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宝鸡钛业股份有限公司公司发展战略研究/A study on development strategy of Baoji Titanium Industry Co
牙科钛烤瓷用粘结瓷的研制/Research and development of bonding porcelain used to dental porcel
两种新型钛合金及生物活性涂层材料的生物相容性评价/Biological compatibility evaluation of two new types of
碳-碳复合材料表面生物活化膜的设计与结构表征/Design and characterization of the bioactive films on car
攀钢钛产业发展战略研究/A Study on the Development Strategy of Titanium Industry of Pangang
抗冲击颗粒增强钛基复合材料的力学性能及强韧化机制/Mechanical Behavior and Strengthening and Toughening Me
钛白粉的表面处理及其在塑料色母粒中的应用/surface treatment of titanium dioxide and its application i
纳米TiO2的原位乳液聚合及自分层涂层的制备/The in-suit emulsion polymerization of nano-TiO2 and self
以高岭土为基材制备二氧化钛复合颜料试验研究/Study on the preparation of titanium dioxide compound pigm
钛白粉的表面处理及其在塑料色母粒中的应用/surface treatment of titanium dioxide and its application i
纳米TiO2的原位乳液聚合及自分层涂层的制备/The in-suit emulsion polymerization of nano-TiO2 and self
二 氧 化 钛 光 催 化 剂 的 合 成 及 其 对有 机 磷 农 药 的 光 催 化 性 能 研 究/
Application of STM nanometer-size oxidation process to planar-type MIM diode
Compositional modification of titanium carbide powders by induction plasma treat
Titanium dioxide
Cathodic electrodeposition of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide thin films
In situ formation of nanometer size TiC reinforcements in Ti matrix composites
Determination of titanium solubility in alpha-aluminium during high energy milli
Chemical synthesis of nanocrystalline titanium and nickel aluminides from the me
Ion beam synthesis of non-stoichiometric titanium carbide: composition structure
Preparation of nanocrystalline silicon nitride composite with nano-size particle
Structural and mechanical properties of nanocrystalline titanium processed by se
Flame process for synthesis of unagglomerated, low-oxygen nanoparticles: Applica
Development of a nanocrystalline titanium aluminide-titanium silicide particulat
Simple technique for measuring the adhesion of brittle films to ductile substrat
Structure and properties of hydrosols, gels, and xerogels of titanium dioxide pr
Trend and New Advance of Titanium Science and Technology in China - Review on th
Formation of nanocrystalline cubic (L12) titanium trialuminide by controlled bal
Study on antiwear and reducing friction additive of nanometer titanium oxide
Study on antiwear and reducing friction additive of nanometer titanium borate
Preparation of a nanocrystalline titanium dioxide negative electrode for the rec
Nanoporous alkoxy-derived titanium oxide coating: A reactive overlayer for funct
Metal alkoxide/hexa-2,4-diyne-1,6-diol hybrid polymers: Synthesis and use as pre
Titanium oxide thin films on organic interfaces through biomimetic processing
Observation of microfracture behaviour of the beta titanium alloy
Study on the oxidation and carbon diffusion of TiC in alumina-titanium carbide c
Nanolithography by local anodic oxidation of metal films using an atomic force m
Electrochemical characteristics of silicon and titanium oxides and titanium-oxyg
Vacuum-plasma sprayed nanostructured titanium oxide films
Estimation of efficiency of sublubricant coatings and lubricants for cold extrus
Spectroscopic characterization of the surface nanostructure of Ti during deposit
Thermohydrogen processing of titanium alloys
Degradation of the corrosion resistance of sputter-deposited chromium-titanium a
Structure and density of submicrocrystalline titanium produced by severe plastic
Preparation of nanosized TiO2 particles by forced hydrolysis from titanium salt
Titanium nanostructures made by local oxidation with the atomic force microscope
Nanoindentation studies of titanium single crystals
Microstructural characteristics and unique properties obtained by solution treat
Surface characterization of the early stages of the oxidation of titanium
Hydrogen embrittlement of titanium during microwave plasma assisted CVD diamond
Novel photocatalyst: Titania-coated magnetite. Activity and photodissolution
Formation of nanometric TiB2 from TiO2
A novel chemical solution technique for the preparation of nano size titanium po
High refractive index organic/inorganic hybrid materials prepared from polymeriz
Structural investigation of hydrous titanium dioxide precipitates and their form
Coulomb blockade in anodized titanium nanostructures
Preparation of TiO2 nanometer powders
Development of an electrolytic descaling process for titanium plates
Synthesis of nanocrystalline titanium nitride powders by direct nitridation of t
Ceramic coatings on the high-strength titanium as prospective material for ortho
Aerosol synthesis of Ti-O powders via in-droplet hydrolysis of titanium alkoxide
Highly organized mesoporous titania thin films showing mono-oriented 2D hexagona
Stepwise formation of ultrathin films of a titanium (hydr)oxide by polyelectroly
Mechanical alloying of hypereutectoid Ti-Cr alloys
Desinfektions-lack: Silber-beschichtete titandioxid-nanopartikel sind hocheffizi
Formation of nanocrystalline structure in two-phase titanium alloy by combinatio
Plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition of titanium aluminium carbonitride/amo
Increased osteoblast adhesion on titanium-coated hydroxylapatite that forms CaTi
Hydrazide sol-gel synthesis of nanostructured titanium nitride: Precursor chemis
Preparation and characterization of clay mineral intercalated titanium dioxide n
Dehydrogenation of nanocrystalline TiH2 and consequent consolidation to form den
Titanium metal quantum-dot composite induced by subplantation
Emerging technologies in extraction and processing of metals
Nano titanium dioxide - Properties and application
Biocatalytically Templated Synthesis of Titanium Dioxide
Anomalous nanostructured titanium dioxide
Time-resolved spectroscopy measurements of a titanium plasma induced by nanoseco
Influence of synthesis conditions on the electrokinetic characteristics of titan
Nano titanium dioxide in catalytic applications
Nano-mechano-electrochemical properties of passive titanium surfaces evaluated b
Nano-atomization of titanium diboride using ordered mixture and metallothermic r
Acid pretreatment of titanium implants
Highly selective reactive-ion etching using CO/NH3/Xe gases for microstructuring
Research progress of nanocrystalline titanium dioxide semiconductor photocatalys
Effects of titanium dioxide on anti-photochemical degradation of polyacrylate co
Effect of acidity in TS-1 zeolites on product distribution of the styrene oxidat
Synthesis of spherical titanium dioxide nanocrystals by O2+Ar arc plasma method
Investigation of the stability in emulsions stabilized with different surface mo
An influence of micron and nano-particle titanium dioxides on the efficiency of
Ceramic conversion treatment of titanium aluminide for improved tribological pro
Nano-scale study of the nucleation and growth of calcium phosphate coating on ti
Nanotexturing of titanium-based surfaces upregulates expression of bone sialopro
Synthesis of hierarchical titanium carbide from titania-coated cellulose paper
Titanium oxide nanotubes with controlled morphology for enhanced bone growth
Anodization of nanoimprinted titanium: A comparison with formation of porous alu
Straightness analysis of titanium oxide lines fabricated with AFM
Manufacture of titanium dioxide nanocrystalline by electrochemistry
Titanium dioxide doped polyaniline
Fabrication of titanium oxide nanotube arrays by anodic oxidation
Core/shell nanocomposite based on the local polarization and its electrorheologi
Hydrothermal synthesis, characterization, and photocatalytic performance of sili
Fabrication of a composite powder and its application as an active brazing alloy
Structural changes and thermal expansion behavior of ultrafine titanium powders
Synthesis, characterization and adsorption properties of ETS-4 molecular sieve
Synthesis of titanium carbonitride phases by reactive milling of the elemental m
New methods syntheses nanostructures composites on the base of titanium
Structural studies of titanium oxide multilayers
Improvement of creep strength of 9CrODS martensitic steel by controlling excess
Titanium-added praseodymium silicate high- k layers on Si(001)
Titandioxid und seine photokatalytischen Eigenschaften
Spectroscopic ellipsometrical analysis of anodized film formed on titanium in 0.
Enhanced mineralized tissue adhesion to titanium over polystyrene assessed by th
Development of the electrochemical coating method of the zink oxide photocatalyt
New photoactive hybrid organic-inorganic materials based on titaniumoxo-PHEMA na
A simple electrosynthesis route for preparation of nanocrystalline titanium sulp
In vitro corrosion behavior and apatite-formation of electrolytic nanocrystallin
Chemical interactions in Ti doped MgB2 superconducting bulk samples and wires
Laser densification of TiO2 films prepared by aerosol assisted vapour deposition
Developing and studying the properties of Pb-TiO2 alloy coated lead composite an
Stimulating effect of graphite admixture on hydrogen sorption-desorption propert
Titanium oxide nanotubes as supports of nano-sized gold catalysts for low temper
Characterization of titanium dioxide nanoparticles using molecular dynamics simu
Nano-indentation of thin carbon coatings containing titanium by the method of at
Microindentation and macroindentation of titanium silicon carbide Ti 3SiC2
Oxidation resistance of nanocrystalline microalloyed γ-TiAl coatings under
Surface functionalization of cellulose fibers with titanium dioxide nanoparticle
TiN-NCD composite coating produced on the Ti6Al4V alloy for medical applications
Kinetics of the thin films transformation Ti/Al multilayer-γ-TiAl
Nanobumps on stents help repair clogged blood vessels
Process and properties of hydride formed on gamma titanium aluminide during cath
Nanoglued titanium dioxide aerogels for photocatalysis
Enhanced intrinsic biomechanical properties of osteoblastic mineralized tissue o
The catalytic nanodiode: Gas phase catalytic reaction generated electron flow us
Formation of amorphous silicide nanoclusters in chromium- and titanium-implanted
Preparation of ultra-fine titanium powder by arc-plasma process
Size and shape characterization of TiO2 aerogel nanocrystals
High-temperature consolidation and physicomechanical properties of nanocrystalli
Reactive sputtering of titanium diboride and titanium disilicide
Conversion of titanium hydride to titanium nitride during mechanical milling
Formation of titanium carbide by high-fluence carbon ion implantation
Effect of oxygen implantation upon the corrosion resistance of the OT-4-0 titani
Low-temperature deposition of films from tetrakis(dimethylamido)titanium and amm
Advanced microscopy techniques resolving complex precipitates in steels
Effects of helium ion implantation on the structure of nanophase and coarse-grai
Dense arrays of well-aligned carbon nanotubes completely filled with single crys
The degradation of the corrosion resistance of sputter-deposited chromium-titani
Elastic properties of sub-stoichiometric titanium carbides. Comparison of FP-LMT
Spectroscopic characterization of the surface nanostructure of Ti during deposit
Role of embedded titanium nanoparticles for enhanced chemical vapor deposition d
Synthesis of supported TiO2 membranes using supercritical alcohol
Electronic changes induced by vacancies on spectral and elastic properties of ti
Electron field emission from Ti-containing tetrahedral amorphous carbon films de
Hydrothermal preparation of nanosized brookite powders
Processable polyaniline-titanium dioxide nanocomposites: effect of titanium diox
Single titanium crystals encapsulated in carbon nanocages obtained by laser vapo
Preparation and characteristics of polyimide-TiO2 nanocomposite film
Modeling picosecond-laser-driven neonlike titanium X-ray laser experiments
Atomic force microscope tip-induced anodization of titanium film for nanofabrica
Effects of ultrasonic surface treatment on the structure and properties of polyc
Structures and electronic properties of ultrathin titanium nanowires
Transparent self-standing films of titanium-containing nanoporous silica
Ultrathin composite films: An indispensable resource for nanotechnology
Protein adsorption on topographically nanostructured titanium
Formation of hardened surface layers in titanium under irradiation with intense
Effects of titanium content on properties of sol-gel silica-titania films via or
Self-propagating high-temperature synthesis of nano-sized titanium carbide powde
Co-deposition of titanium/polytetrafluoroethylene films by unbalanced magnetron
A simple route to prepare nanocrystalline titanium carbonitride
Fluctuation of concentration of elements in nanostructured niobium-titanium allo
Effects of addition of TiN nanoparticles on microstructure and mechanical proper
Study on influence factors on particle size of nanoscale TiO2 by hydrolyzing of
Formation of metal oxide particles by anode-discharge electrolysis of a molten L
Formation of titanium carbide/aluminum oxide nanocomposite powder by high-energy
Preparation of nanosized titania by hydrolysis of alkoxide titanium in micelles
Preparation and property of TiO2 nanoparticle dispersed polyvinyl alcohol compos
Dye-sensitized anatase titanium dioxide nanocrystalline films with (001) preferr
High-k titanium silicate dielectric thin films grown by pulsed-laser deposition
The mechanical alloying of titanium aluminides
Preparation of TiO2 sol using TiCl4 as a precursor
Crystallography and crystallite morphology of rutile synthesized at low temperat
Dislocation structure and crystallite size distribution in hexagonal nanomateria
Plasma-enhanced chemical-vapor deposition of titanium aluminum carbonitride/amor
Influence of the sputtering gas on the preferred orientation of nanocrystalline
TiC nanoisland formation on 6H-SiC(0001)Si
Intrinsic stress development in Ti-C:H ceramic nanocomposite coatings
Nanoscale pseudoelastic behavior of indented titanium-nickel films
Nanostructured Si/TiB2 composite anodes for Li-ion batteries
Fabrication of titania nanofibers by electrospinning
Influence of titanium dioxide nanopowder addition on microstructural development
Hydrazide sol-gel process: a novel approach, for synthesizing nanostructured tit
Lathe turning of titanium using pulsed laser ultra-hard boride coatings of carbi
Elastic-plastic characterization of thin films using nanoindentation technique
Titanium-doped hydrogenated DLC coatings deposited by a novel OMCVD-PIIP techniq
Crystallization and high-temperature structural stability of titanium oxide nano
Characterization of the microstructure of severely deformed titanium by X-ray di
Thorium (IV) or titanium (IV) stabilized tetragonal zirconia nanocrystalline pow
Deposition of platinum and iridium on Ti surface using femtosecond laser and ele
Preparing titanium oxide with various morphologies
Controlled nanophase development in photocatalytic titania
Bioactivity assessment of titanium sheets electrochemically coated with thick ox
Effects of titanium content on sol-gel hard optical films prepared in an organic
Scale-resolved electrochemical surface structuring of Titanium for biological ap
Preparation of TiO2 nanoparticles in glycerol-containing solutions
(Ti,Sn)O2 mixed oxides nanoparticles obtained by the sol-gel route
A simple route for low-temperature synthesis of mesoporous and nanocrystalline a
Transparent titanium dioxide film with nanocrystalline structure by using a tita
Synthesis of titanium dioxides in water-in-carbon dioxide microemulsion and thei
Powerful microscopy techniques available for resolving complex microstructure in
Formation of nanocrystalline titanium carbonitride by pyrolysis of poly(titanylc
Synthesis of nano-structured titanium carbide by Mg-thermal reduction
Synthesis and characterization of the titanium doped nanostructural V2O5
Structure and properties of passivating titanium oxide films fabricated by DC pl
Synthesis of titanium carbonitride nanopowders
Melting behavior of ultrathin titanium nanowires
Semiconducting nanocomposite from titanium dioxide and organic charge transporti
Study on preparation of nano TiO2 by hydrolyzation of titanium-salt coated with
Multi functional titanium alloy gum metal
The research progressing on the nanocomposites, biomaterials and interface micro
Significant effect of lanthanide doping on the texture and properties of nanocry
Biomimetic titanium dioxide film with structural color and extremely stable hydr
Surface nanocrystallization of commercial pure titanium induced by SMAT and its
A reduction-boronation route to nanocrystalline titanium diboride
Influence of dispersant on gelation process of RF gels doped by titanium
Combined TEM-EDX and XAFS studies of Ti-doped sodium alanate
Synthesis, properties and application of titanium glycolate for catalysis and co
Co-reduction route to nanocrystalline titanium silicide by using different metal
Preservation dose of helium-implanted in nanocrystal titanium films
Characteristics of photo-catalytic nano crystalline TiO2 film prepared by electr
Synthesis and properties of titanium dioxide/polydimethylsiloxane hybrid particl
Photocatalytic oxidation on nanostructured chalcogenide modified titanium dioxid
Simultaneous formation of multiwall carbon nanotubes and their end-bonded ohmic
Growth and phase transformation of nanometer-sized titanium oxide powders produc
Mg-thermal reduction of TiCl4+CxCl4 solution for producing ultrafine titanium ca
Enhancement of photoresponse by enlarging the effective interface between conduc
Design of new titanium alloys for orthopaedic applications
Effects of substrate temperature on the initial growth of titanium silicides on
Elastic-plastic resistance profile of PBII nitrided titanium
Mechanical properties of polycrystalline AlN
Mesenchymal stem cell adhesion and spreading on nanostructured biomaterials
Quantifying improvements in adhesion of platinum films on brittle substrates
Pseudoelasticity of shape-memory titanium-nickel films subjected to dynamic nano
Characterization of titanium chromium nitride nanocomposite protective coatings
Ultrafine anatase TiO2 nanoparticles produced in premixed ethylene stagnation fl
Forming nanostructured cubic trialuminide/carbide composites by mechanical milli
Formation of titanium nanoparticles from a titanium tetrachloride plasma
A fast and low-cost room temperature process for TiB2 formation by mechanosynthe
Amorphous and nanocrystalline structures obtained in titanium nickelide upon sev
Microstructure characterization of titanium dioxide nanodispersions and thin fil
Strength and structure of nanocrystalline titanium
Deposition of nanoscale films with fractal topography
Spark-plasma-sintering (SPS) of nanostructured and submicron titanium oxide powd
Electrochemical characteristics of surface of titanium formed by electrolytic po
Preparation and characterization of Ti-nanosized MCM-41 composite materials
One-step synthesis and optical properties of blue titanium suboxide nanoparticle
Mix-solvent-thermal method for the synthesis of anatase nanocrystalline titanium
Research progress of titanium oxide nanotubes
Sol-gel synthesis and hydrothermal processing of anatase nanocrystals from titan
Synthesis of thin films of barium titanate and barium strontium titanate nanotub
Optical and electrical characterization of TiO2 nanotube arrays on titanium subs
Fabrication and biocompatibility of nano-TiO2/titanium alloys biomaterials
Preparation of titanium dioxide nanocrystallite with high photocatalytic activit
Titanium oxide and polyaniline core-shell nanocomposites
Initial stages of TiO2 thin films MOCVD growth studied by in situ surface analys
Surface electrochemical impedance in situ monitoring of cell-cultured titanium w
High-temperature synthesis of TiN via mechanical activation of titanium in nitro
Formation of nanosized intermetallic phases upon high-intensity implantation of
Fabrication of isolated alloy nanoballs and nanowires using centrifugal force
Fabrication and field emission characteristics of highly ordered titanium oxide
Surface structure and composition of flat titanium thin films as a function of f
Thermal expansion behaviour of nanocrystalline titanium powder compacts
The room temperature growth of Ti on sputter-cleaned Si(100): Composition and na
Nano-structure and tribological properties of B+ and Ti+ co-implanted silicon ni
Synthesis of nitrogen-doped titanium oxide nanostructures via a surfactant-free
Synthesis and kinetics for nanocrystalline titanium carbide upon metallothermic
Preparation of nanostructured titanium carbonitride particles by Mg-thermal redu
One-step synthesis of titanium oxide nanoparticles by spray pyrolysis of organic
Band gap narrowing of TiO2 by nitrogen doping in atmospheric microwave plasma
Fabrication of two- and three-dimensional photonic crystals of titania with subm
Synthesis of TiO2 nanoparticles on the Au(111) surface
In-situ synthesis and performance of titanium oxide/poly(methyl methacrylate) na
Microwave-hydrothermal process for the synthesis of rutile
Low-dimensional phonon specific heat of titanium dioxide nanotubes
Growth of nano-scale hydroxyapatite using chemically treated titanium oxide nano
Growth of SiC-C nanocables on SiO2 films derived by gaseous composition control
Surface-plasmon-assisted nanoscale photolithography by polarized light
Effects of Ti additions on the nanostructure and creep properties of precipitati
Electrochemical preparation of nanostructured titanium clusters: Characterizatio