in oxides and formation of colloids by ion irradiation
Effect of gold addition on the nanostructure of amorphous Fe-Zr-B alloy
Nanowire gold chains: formation mechanisms and conductance
Parameters of metal one-electron transistors based on various materials
Control of island formation on silicon surfaces using ultra-high-vacuum scanning
Investigations into the electrostatically induced aggregation of Au nanoparticle
Servomechanism for locking scanning tunneling microscope tip over surface nanost
Cap-shaped gold nanoparticles for an optical biosensor
Characterization of titanium hydride films covered by nanoscale evaporated Au la
Sol-gel synthesis and characterization of Ag and Au nanoparticles in SiO2, TiO2,
Single-electron tunneling effects in thin nylon 11 films containing gold nanopar
Temperature dependence of the surface plasmon resonance of Au/SiO2 nanocomposite
Studies on photoelectrochemistry of nanoparticulate TiO2/PANI/PATP film on Au el
Observation of dendritic growth with colloidal Au particles
Fabrication of regularly arranged nanocolumns on diamond(100) using micellar mas
Hot-electron transport processes in ballistic-electron emission microscopy at Au
Atomic force microscopy-based nanolithography on silicon using colloidal Au nano
Nanoscopic evidence for dissociative adsorption of asymmetric disulfide self-ass
Energetics of surface alloying: 3d adatoms on the Au(100) surface
Nano-crystalline gold studied by positron annihilation
Growth and characterization of Au clusters on alkanethiol self-assembled monolay
Variation of threshold field in field induced fabrication of Au nanodots on ultr
Fabrication of designed architectures of Au nanoparticles on solid substrate wit
The numerical simulation of Au nanoparticle self-assembly systems
Fine structure in the energy spectra of ultrasmall Au nanoparticles
Preparation and optical absorption of gold nanoparticles within pores of mesopor
STM studies of passivated Au nanocrystals immobilised on a passivated Au (111) s
Electroluminescence from Au/(SiO2/Si/SiO2) nanoscale double-barrier/n+-Si struct
Electrochemical adsorbate-induced substrate restructuring: gold (110) in aqueous
Optical properties of gold-silver iodide nanoparticle pair structures
Ordering in an ensemble of nanometer-size Au clusters on a NaCl(100) surface at
Nd-Fe-B alloys containing NdAu nano particles
Ordered colloidal nanoalloys
Nanoparticle ejection from Au induced by single Xe ion impacts
Stress at the solid-liquid interface of self-assembled monolayers on gold invest
Dye-capped gold nanoclusters: photoinduced morphological changes in gold/rhodami
Excimer laser ablation of gold-loaded inverse polystyrene-block-poly (2-vinylpyr
Observation of fractal nanoclusters on the pulsed laser deposition of gold
Effects of interface interaction on the Mie resonance absorption of gold nanopar
Electroluminescence from Au/(SiO2/Si/SiO2) nanometer double barrier/p-Si structu
Binary molecular layers of C60 and copper phthalocyanine on Au(111): self-organi
Synthesis of α-SiO2 nanowires using Au nanoparticle catalysts on a silicon
Gold-nanocluster-doped inorganic-organic hybrid coatings on polycarbonate and is
Synthesis of gold nanoparticles dispersed within pores of mesoporous silica indu
Polydisperse Au nanoclusters on silicon: fractal aggregates via spinodal decompo
Deposition of small Cu and Au clusters on Cu(001) surface: structure characteris
Molecular dynamics simulation on the deposition behavior of nanometer-sized Au c
Transport property investigation of pure and Au-doped carbon nanotubes
Hydrophobic organization of monolayer-protected Au clusters on thiol-functionali
Effects of doping Al into SiO2 on electroluminescence from Au/nanometer (SiO2/Si
Electroluminescence from semitransparent Au film/SiO2/(amorphous-Si/SiO2) superl
Mixing of metals in Si with 4.5 MeV Au ions
Direct observation of behaviour of Au nanoclusters on TiO2(110) at elevated temp
Synthesis and properties of ZrO2 films dispersed with Au nanoparticles
Study on dark specific resistance of Au-TiO2 nanogranular films
Spatial variation of Au coverage as the driving force for nanoscopic pattern for
Gold nanoclusters supported on MgO: synthesis, characterization, and evidence of
Molecule-dependent quantum yield in photon emission scanning tunneling microscop
Surface plasmon effects on surface second harmonic generation during Au nanopart
Plasma modification of porous structures for formation of composite materials
Scanning tunneling spectroscopy of field-induced Au nanodots on ultrathin oxides
Functionalization of silicon step arrays I: Au passivation of stepped Si(111) te
Unique structural and mechanical properties of ultrathin Au films grown on dendr
Controlling the transport properties of gold nanotubule membranes using chemisor
Epitaxial electrodeposition of zinc oxide nanopillars on single-crystal gold
Optical properties of gold and silver nanoclusters investigated by liquid chroma
Coulomb blockade in single-layer Au nanocluster films
Growth and structural characterization of yttria-stabilized zirconia-gold nanoco
Optical recording media using laser-induced size reduction of Au nanoparticles
Laser-induced deposition of gold nanoparticles onto glass substrates in cyclohex
Nonlinear optical and XPS properties of Au and Ag nanometer-size particle-doped
Structure of nanometer-sized Au-Cd alloy particles near equiatomic compositions
Formation of uniform fluorinated gold nanoparticles and their highly ordered hex
Au-Ni-Sn intermetallic phase relationships in eutectic Pb-Sn solder formed on Ni
Preparation of polystyrene- and silica-coated gold nanorods and their use as tem
Positronic probe of vacancy defects on surfaces of Au nanoparticles embedded in
Fullerenethiolate-functionalized gold nanoparticles: a new class of surface-conf
Direct determination of interfacial magnetic moments with a magnetic phase trans
Nano and microcrystallites of gold grown by argon-ion bombardment
Surface vibrations of a highly ordered low-density alkanethiol monolayer measure
Optical properties of thin films of Au@SiO2 particles
Preparation of Au/Pt bimetallic nanoparticles in water-in-oil microemulsions
Chain formation of metal atoms
Preparation of Au/ZnO nanocomposites by radio frequency co-sputtering
The fabrication and photoinduced melting of networked gold nanostructures and tw
How do gold nanowires break?
Local fields close to the surface of nanoparticles and aggregates of nanoparticl
Formation of a Co nanostructure revealed by 59Co nuclear magnetic resonance meas
Hardness in Ag/Ni, Au/Ni and Cu/Ni multilayers
Impediment of photo-oxidation in PPV nanocomposites doped by metal-coated silica
Light emission from spectral analysis of Au/MoS2 nanocontacts stimulated by scan
Ordered growth of cobalt nanostructures on a Au(111) vicinal surfaces: nucleatio
Nanostructured cellular networks
Colloidal particle foams: templates for Au nanowire networks?
Amorphous structures of Cu, Ag, and Au nanoclusters from first principles calcul
Residual stresses in DLC/Si and Au/Si systems: Application of a stress-relaxatio
Formation of Au fractal nanoclusters during pulsed laser deposition on highly or
Real time STM observation of Au-assisted decomposition of SiO2 films on Si(111)
Ion beam-induced enhanced adhesion of gold films deposited on glass
Femtosecond emission studies on gold nanoparticles
Initial and final state effects in photoemission from Au nanoclusters on TiO2(11
Controlling the formation of Au nanoparticles using functionalized molecular buf
Growth and dielectric behavior of radio frequency magnetron-sputtered lead magne
Thermal stability of unsupported gold nanoparticle: a molecular dynamics study
Crossover among structural motifs in transition and noble-metal clusters
Photoelectrochemical properties and morphology of the nanoparticle Au-TiO2 compo
Self-assembly of the [60]fullerene-substituted oligopyridines on Au nanoparticle
In situ formation of Au/Pt bimetallic colloids on polystyrene microspheres: cont
Silicon nanowires wrapped with Au film
Single-electron tunneling at room temperature in cobalt nanoparticles
Preparation of Au/SiO2 nano-composite multilayers by helicon plasma sputtering a
Nanostructuring of a sodium dodecyl sulfate-covered Au(111) electrode
Preparation and enhanced off-resonance optical nonlinearities of CdS-capped gold
Study of Al nanoparticles on Au substrate with scanning capacitance microscopy
Structural investigation of thiophene thiol adsorption on Au nanoclusters: Influ
A novel nano-Au-assembled amperometric SO2 gas sensor: preparation, characteriza
Photoluminescence properties study of the Au/Au2S nanoshell
Sol-gel derived gold nanoclusters in silica glass possessing large optical nonli
Discrete charging effects in gold nanoclusters grown on self-assembled monolayer
L10 type ordered phase formation in Fe-Au nanoparticles
Surface plasmon resonance of electrochemically deposited Au-black
Fabrication and characterization of PAN-derived carbon thin films containing Au
Spin electronic states and geometry of Fe nanowire: Comparison with Au, Pt, Cu,
Magneto-optical effects calculated for granular composites with magnetized nano-
Self-assembled two-dimensional superlattice of Au-Ag alloy nanocrystals
Metal nanostructure of metal/organic interface causing photocurrent multiplicati
Quantized conductance in Au-Pd and Au-Ag alloy nanocontacts
STM investigation of surface alloy formation and thin film growth by Sb4 deposit
Study of magnetic multilayers and nanoclusters by soft X-ray magnetic circular d
Influence of substrate bias voltage on surface morphology and nanocluster arrang
Template synthesis of Au/Co multilayered nanowires by electrochemical deposition
Photoluminescent and electronic properties of nanocrystalline silicon doped with
Thermal contraction of Au nanoparticles
Generation of palladium clusters on Au(111) electrodes: Experiments and simulati
Tuning the electronic behavior of Au nanoparticles with capping molecules
Single-electron transistors and memory cells with Au colloidal islands
Ultraviolet lasing on Au+ lines in an He-Au pulsed longitudinal nanosecond disch
Conduction invasion noise in nanoparticle WO3/Au thin-film devices for gas sensi
I-V characteristics and differential conductance fluctuations of Au nanowires
Two-dimensional assembling of Au nanoparticles mediated by tetrapyridylporphine
Bimetallic Ag-Au nanoparticles: Extracting meaningful optical constants from the
Observation of near-field coupling in metal nanoparticle chains using far-field
Characteristics of nanoscopic Au band electrodes
Imaging {Au0-PAMAM} gold-dendrimer nanocomposites in cells
Using three dimensions in catalytic mesoporous nanoarchitectures
Polarity dependence in pulsed scanning tunneling microscopy fabrication and modi
Metal-metal and metal-semiconductor composite nanoclusters
Independent optically addressable nanoparticle-polymer optomechanical composites
Synthesis, electronic and chemical properties of MoOx clusters on Au(111)
Time scales for cold welding and the origins of stick-slip friction
Development of a versatile SMOKE system with electrochemical applications
Observation of coupled plasmon-polariton modes in Au nanoparticle chain waveguid
Template-directed vapor-liquid-solid growth of silicon nanowires
Electrical measurements of a dithiolated electronic molecule via conducting atom
Solution-phase synthesis of sub-10 nm Au-Ag alloy nanoparticles
Imaging and manipulation of gold nanorods with an atomic force microscope
Nanocomposite tribological coatings with chameleon surface adaptation
Interaction of CO, O, and S with metal nanoparticles on Au(111): a theoretical s
Nature of electrical contacts in a metal-molecule-semiconductor system
Controlling energy-level alignments at carbon nanotube/Au contacts
Conformation of oligonucleotides attached to gold nanocrystals probed by gel ele
Fabrication of sub-50-nm solid-state nanostructures on the basis of dip-pen nano
The smallest molecular switch
A novel growth mode of Mo on Au(111) from a Mo(CO)6 precursor: an STM study
Nanostructure diffusion and aggregation on desorbing rare-gas solids: slip on an
Synthesis and characterization of a 1:6 Au-CdSe nanocomposite
Oxygen chemisorption on Au nanoparticles
Patterning of narrow Au nanocluster lines using V2O5 nanowire masks and ion-beam
Ultrafast dynamics of gold-based nanocomposite materials
Comment on first-principles treatments of electron transport properties for nano
The deposition of Mo nanoparticles on Au(111) from a Mo(CO)6 precursor: effects
Photoinduced transformations at semiconductor/metal interfaces: X-ray absorption
Thermomechanical response of bare and Al2O3-nanocoated Au/Si bilayer beams for m
Direct strain measurement of polypyrrole actuators controlled by the polymer/gol
Narrow features in metals at the interfaces between different etch resists
Microstructure of precipitated Au nanoclusters in MgO
Biological applications of multifunctional magnetic nanowires
Three-dimensional imaging of microstructure in Au nanocrystals
Activation of Au nanoparticles on oxide surfaces: reaction of SO2 with Au/MgO
Stability of gold nanowires at large Au-Au separations
Nanostructured gold thin films: young modulus measurement
Anisotropy of surface diffusion and quasi-epitaxy in epitaxial nucleation of nan
Effect of interfacial alloying on the surface plasmon resonance of nanocrystalli
Structural effects in the electrodeposition of CdSe quantum dots on mechanically
Two-dimensional Au and Au-Cu alloy nanocrystals with orientation in (111) plane
Observation of a parity oscillation in the conductance of atomic wires
Single-channel transmission in gold one-atom contacts and chains
Ti/Ni/Ti/Au ohmic contact to n-type 6H-SiC
Optical and structural properties of Li, Zn, Ag and Au nanoclusters embedded in
Theoretical study of the nonlinear conductance of di-thiol benzene coupled to Au
Effect of impurities in the large Au-Au distances in gold nanowires
Bonding of gold nanoclusters to oxygen vacancies on rutile TiO2(110)
Synthesis and characterization of Au nanoparticles in Al2O3 matrix
Noble metal/titanium dioxide nanocermets for photoelectrochemical applications
Effect of chain length and the nature of the monolayer on the electrical behavio
Simultaneous deposition of Au nanoparticles during flame synthesis of TiO2 and S
Influence of the expansion dynamics of laser-produced gold plasmas on thin film
Structure and magnetic properties of nano-structured heterogeneous Au-Co alloys
Charge distribution between UV-irradiated TiO2 and gold nanoparticles: determina
Electrochemical route for the fabrication of alkanethiolate-capped gold nanopart
Direct and subdiffraction-limit laser nanofabrication in silicon
Dislocation cross slip and formation of terraces around nanoindentations in Au(0
Nonlinear light transmission through oxide-protected Au and Ag nanoparticles: an
Au/SiO2 nanosystems by XPS
Characterization of Au/TiO2 nanocomposites by XPS
Au nanoparticles supported on HOPG: An XPS characterization
Chemical- or radiation-assisted selective dealloying in bimetallic nanoclusters
Real-time monitoring of growing nanoparticles
Silicon nanocrystals and defects produced by silicon and silicon-and-gold implan
Phonons softening in tip-stretched monatomic nanowires
Nanoscale observation of initial stages of Cd-electrodeposition on Au(111)
Field emission induced fabrication of nanostructures on Au thin films using a no
Comment on Direct determination of interfacial magnetic moments with a magnetic
Quasi-collective motion of nanoscale metal strings in metal surfaces
Nanometer-sized gold particles supported on SiO2 by deposition of gold sols from
Self-ordering of Au(111) vicinal surfaces and application to nanostructure organ
Production of gold nanoparticles by laser ablation in liquid alkanes
Effect of dimensionality on the electronic structure of Cu, Ag, and Au
Two-dimensional nanoscale self-assembly on a gold surface by spinodal decomposit
Rapid deformation of thin gold layers in polymer matrices studied by x-ray refle
Spontaneous formation of air nanobubbles on hydrocarbons deposited on the Au(111
Analytical TEM observation of Au and Ir deposited on rutile TiO2
Optical nonlinearity of nanocrystalline Au/ZnO composite films
Optical properties of Au nanoparticle dispersed TiO2 films prepared by laser abl
Effects of the morphology and nanostructure on the optical nonlinearities of Au:
Single electron charging effects in gold nanoclusters on alkanedithiol layers wi
Chitosan mediated assembly of gold nanoparticles multilayer
Electron emission from porous silicon planar emitters
Tunable optical properties of nanostructured-gold/ mesoporous-silica assembly
Direct fabrication of monodispersed ultrasmall CdS nanocrystals from self-assemb
Controllable optical properties of Au/SiO2 nanocomposite induced by ultrasonic i
Characterization of noble metal alloy nanoparticles prepared by ultrasound irrad
Electron holographic 3-D nano-analysis of Au/TiO2 catalyst at interface
Controlled growth of carbon nanotubes on micropatterned Au/Cr composite film and
A study on the photo-induced crystallization properties in Au+-doped silicate gl
Dynamic final-state effect on the Au 4f core-level photoemission of dodecanethio
Laser micromachining technique of nano-particles dispersed polymer
Anisotropic optical second-harmonic generation from the Au nanowire array on the
Study of nano-space in Au-polysilane interfaces by slow positron beam
Dynamic behavior of Au cluster on the surface of silicon nanoparticles
Preparation and optical characterization of Au/SiO2 composite films with multila
Third-order nonlinear optical response of Au-core CdS-shell composite nanopartic
Size evolution of alkanethiol-protected gold nanoparticles by heat treatment in
Photoinduced formation of colloidal Au by a near-infrared femtosecond laser
Luminescence properties of Au/Au2S nanoshell
Electrochemical reduction of oxygen on gold nanoparticle-electrodeposited glassy
Gold nanoparticle arrays for the voltammetric sensing of dopamine
Enhanced off-resonance optical nonlinearities of Au@CdS core-shell nanoparticles
Hyperbranched poly(amine-ester) templates for the synthesis of Au nanoparticles
Ultrasonic synthesis and optical properties of Au/Pd bimetallic nanoparticles in
Silicon nanowires grown on a pre-annealed Si substrate
Preparation of hexagonal-close-packed colloidal crystals of hydrophilic monodisp
Growth of semiconductor gallium nitride nanowires with different catalysts
X-ray absorption spectroscopic study on gold particles formed on titania and alu
Chemical states of dodecanethiolate-passivated Au nanoparticles: synchrotron-rad
Preparation of Au nanoparticles in the presence of low generational poly(amidoam
Characterization and determination of elastic property of high-density nanocryst
Green-light-emitting ZnSe nanowires fabricated via vapor phase growth
Fabrication of gold nanoparticles and their influence on optical properties of d
Large third-order optical nonlinearity in BaTiO3 matrix-embedded metal nanoparti
Photochemical synthesis of Au and Ag nanowires on a porous aluminum oxide templa
Investigations on the electrochemical preparation of gold-nanoparticle composite
Chemistry-mediated two-dimensional to three-dimensional transition of in thin fi
A novel method for the preparation of amorphous hydrogenated carbon films contai
Factors in electrochemical nanostructure fabrication using electron-beam induced
Optical absorption of Au/BaTiO3, Fe/BaTiO3 nanocomposite films prepared by PLD
Ultrasonic solvent induced morphological change of Au colloids
Morphologic evolution and optical properties of nanostructured gold based on mes
Response to Comment on Gold nanowires from silicon nanowire templates [Appl. Ph
Synthesis and thermal stability of gold nanowires within monolithic mesoporous s
Gold nanowires from silicon nanowire templates
Carbon nanotubes synthesized by CVD method on Au/Ni films and the field emission
Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles on Si substrates using a ZnS source
Sono- and photochemical routes for the formation of highly dispersed gold nanocl
Synthesis of ZnO nanoparticles on Si substrates by CVD method with ZnS as the so
Nanoscale probing of adsorbed species by tip-enhanced Raman spectroscopy
Chemiresistor coatings from Pt- and Au-nanoparticle/nonanedithiol films: sensiti
Nucleation and growth of Pd-Au alloy particles on crystalline graphite at elevat
Nonlinear refraction and saturable absorption in Au:BaTiO3 composite films
Development of an electroless nickel immersion gold process for PCB final finish
Decoration of swift heavy ion tracks in nickel-oxide with gold atoms
Kinetically controlled Pt deposition onto self-assembled Au colloids: preparatio
Synthesis and optical characterization of Pd-Au bimetallic nanoparticles dispers
Effects of thermal annealing of thin Au film on Fe40Ni38Mo4B18 in ultrahigh vacu
Atomistic mechanisms for the ordered growth of Co nanodots on Au(788): a compari
Effects of capping thiols on the laser-induced fusion of gold nanoparticles and
Effect of Ti thickness on contact resistance between GaN nanowires and Ti/Au ele
Nonlinear optical properties of the Au-SiO2 nanocomposite superresolution near-f
Formation of electrical interconnects by self-trapping of deoxyribonucleic acid
Electrical characterization of hetero-metal (embedded Au nano-particles and tita
One-dimensional Mn nanostructures formed on vicinal Au(111) surfaces
Local barrier height of Au nanoparticles on a TiO2(110)-(1×2) surface
Single-electron tunneling behavior of organic-molecule-based electronic device
Transmission electron microscopy observation of reaction in nanometer-scaled Au
Stresses and interfacial structure in Au-Ni and Ag-Cu metallic multilayers
TEM study of the indentation behaviour of thin Au film on GaAs
New pathway for sonoelectrochemical synthesis of gold-silver alloy nanoparticles
Decay of nano-islands on the surface of a Au(111) electrode in contact with sulf
Carrier injection from gold electrodes into thioacetyl-end-functionalized poly(p
Initial adsorption stage of irreversibly adsorbing Sb on Au(111)
A novel ultrahigh-resolution surface plasmon resonance biosensor with an Au nano
Local excitation of surface plasmon in structured Au films by atomic force anodi
Synthesis and adsorption properties of gold nanoparticles within pores of surfac
The growth of SiGe quantum rings in Au thin films on epitaxial SiGe on silicon
Size-controlled synthesis of gold nanoparticles from bulk gold substrates by son
A biological strategy for fabrication of Au/EGFP nanoparticle conjugates retaini
Optical second-harmonic spectroscopy of Au nanowires
Electrodeposition of Co and Ni/Au(111) ultrathin layers. Part I: nucleation and
Contact resistances at nano interfaces of conducting polymers, poly(3-alkylthiop
Molecular-dynamics analysis of morphological evolution of softly deposited Au na
Enhancement of third-order nonlinear optical susceptibilities in silica-capped A
Electrochemical potential arrangement of nanoclusters weakly coupled with metal
Formation mechanism and Coulomb blockade effect in self-assembled gold quantum d
Fabrication and electrochemical behavior of nanodisk electrode arrays with contr
Nanoparticulate gold catalysts for low-temperature CO oxidation
Decay of nano-islands located on Au(100) electrode in room temperature molten sa
Formation of nonalloyed low resistance Ni/Au ohmic contacts to p-type GaN using
Optical and electrical properties of Au nanoparticles assembled into microscopic
Self-assembled hexagonal Au particle networks on silicon from Au nanoparticle so
Adsorption of O2 and oxidation of CO at Au nanoparticles supported by TiO2(110)
Theoretical study of CO oxidation on Au nanoparticles supported by MgO(100)
Actin-based metallic nanowires as bio-nanotransporters
Synthesis and structure determination of bimetallic Au/Cu nanoparticles
Structure and optical properties of M/ZnO (M = Au,Cu,Pt) nanocomposites
Au-Al2O3 nanocomposites: XPS and FTIR spectroscopic studies
DNAzyme-functionalized Au nanoparticles for the amplified detection of DNA or te
Formation of single-layered Au nanoparticles in Au ion implanted TiO2 and SrTiO3
Changes in oligonucleotide conformation on nanoparticle surfaces by modification
Nanoindentation of Au and Pt/Cu thin films at elevated temperatures
Synthesis and properties of plasma-polymerized polypyrrole/Au composite nanofibe
Preparation and characterization of 1-2 nm dendrimer-encapsulated gold nanoparti
Plasmon resonance of finite one-dimensional Au nanoparticle chains
Charge dependence of surface plasma resonance on 2 nm octanethiol-protected Au n
Directed assembly of multisegment Au/Pt/Au nanowires
Au-Cu nanoparticles produced by laser ablation of mixtures of An and Cu micropar
Separation of dendrimer-encapsulated Au and Ag nanoparticles by selective extrac
Precipitation of Au nanoclusters in SrTiO3 by ion implantation
Monolayer pattern evolution via substrate strain-mediated spinodal decomposition
Highly fluorescent, water-soluble, size-tunable gold quantum dots
The distance-dependence of colloidal Au-amplified surface plasmon resonance
Interaction of vapor-deposited Ti and Au with molecular wires
Direct observation of substitutional Au atoms in SrTiO3
Surface plasmons at single nanoholes in Au films
Growth and structure of chemically vapor deposited Ge nanowires on Si substrates
Microstructure of precipitated Au nanoclusters in TiO2
Chemical and electrochemical synthesis of polyaniline/gold composites
Interactions of Au cluster anions with oxygen
Spin injection, diffusion, and detection in lateral spin-valves
Nb-Au bilayer hot-electron bolometers for low-noise THz heterodyne detection
Detection of quantum confined states in Au nanoclusters by alkali ion scattering
Deposition of gold films and nanostructures from supercritical carbon dioxide
Role of defects in the nucleation and growth of Au nanoclusters on SiO2 thin fil
Gallium-driven assembly of gold nanowire networks
Heat capacity measurements of two-dimensional self-assembled hexadecanethiol mon
Heteroepitaxial growth of novel MoO3 nanostructures on Au(111)
Template synthesis of gold nanotubes in an anodic alumina membrane
Size controlled gold nanoparticle formation by Avena sativa biomass: use of plan
Synthesis and characterization of S-Au interaction in gold nanoparticle bound po
The growth of Ag-Au bimetallic nanoparticles on TiO2(110)
Scanning tunneling microscopy study of self-organized Au atomic chain growth on
Size and temperature dependence of surface plasmon absorption of gold nanopartic
Ion-beam synthesis of epitaxial Au nanocrystals in MgO
Tribology of co-sputtered nanocomposite Au/MoS2 solid lubricant films over a wid
Electrochemical and transport properties of templated gold/polypyrrole-composite
Synthesis of Fe oxide core/Au shell nanoparticles by iterative hydroxylamine see
Microstructure and interdiffusion of template-synthesized Au/Sn/Au junction nano
Extreme ultraviolet lithography based nanofabrication using a bilevel photoresis
Growth of nanocrystalline MoO3 on Au(111) studied by in situ scanning tunneling
Direct observation of the structure of gold nanoparticles by total scattering po
Permanent magnetism, magnetic anisotropy, and hysteresis of thiol-capped gold na
Influence of process parameters on the morphology of Au/SiO2 nanocomposites synt
One pot synthesis of nanoparticles of aqueous colloidal polyaniline and its Au-n
Nanostructured gold thin films prepared by pulsed laser deposition
Deposition and analytical characterization of fluoropolymer thin films modified
Au/TiO2 nanosystems: a combined RF-sputtering/sol-gel approach
Electrochemical investigations of oxide coated nanoparticles
Nanoscale ion-beam mixing in Au-Si and Ag-Si eutectic systems
Chromate conversion coatings on aluminium: influences of alloying
Analysis at atomic level of dislocation emission and motion around nanoindentati
Stabilization of monoatomic gold wires by carbon impurities
Morphology and transport properties of nanostructural gold on silicon
Tunable absorption of Au-Al2O3 nanocermet thin films and its morphology
Role of nanostructured dual-oxide supports in enhanced catalytic activity: theor
The fabrication of sub-10 nm planar electrodes and their use for a molecule-base
Size-and shape-controlled GaAs nano-whiskers grown by MOVPE: a growth study
Observation of resonant energy transfer in Au:CdS nanocomposite
Deposition of a metal-organic heterostructure to form magnetic-nonmagnetic bilay
Stabilization of monolayers by metal nanoparticles manifested in oscillations of
Scanning tunneling microscopy/spectroscopy of titanium dioxide nanoparticulate f
Structure and optical properties of Au-polyimide nanocomposite films prepared by
Self-organized nanocomb of ZnO fabricated by Au-catalyzed vapor-phase transport
Influence of Au catalyst on the growth of ZnS nanowires
Self-influence of a femtosecond laser beam upon ablation of Ag in liquids
A reusable capacitive immunosensor with a novel immobilization procedure based o
MBE-grown Au-island-catalyzed ZnSe nanowires
Tunable surface-enhanced infrared absorption on Au nanofilms on Si fabricated by
Effects of particle size and spacing on the optical properties of gold nanocryst
Reproducible patterning of single Au nanoparticles on silicon substrates by scan
Enhanced fluorescence from Dy3+ owing to surface plasmon resonance of Au colloid
Photochemical synthesis of bimetallic Au-Ag nanoparticles with core-shell type s
Self-assembled growth and green emission of gold nanowhiskers
Study on the electrical conductivity of Au nanoparticle/chloroform and toluene s
Nonlinear optical properties of Au/PVP composite thin films
Synthesis of Au@Pd core-shell nanoparticles with controllable size and their app
Study of nano-Au-assembled amperometric CO gas sensor
Microstructure evolution of oxidized Ni/Au ohmic contacts to p-GaN studied by X-
Photoelectrochemistry of pure and core/sheath nanowire arrays of Cu2S directly g
Nanocrystals formation and fractal microstructural assessment in Au/Ge bilayer f
Preparation of Ag-Au nanoparticle and its application to glucose biosensor
Au nanoparticles self-assembled onto Nafion membranes for use as methanol-blocki
Kinetic study of the self-assembled process of Au nanoparticles
Nonlinear absorptions in Au-nanoparticles-precipitated glasses induced by a femt
Synthesis, characterization and optical non-linearities of gold nanoparticles st
A sign alternation of nonlinear absorption in gold composite films in Z-scan
DC electrical conductivity of Au nanoparticle/chloroform and toluene suspensions
Large-scale fabrication of uniform gold nanoparticles in ultrahigh vacuum
Structure and conductance histogram of atomic-sized Au contacts
Synthesis of Si-Ge oxide nanowires via the transformation of Si-Ge thin films wi
Quantum effects on the structure of pure and binary metallic nanoclusters
A molecular dynamics simulation of the adsorption of water molecules surrounding
X-ray spectroscopy study of electronic structure of laser-irradiated Au nanopart
Preparation and optical properties of Au/Teflon nanocomposites
A technique for fabricating Au/Ti micro- and nanotubes
Preparation and characterization of metal (Au)- and bimetallic alloys (AuNi)-gel
Analysis of vapor-liquid-solid mechanism in Au-assisted GaAs nanowire growth
Fabrication of Au nanowires on hydrogen silsesquioxane by nanoimprint transfer
Thermal properties characterization of conductive thin films and surfaces by pul
UV-vis spectroscopy for on-line monitoring of Au nanoparticles size during growt
Global optimization of bimetallic cluster structures. I. Size-mismatched Ag-Cu,
Preparation and characterization of nanosized Pt/Au particles on TiO2-nanotubes
Novel single-phase and gram-scale synthesis of thiol-uncapped stable colloidal g
Surface dynamics of nanoscale hex strings on Au(100) electrodes
Collective optical behavior in complementary wire arrays with Au nanoparticles
Formation and evolution of self-assembled crystalline Si nanorings on (001) Si m
Self-organization of one-dimensional Au nanowires on a surface carbide and later
Biocatalytic growth of Au nanoparticles: from mechanistic aspects to biosensors
Structural and optical properties of sol-gel-derived Au/BaTiO3 nanocomposite thi
Experimental evidence for a nonparabolic nanoscale interface shift during the di
Structural incoherency and structure reversal in bimetallic Au-Pd nanoclusters
Nonlinear optical properties of Au nanoparticles on indium-tin oxide substrate
Gold nanoparticles with different capping systems: an electronic and structural
Lorentz microscopy and giant magnetoresistance of nanostructured heterogeneous A
Size saturation in low energy ion beam synthesized Au nanoclusters and their siz
Morphology and electrical resistivity of metallic nanostructures
Thermal induced tunability of surface plasmon resonance in Au-VO2 nano-photonics
Morphology evolution and local electric properties of Au nanoparticles on ZnO th
Substituent effects on the adsorption of dialkyl sulfides on gold nanoparticles
Nanocrystallites of lead sulfide in hybrid films prepared by sol-gel process
Template electrochemical growth of polypyrrole and gold-polypyrrole-gold nanowir
Collision as a way of forming bimetallic nanoclusters of various structures and
Tunneling resistance of double-barrier tunneling structures with an alkanethiol-
A carbon fiber microelectrode-based third-generation biosensor for superoxide an
Fabrication of versatile nanocomponents using single-crystalline Au nanoplates
Dielectric confinement and surface plasmon damping in Au: semiconductor nanocomp
Modification of energy transfer from Si nanocrystals to Er3+ near a Au thin film
Growth and characterization of isolated nanoclusters on mixed self-assembled mon
Reference sample for the evaluation of SEM image resolution at a high magnificat
Evaluation of nanoparticles embedded in thin silicon dioxide film by optical ref
Mixed-ligand nanoparticles of chlorobenzenemethanethiol and n-octanethiol as che
TEM observation of gold nanoparticles deposited on cerium oxide
Comparison of nanometer-scale gold structures electrodeposited on Au and Pt seed
Laser-induced forward transfer of TiO2-Au nanocomposite films for maskless patte
Site-selective deposition of Au nanoparticles on Au islands on highly oriented p
Preparation of nanostructured C60 thin films
Preparation and catalytic activity of Au-Pd, Au-Pt, and Pt-Pd binary metal dendr
Role of Au nanoparticles in efficiency enhancement and green band emission quenc
Spectro-ellipsometric studies of Au/SiO2 nanocomposite films
Coating carbon nanotubes with inorganic materials by pulsed laser deposition
An array of Au nanoparticles on the nanopatterned Si(100)
The dispersion of Au nanoparticles in SiO2/TiO2 layered films by the liquid phas
Synthesis of stably water-soluble gold nanoparticles protected by porphyrin-thio
Fabrication of poly-Si/Au nano-gaps using atomic-layer-deposited Al2O3 as a sacr
Automated electrochemical synthesis and characterization of TiO2 supported Au na
Application of RZ-scan technique for investigation of nonlinear refraction of sa
Fabrication and characterization of patterned micrometre scale interpenetrating
Monolithic nanocrystalline Au fabricated by the compaction of nanoscale foam
Reactivity studies with gold-supported molybdenum nanoparticles
High-magnetic-moment core-shell-type FeCo-Au/Ag nanoparticles
Zno nanostructures fabricated through a double-tube vapor-phase transport synthe
Time-resolved optical sensing of oligonucleotide hybridization via Au colloidal
Synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles on the Au(111) surface
Improved adhesion of Au thin films to SiOx/Si substrates by dendrimer mediation
Solubility of gold in arsenian pyrite
Gold-polymer nanocomposites: studies of their properties and their potential as
Melting and freezing characteristics and structural properties of supported and
Spectroellipsometric characterization of Au-Y2O3-stabilized ZrO2 nanocomposite f
Dumbbell-like bifunctional Au-Fe3O4 nanoparticles
Batch preparation of linear Au and Ag nanoparticle chains via wet chemistry
Intrinsic electronic transport through alkanedithiol self-assembled monolayer
Enhanced transient reactivity of an O-sputtered Au(111) surface
Novel synthesis of two-dimensional TiS2 nanocrystallites on Au(111)
Synthesis of Au nanoclusters supported upon a TiO2 nanotube array
Controlled texturing modifies the surface topography and plasmonic properties of
Effects of intensity and energy of CW UV light on the growth of gold nanorods
Characterization of molybdenum carbide nanoparticles formed on Au(111) using rea
Current-driven oscillations and time-dependent transport in nanojunctions
Self-attraction among aligned Au/ZnO nanorods under electron beam
1/f noise in gold nanoparticle chemosensors
Tuning electronic properties of novel metal oxide nanocrystals using interface i
Surface alloying of immiscible metals: Mo on Au(111) studied by STM
Spin-based quantum interference effects and dephasing in strongly disordered Au
Growth and magnetic properties of epitaxial Au/Fe/Au and Ag/Fe/Au films on &alph
Fundamental studies of Au contacts in MEMS RF switches
Multi-component nanorods for vaccination applications
Microscopic failure behavior of nanoporous gold
Dispersed Au atoms, supported on TiO2(110)
Self-assembling of nanocavities in TiO2 dispersed with Au nanoclusters
Molecular commensurability with a surface reconstruction: STM study of azobenzen
Intrinsic stress development and microstructure evolution of Au/Cr/Si multilayer
Preparation of nanometer gold strongly interacted with TiO2 and the structure se
Nanostructure of Au-20%Pd layers in MoS2 multilayer solid lubricant films
Plasmon absorption of gold nanoparticles and their morphologies observed by AFM
Scanning probe lithography .3. Nanometer-scale electrochemical patterning of Au